Posted by: the warrioress | October 12, 2012

Double Standard

pot calling a kettle black


I’m admittedly a little confused.

Tonight I watched Vice President Joe Biden eat Congressman Paul Ryan for supper and laugh him back out, and yet this was lauded as “rude, impolite, disrespectful, interrupting, ”  etc., yet no one had a problem with it when Romney did the exact same thing to President Obama and the moderator last week.

Double standard much?

Everyone declared Romney the winner because of his overly-aggressive, demanding, bullying “style.”  Even Democrats approved of the disrespect perpetrated onto a more passive, quiet President Obama, (who, btw, isn’t likely to behave much differently next time around because he’s just classy and passive like that), yet when we turn the tables and unleash the Democratic junkyard dog, VP Joe Biden onto a young Paul Ryan, suddenly Joe is now in the wrong and seen as uncouth?  How utterly ridiculous.

Joe Biden clearly won the debate and did exactly what he needed to do to clarify the many untruths and spin that have been flowing all over the various cable channels since the first debate. I appreciated the clarification very much and I have no doubt so did most of the American people.  What I don’t appreciate, however,  is the extremely obvious bias, whining, and sour grapes put forth by some when the exact same tactics are used in the second debate as were used in the first. What’s good for the goose, people!


  1. Adrienne, I am so sorry you feel as you do, but Joe Biden was obnoxiously rude as he always is. He continued to interrupt Paul Ryan which is an obvious sign of nervousness. He came on swinging, his appalling smile was inappropriate and he talked, talked talked. Martha Raddatz has no business being a moderator; if she had been she would have stopped him in the beginning from his constant running overtime. Paul Ryan is a gentleman and was trying to keep it calm; but that is impossible with Joe Biden.

    I love you as a blogger friend, but really have a difficult time understanding your position. Biblically speaking, the President has broken major issues in the Bible that God will not allow. Abortion, Gay Marriage and throwing Israel under the bus. As I posted, Dr. Graham and Franklin both have come out saying they cannot vote for a President who refuses to do what the Bible says. That in itself should announce to the American public the truth.

  2. The media is the media, and it all depends on who was covering the debate. MSNBC, NBC, ABC, otherwise known as the liberal media, that’s another story, all declared Vice President Biden the winner. Fox, their conservative print allies: Weekly Standard, WSJ, and National Review all said the VP came off as rude and that Ryan held his own, therefore he won. CNN called it a draw.

    But why not let the American people decide? According to CNN, 48-44 gave it in favor of Ryan, and Yahoo had it 52-48. I feel like the country is in a bad place when we all get worked up over political debates and the political process.

  3. Simply AWESOME, Ms. BW! Kudos to you. I could not have said it better myself. Mitt Romney certainly was praised for HIS fallacies and HIS pie-throwing and for making a lot of rude faces while our President was speaking. On the other hand, Joe Biden took this young punk Paul Ryan to the woodshed (and what was up with those stupid weight-lifting photos released earlier that day? If Ryan wants to hawk home shopping channel products and be a centerfold, he should quit politics and stop defiling our Presidential race with his backwards baseball cap-wearing blue-eyed ignorance). The mediator did an excellent job insisting Ryan back up his vacuous suggestions that the GOP ticket has anything to offer American voters.

    Biblically speaking, our Heavenly Father placed the Tree of Knowledge right beside the Tree of Life in the Garden of Eden and said, “Choose for yourself.” Who are these right-wingers feigning faith in the Plan of Salvation, who try to restrict a woman’s right to choose? Trying to legislate the Tree of Knowledge out of the Garden of Eden, they have added themselves to those described in the Old Testament, who say of the Potter, “what is He making? He hath no hands.”

    Joe Biden was dead to rights saying he could never interfere with a woman’s right to control her own body. It is certainly not for any of us to judge in this life who is moral and who is not, but Matthew 25 tells us being a Christian means feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, etc., etc., and all the rest will be stuck on Judgment Day saying “Lord, Lord, we have done many works in Your Name,” but our Savior will cast these false believers into the pits of Hell, these hypocrites.

    And you may have readers of your blog admonishing you who fall into this category. Broad is the path to destruction. May God forgive and enlighten them before it’s too late.

  4. @Naphtali/Cathy

    You said:

    Adrienne, I am so sorry you feel as you do, but Joe Biden was obnoxiously rude as he always is. He continued to interrupt Paul Ryan which is an obvious sign of nervousness. He came on swinging, his appalling smile was inappropriate and he talked, talked talked. Martha Raddatz has no business being a moderator; if she had been she would have stopped him in the beginning from his constant running overtime. Paul Ryan is a gentleman and was trying to keep it calm; but that is impossible with Joe Biden.

