Posted by: the warrioress | October 3, 2012

2012 Presidential Debate

The first presidential debate is over and the media are in a feeding frenzy as they attempt to call who officially won the debate. Based upon my channel surfing, it appears that even some Democrats are saying Romney was clearly the winner;  I, the measly Independent voter, however, did not see it that way at all.

The president seemed calm, but maybe a little weary, and well he should be; after all, he is the sitting president, and he’s got a lot on his plate. He didn’t hesitate to correct Romney or go after him, but was exceedingly polite as he did so. He was hardly a lap dog sitting back and drifting off to sleep while Romney forged ahead. I found the president to be engaged, on top of his game, and firmly in control of what was said and how he responded to it. He never allowed himself to take any cheap shots. I thought he was real mellow, but extremely informed in his calm, laid back manner.

Romney, on the other hand, seemed intense, anxious, and had this nervous, worried look on his face the entire debate. He looked like he’ll be wrung out to dry for weeks after that…aka stressed to the max. Here is the primary difference, for me, between the two candidates. I trust President Obama with the country’s well being more than I trust Governor Romney. I come away from this first debate continuing to trust the president; that’s the only thing that has changed for me thus far.

Romney corrected the president numerous times as well, but I still come away feeling that I’m not hearing the whole story from Romney. Going in, I was very concerned about Romney taking the scissors to the various entitlements and what this would do to the poor and middle class. He discussed doing that very thing, in an almost-giddy, too-intense way when he cracked that he would cut PBS, despite liking big bird, and apologized to Jim L., (the moderator). Jim’s face looked kind of pinched though, as if he didn’t find the joke to be amusing at all; I can see why. None of this is at all funny.

Both of these men are probably actually good, decent men. I hope that neither one will do this country great harm. Of the two, however, I’m personally most comfortable with President Obama at the helm versus Governor Romney. I don’t know why but Governor Romney makes me nervous. I see more humanity within President Obama, more compassion, more empathy, and more authenticity. In my opinion, Governor Romney had a decent night tonight, but he didn’t win this debate. I thought it was a tie if there actually has to be a winner.


  1. Actually, I don’t like either one of them. Romney is pro abortion and lies, saying he is not..when I have clearly witnessed him saying he is passionate about “pro choice”. Obama is pro choice as well. They are both followers of false religion. They both lie constantly. I would give anything if Ronald Reagan could come back and lead our nation again! I’m disgusted with both presidential candidates, to be honest. I can’t seem to put my signature on either ballot because I am that opposed to abortion…how can I stomache supporting someone, as a professing Christian, who supports killing innocent babies? I can’t.

  2. For every pro we find about the Republican party’s beliefs, there is an alternating con to go along with it. I don’t support the killing of any human being. Unfortunately, I think all we can do about this matter is continue to blog our thoughts and get the nation to discuss the issue and attempt to decrease the number abortions. We can also attempt to offer alternative choices instead of abortion so that it becomes an uncommon practice.

    One of these men is going to be the next president. I think there are two entirely different visions for the future here. Based upon what I’ve been reading in my bible, I see the vision of the left as being more aligned with the bible and the way that Jesus Christ behaved. This is just my personal opinion, though, and I know we all have one. Thanks for sharing your thoughts here, Lyn!

  3. Hey my friend, this is one interesting post you have here and I respect your opinion. I personally don’t fancy either of these two candidates. Each of them have lied and done things that raise red flags where my beliefs are concerned. Take Obama for instance, he has said that he does believe there is a higher power, but that there are many paths to what he calls the “same place”. He has also said that he sees Jesus Christ as a historical figure and a wonderful teacher. Then there is the fact that he stands for abortion and same sex marriages. Then you have Romney, a man who’s faith is Mormon and also stands for many of the same things. As I see it a person will always live out their life based upon what they believe and if their beliefs are not aligned with the true word of God, then I cannot vote for them. They are like reeds shaken by the wind and they will sway towards what is good for them and not what God wants. Will they will do right by our country? that remains to be seen, I for one will put my trust in God. What must happen will happen whether Obama or Romney becomes President.

  4. Hi Diana 😉

    Initially I didn’t fancy either one of them either, but let’s face it, one of these guys is going to be president. At this point, the election is going to be pretty close and I don’t care to see Governor Romney running our beautiful country. I don’t believe we’re seeing the real person in Governor Romney. I think we’re seeing whoever he wants us to see. He will recreate himself from one moment to the next to be whatever he thinks will get him elected. The real Governor Romney told the truth when he made the statement that 47 percent of Americans are useless with no skin in the game; he had no idea he was being recorded. He was caught off guard, but that was the real him!

    The real man has behaved cruelly in college in his past to some of his classmates. I think this guy is fraudelent and I think he’s going to be bad for America. I don’t see anything Christ-like within him but I do see a great love of money emanating from him, with doubtful morality because money comes first. This is just my sense of the man based upon his body language in the debate and his behavior exhibited last night. That smile constantly on his face never reaches his eyes. He’s phony.

    Obama’s manner is calm, deferrential, humble, and polite. He hung back intentionally, I think. Certainly he isn’t your fundamentalist Christian, but he does believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, and while he’s way off in regard to abortion, gay marriage, and some of the moral issues, I think he has a good heart, a kind heart. I think he will do America much less harm in the long run.

    My gut tells me to vote for Obama and that’s whom I’m going to vote for. We each have to vote as we feel led, but I’m going to be praying for our president and for God’s will this election cycle. I trust God implicitly. I know neither of these men are ideal and probably neither are ideal biblical Christians, but one of them will be president, Diana. By not voting for either, you vote against one or the other anyway. Personally, I think it’s best to go with your gut response and listen for God’s take on the matter. (hugs) Thanks for sharing your take on things!

  5. Here’s a thought: Romney wins, all of the tribulation things begin happening..martial law, earthquakes, war between Iran and Israel..all of it…Obama comes and saves the day. US doesn’t need a president anymore…now we have a world leader… Just an interesting thought.

  6. Of course that could be way off..I’m not prophesying anything here..just throwing out a thought from my own head…not something ‘God’ spoke to me or anything..just an idea.

  7. I don’t think Obama is the antichrist, but I’m not sure about Romney…lol 😉

    Lyn, there’s just no way to know right now. I don’t think the antichrist will come from America though or be a US president. I’m afraid he will be a world leader coming from another country, somewhere in the Middle East, and our US leader will end up kowtowing to him and selling us out, as will every other leader of the various countries.

    No way to tell though, hon. We’re gonna have to go with our individual guts on this one.

  8. LOL I don’t know that he is the antichrist either. None us know who that is. I believe the antichrist is alive and well..or the person who will become the antichrist.. the man who will be the antichrist doesn’t actually become the antichrist until he dies from a fatal head wound and then raises back to life.

    It was just a thought, as I said. Interesting. Or, forget Obama altogether with my idea….Romney and what’s going on could very well be what resurrects the man into being what will become the antichrist. If the war with Israel and Iran takes place, this will undoubtedly bring about the 7 year peace treaty. Like I said, things to think about. I enjoy thinking about things and pondering them. This is my way. I don’t lay any claims to any of it to be true or prophecy..just thoughts from my own head.

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