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Who Would Jesus Vote For? Part Two

voting day in a small town

voting day in a small town (Photo credit: Muffet)

I thought that I should offer explanation as to how I came to the conclusions I did over time. It’s as surprising to me as it is to anyone else. I was preparing to vote for the right. I’ve been leaning toward conservatism and voting Republican for awhile, primarily because most Christians do. I wasn’t pleased with the choices on either side of the aisle this election year. I was going to essentially hold my nose and just do it.

When Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan for his Vice President, that completely swayed my thinking; frankly, I was rather stunned. I was sickened by the Ryan Plan the first time I heard about it, months ago. I knew that there were quite literally thousands who would be left in the street with children, who had been foreclosed upon, who were unemployed. We see documentaries regularly about these situations. This kind of thing is even occurring to those in the middle class, who were employed at one time.

Mitt and Ann Romney on December 22, 2007, at a...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The more I thought about the Ryan Plan and what it would do to Medicare, Social security, and Medicaid, the more I realized that voting the way I was planning to vote was wrong for me. When I heard about Romney revoking Obamacare and the millions who would be harmed by that move, I knew I could no longer vote the way I had thought I would.  Romney now says that he won’t revoke certain aspects of Obamacare, like the pre-existing condition coverage, nor will he take grown children off of their parent’s existing health coverage, but the damage was done, in my opinion.

I see something radical planned for this nation from the right. I see their priorities as they have been expressed thus far, and I’ve compared them to the priorities of the left. Because of my great love for wildlife, animals, our environment, and the most unfortunate among us, I simply know that the Romney/Ryan plan is going to seriously hurt a lot of people. Cutting many of those government programs could endanger people’s lives here in this country. I just can’t do this in the current economy; it’s wrong. I can’t agree with it as a Christian.

English: Barack Obama and Joe Biden

English: Barack Obama and Joe Biden (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

God has spoken to my heart that this is how I’m to vote. I can’t speak for anyone else, including my friends or for those whom I assumed I would be voting with, nor can I speak for other Christians. This is a very personal matter. I believe that God is in charge and in control overall. Things will all turn out as they are supposed to. I know we will all do what we feel we should.

I just wanted to share what I was feeling, because I know it was probably a given that I would be voting as most conservative Christians vote. I’m not a Republican, though, and I’m not a Democrat either; I’m an Independent and thus I’m open to where God leads me in every aspect of my life, including my vote. I really thank all of you for understanding and accepting me anyway because I know there are a lot of angry, furious people out here who are being critical of one another on the different sides of the aisle.

I love all of my readers and the people I’ve grown close to here at WordPress. I have cared for so many of you over these many months. I support you in whatever your decision is because it’s right for you. Never doubt that. I respect you for getting involved and being willing to cast your vote, no matter who you cast it for. And I pray that our nation will be all right and that we’ll be a strong, but very moral force among the global community for the next four years.



  1. Neither one! LOL!!! Seriously, great post sister!

  2. No matter who you vote for we still love ya! Truth of the matter is that for me none of these two candidates are worth voting for. My only hope lies in that God is in control of all things 🙂

  3. You have reached the same conclusions as I have, and as an independent I vote my heart also. I believe that God will put the right person in office, through the votes of our citizens and we as citizens will vote as God directs us.

    As I noted in your earlier post, I am not impressed with either candidate and will vote my heart on election day. I have faith the correct person will win.



  4. “When Mitt Romney announced Paul Ryan for his Vice President, that completely swayed my thinking;”

    Me too .. I think Mitt Romney did himself much harm when he did that.

  5. Hi this is my first visit. I was intrigued by your comment on my friend’s blog piece titled, “Why Would You Vote For This Guy?” I’d like to take up the challenge as a fellow Christian and explain why as a pretty staunch Republican, I will vote for Romney.

    You’ve noted your concern for the poor and disdain for war, and the need for love. Christ won me all those years ago because he spoke clearly of the truth. He spoke from a knowledge that every person is sinful, and this is something totally forgotten in our postmodern world.

    I would encourage you to see that Republicans are not wanton warmongers, but have a sober concern for our national security, which requires standing up to those who want to end the current global order which allows freedom and prosperity in the first place.

    And as for social justice issues, Republicans find it kinder and more humane to promote a culture of personal responsibility. The last 100 years have shown that big government welfare programs sap the will of people to work. God also wants us to be fulfilled as creators who serve our fellow man. The free market, where we pursue profit, is the best system that allows this. History has shown that simple altruism merely results in bankruptcy, or at worst, totalitarian dictatorships.

    So many conservatives are adament about the Constitution because our well-being vanishes without the rule of law. The way Democrats are always proposing new fixes runs against this spirit.

    The question is not merely what we personally choose, but do we use your God-given minds to learn from history and pick a better path, even when it goes against our intuition. For some, even accepting Christ as Lord and Savior is a choice of the head, not just the heart. I think that’s the case for how we vote as well.

  6. I am intrigued….Did you hold up a photo of each candidate and ask God?
    If God directed you towards Obama it was likely he believed it was Tiger Woods he was suggesting; God being a huge golf fan, y’know?
    If this wasn’t the reason then for God, it was probably a case of …
    “Eeeny, meeny, minny, mo….HIM!”

    He really does have a well-developed sense of humour. Believe me.

  7. I think we are all in for another four years of non-progressive and stagnat times no matter who is elected but as a christian I vote for some one who believes in the older traditional aspects of american beleifs… God, not alla. You think God would vote for Alla? Possibly, but america hasn’t had a president the last four years, it has had a democratic token, I would rather vote for Hilary than these two and my all time favorite would be General Powel, (it is not a black and white issue, it is who would run this country honestly and neither canditate has this quality.

  8. I am so glad to meet you, and thankful for what you wrote.

    Isn’t our Creator a merciful God? Earlier this week (and since May 2012) He has made it crystal-clear where Romney stands on 47% of American voters. Even the news media is breaking down Romney’s numbers for us now on the kinds of people who don’t pay taxes: students taking out loans, retired people, disabled veterans who have honorably served their country.

    Our kind Savior has revealed to us the Voters the true contents of Romney’s heart. Thank God for Christians like the one we’ve got in the oval office today who see Romney’s 47% not as useless dross of our society, but as precious souls who need aid and compassion, voters and American citizens who remember Jesus’ admonishment: “what you did unto the least of These My Brethren, you did also unto Me.”

    Thank you for voting Obama this year, and may God bless you!

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