    Hi Cathy,

    I know it’s a bit of a shock that I seemed set on voting Republican due to some of my conservative leanings and then suddenly changed my mind. The change occurred due to Romney deciding to go with Paul Ryan for his Vice President. I studied the Ryan Plan when I first heard about it and quickly recognized that Jesus Christ wouldn’t put that kind of thing onto His worst enemy, much less people already struggling and suffering in this difficult economy.

    Do you understand what’s going to become of nursing home residents on MEDICAID under the Romney/Ryan plan? Well, they will no longer be covered so I’m not sure what their families will do or what those without families will do. Countless children who are below the poverty level will lose free lunches and access to the only health care/dental care they’ve ever known. The disabled and elderly who depend on Medicaid because of their poverty-stricken state will be destroyed and destitute, or up a creek without a paddle. Does this sound like the love of Jesus Christ to you? It sounds like making money into an idol and standing up for the rich without a thought for one’s poor brother or sister. How about piling more and more of our tax payer dollars that aren’t even being asked for into wars that we don’t need to be involved in to begin with? We can’t afford more war and we can’t afford to keep blowing all of our money on the costs that go along with it.

    At any rate, and back on topic, Paul Ryan IS a gentleman, but so is President Obama; that didn’t stop Mitt Romney from acting like a hyped-up nut when he interrupted the president and the moderator again and again, insulting both in order to make his little point about PBS/Big Bird, etc.

    President Obama is a quiet, passive, soft-spoken kind of man. Mitt Romney was all over him, confrontation-ally FIRST, last week. I saw no conservative Republicans complaining about the inappropriateness of that or the disrespect to our president. This disrespect and rudeness started with Mitt Romney; let’s not forget that. I think it’s a little bit late to close the barn door now, when the horse has already gotten out, don’t you? It is a double standard and that’s just a fact. It’s too late to change the rules of the game now, and I guess Ryan just had to take his licks with Biden because of how his boss acted a week ago to our president. Romney set the stage for nastiness and disrespect first.

    You said:

    I love you as a blogger friend, but really have a difficult time understanding your position. Biblically speaking, the President has broken major issues in the Bible that God will not allow. Abortion, Gay Marriage and throwing Israel under the bus. As I posted, Dr. Graham and Franklin both have come out saying they cannot vote for a President who refuses to do what the Bible says. That in itself should announce to the American public the truth.

    Certainly I wish the president would stop abortion all together, but the Democrats do desire to make abortion something that is rare and they are for various alternatives to reduce them, like birth control/education/adoption/ and a host of other good ideas that will reduce and eventually prevent the need for abortions. Gay marriage is certainly not something God applauds, but then again neither is the worship and love of money, is it?

    When one absolutely ignores and could care less about the state of his brothers and sisters in this life, is that Christ-like? It’s not what the bible teaches based upon how it reads to me. How about how the right treats the environment, wildlife, and the very planet and resources that we’re starting to run out of? That’s not biblical; it’s sin.

    As for Israel, that’s something I simply can’t argue about with a lot of clarity because I’m still confused about some of the things going on over there, but I do favor Israel, of course.

    What you see as difficulties for Democrats, Christianity-wise, I see as problematic, but I see the very same kinds of atrocities and horrors going on via the right wing, which makes them absolutely no better than the left. Sin is sin, Cathy, and God views it all the same. Both of these parties are covered over with it.

    If someone claims that they can’t vote for a president who refuses to do what the bible says, I think they better not vote for Romney or Ryan. They sincerely need to study up on Romney and Ryan’s plan for the poorest of poor Americans, while rewarding the rich and making them even richer. There is no way that anyone can tell me that this is following what Jesus said; it’s pure hypocrisy! It’s similar to what the Pharisees were doing and how they were behaving so long ago. And they claimed to love our Lord…. The Republican party claims to be the party of God, of religion, of belief in Jesus Christ, but it’s all talk! There isn’t any Christ-like behavior behind the words to back them up.

    I’m so sorry that you’re not seeing what I see, Cathy, but I know we’re close and we like one another and have supported one another’s blogs in the past. I know you’ll see what I see if God wills it. In the interim, just agree to disagree with me, I guess, and know that I love you no matter what your thoughts are on all of this, and I hope you still love me. We’re sisters in Christ and that comes first, no matter what our disagreements may be. I guess we’ll both just vote as God leads us and have to trust in that.


