Posted by: the warrioress | September 27, 2012

This is an important posting because it gives us the other side of the story from the child’s perspective. It’s a selfless witness and a powerful one.

Sifting Reality

(Daily Mail) — Nebraska’s new abortion law forced one woman  to give birth to her terminally ill, premature baby who she then helplessly held  dying in her arms.


With this heartbreaking information [that their baby would not survive] the couple decided to have an abortion to avoid the baby going through any pain.

However a new law in Nebraska, the  only one  of its kind in America, bars abortion at 20 weeks except in  specific situations  when the mother’s life is in immediate danger.

The Deavers did not qualify and were not  allowed to have an abortion.  Instead they were sent home where they had to wait  for ten days knowing  that when their baby arrived she had no chance of  surviving.

After the days of waiting Deaver gave birth  to Elizabeth and held her as she  struggled for breath and died fifteen minutes  later.


Danielle Deaver,34, …

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  1. While there are fragments of this post I could agree with you on, for the most part I tend to align with a thinking very different than you. I do, however, have respect for your opinion and your right to state it even if it differs from my own.

    I always have high hopes that folks will seek common ground which is what I am intending to do here. But I also have been beaten into silence for most of my life and won’t let my silence now be misinterpreted as agreement.

    Thank you for approaching an always difficult subject.

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