  5. @ValerieKLazarus

    Thank you for your thoughts, Valerie, and I’m relieved to see that another Christian is seeing what I’ve been seeing of late. There aren’t too many Independent Christians around from what I’ve noticed. Seems that most of the Christians are conservative Republican and I think many are because they think they’re supposed to be. Perhaps they haven’t really thought about what the right stands for in any real depth in terms of how the bible reads. I think it’s definite oversight, but not always intentional. I think God simply has to open up eyes and allow folks to see without the blinders on. It’s often hard to digest new ways of seeing something, especially if we’re used to thinking a certain way and have become set in that. I know that God can open up eyes and hearts though, without a doubt, and HE WILL.

    I do appreciate you posting here and hope you’ll continue to, Valerie. God bless you and thanks again.

  6. @Paul

    This election seems like a very urgent matter to me and something God has allowed to weigh heavy on my heart. I take this very seriously. It’s an issue that could harm countless of folks right now and I’m talking actually putting them out into the street. What happens in this election is going to change so many people’s lives and some not for the better. I have to talk about it and share my thoughts on it as God leads me, and I thank you for sharing yours, Paul, here. God bless and be sure and vote, however you may choose to. I know you’ll pray and go with God’s will for you in your life.

  7. Hi Warrioress….Just wanted to say a few words here….I appreciate your gentleness with these tough issues. A cool head does prevail during these emotionally charged times and I admire your ability to approach the issues with the willingness that you do.

    Again, I suspect that we do differ a bit from issue to issue but as I stated before, I always hope for respectful conversation ultimately resulted in some common ground. Isn’t this ultimately how we learn and grow together? Good job!

  8. Dear Adrienne, I love you so much! We disagree here but this is what is needed. Communication. There have been bloggers who have cussed me out, told me to go jump, etc. for not voting Democratic. I do understand where you are coming from especially as a Counselor and this is where the church has let America down.

    God created Government for taxation, military, infrastructure. God never intended for any government to care for the poor, impoverished, widows. orphans; it is the church’s place. That is in the Bible. It says nothing about healthcare or welfare by the government; it is the church’s responsibility which is the people of Christ.

    I hate war. God hates war. But it is inevitable as it was all over in Bible. God prepared his people to fight many times: David and Goliath; poor David and Saul, Joshua, Moses, there are many battles that took place. Just because we hate something or disagree with it doesn’t make it go away.

    I live 2 miles from the world’s largest Fighter Jet military base. it employs now around 11,000 people. The jets fly right over our house regularly. We are surrounded by military; it is what this town is. I can tell you from first hand conversations they do not like what the President has done to them.
    1. Fired 157 Majors; sent them pink slips stripping them of health care, education and if they couldn’t find another job with the government would have to send the government their entire retirement back. That is not what God would do is it? I know this first hand because one of those Majors was our neighbor. He has no job, and his wife has cancer; no insurance.
    2. The President has closed many bases stripping many of jobs, education, health care.
    3. Many are retiring early due to the President’s defense cuts.
    4. Those fortunate enough like our neighbors who have kept their positions right now across the street have lost much of their benefits.
    5. The troops are not all coming home. They get deployed here everyday; 2 weeks prior to 9/11 our church recognized many that were getting ready to go overseas; some for at least a year. Does that sound like we are getting out?

    So for every person, child, elderly that you say will lose out on benefits, many have already been lost with no account or for no reason.
    For those the President is saying will be covered however, he has stripped 2 for every one of them already. So much for creating jobs; ask the people here about that.

    As far as infrastructure; if a Government taxes the people then the government is responsible to provide good roads, interstates, public buildings etc.

    Israel: when people mess with Israel or ignore them as has happened with President Obama and Prime Minister Netanyahu God will intervene. There will be a war between Israel and Iran. God will see to it that this country has a strong military built up for us to help fight Iran. That won’t happen with this President. God is very protective of his homeland geographically and his people. Anyone, government, neighbors etc who go against Israel will suffer miserably. Israel is first and foremost in God’s heart above and beyond everything else. The President has thrown Israel under the bus and it’s Prophet. From what I have researched, Prime Minister Netanyahu was specifically chosen by God for such a time as this; he is most likely one of the most intelligent human beings on earth right now. He has had many death threats but God has preserved him and God has done with the many threats President Obama has had.

    God’s intentions with the President was to bless the African American people for their constant faithfulness to him. But the President has even let them down, besides God.

    So, I will get to the point of which I know is dear to your heart and mine. When we do what God tells us to do, he will take care of the rest. For instance; if America begins to support Israel, removes Gay marriage and Abortion from the platform God will pour his abundance on any country who does this. God will take care of the widows, orphans, hungry children, the poor and impoverished without Government intervention because the gov. doesn’t know how to do it. Look at the US Postal system.

    i do not claim to be a Biblical scholar, etc but have studied, researched, prayed over the Bible and prophecy. For months I have been on my knees before the Lord as to what he was doing. Torn between the President and a Mormon I had come to the place of refraining from voting. I begged, pleaded, cried out to God over and over to tell me what to do. And he did.

    You can laugh or joke at the next info I am telling you, but I absolutely believe it 100%. This is because I have had many prophetic occurrences in my own life when I told people what was going to happen and of course they laughed; until it happened.

    Two weeks ago out of the blue, God led me to a website by a modern day Prophet named Bob Jones. I knew of him but had never read anything by him. He is an older man here in SC but has an anointing most have never had. He along with others prophesied 9/11, the Miracle on the Hudson, the tsunami that hit Japan and earthquake in the Phillipines (sp) which by the way was meant for the southeastern coast of the US where I live and God averted it. And for the record, he was told by God over 20 years ago that once the Tsunami hits Japan, the next big one would be here in America. The seismologists say it could happen any day on the west coast. They have determined it is long overdue. The ground is rocking.

    Believing for months that what I was thinking before God showed me Bob Jones website that confirmed what I was thinking is this and you can google him and find it yourself. And….he is not the only one saying this.

    I jokingly told my husband a few months ago, “wouldn’t it be funny if Romney wins and wins by a landslide?” guess what. It will turn heads.

    My second cry to God was “God, he is a Mormon?” I do not agree with them. The answer was right there on Bob Jones site. Mitt Romney already does not agree with much of the Mormon church’s beliefs; in fact Senator Harry Reid spoke a few weeks ago saying, “Mitt Romney is a lousy example of the LDS.” he had no idea that God is getting ready for a major move of the HS in the Mormon church. Bob Jones had asked God the exact words i had.

    According to past Prophecies and the election of President Obama, God planned for him to be a two term President as long he he did what God has been trying to tell him. The first big mistake was aligning himself with the Gay community. 2nd is Abortion but prominently his avoidance of the P M Netanyahu. The President has already lost the election due to his own negligence.

    As in 2010 the Republicans had a landslide victory and the Democrats have never accepted it. God is getting ready for another Azusa Street. You and I are living in one of the most important eras in history.

    If you don’t believe any of this that is up to you and it won’t offend me at all. I am use to it. But that is what faith is; believing what you don’t see.

    God cannot cause evil; it is the enemy causing wars, famine, poverty, etc. but people automatically blame God as to how can he allow this? it is up to the people as to how it works and we have got to turn towards him to keep our freedoms.

    If you doubt these prophecies and my change of heart; ask my husband and daughter. The instant I read Bob Jones website I knew it was an answer to God telling me ahead of time. I went from not voting for Romney/Ryan to completely supporting them because that is what God wants us to do. The prophecy even states that a vote for Romney is a vote for Righteousness for the voter.

  9. Well, Cathy, after reading all of that, I don’t think I’ll be able to change your mind, and at the moment mine’s not changing either. I don’t know why God has us on different sides of this matter, but I trust that all will become clear at some point. Just try hard not to allow our differences to hurt our friendship, because we have the Christian thing in common and that’s stronger than anything else. Christians disagree all of the time and things are still okay. (hugging you)


  10. @Little L

    Thank you so much, Little L. I appreciate that I can exchange opinion with others politely and civilly while still disagreeing with their basic premise on an issue. Even if we do differ on whatever the issue, I love the way you write and empathize with a lot of what you’ve gone though; that’s the most important thing, and I’m glad you still enjoy my blog too.

  11. Adrienne, for some reason I am not getting your posts or a lot of anything! .I am having the hardest time with wp, yahoo and facebook. I wish they would all get it together and stop messing with it; I find myself searching for people, etc.

    Dear I do love you! You are an inspiration to me and our friendship is too important. I wish others felt like this because we are together in Christ. More than anything when we seek God he will show us what he wants us to know. The key is for us to be open to him. It is sad when Christians disagree and let it go.

    For sure I believe God is in desperate need of people like yourself. He knows your heart for the poor, and impoverished, and for animals. I am with you totally for help for them all however God sees fit to supply is fine with me. Keep that firm compassion; God is and will use you even more than you have been able to.

    Have you ever thought about doing mission work like that? I know you have a lot on your plate, but seems to me you may be one of those gifted in that area. Just a thought?

  12. LOL You’re so welcome! One quickly learns that a single mother has difficulty being a member of ANY church! I get in lots of trouble for doing my own thinking but it all turns out to be worth it. If our Savior doesn’t know us we aren’t getting in to Heaven and how can He know us if we don’t know ourselves???

  13. Hello again Warrioress….yes, I am glad we can exchange ideas respectfully which ultimately is more important to me than who we vote for or trying to change each others minds…I look at it as an opportunity to value our similarities and learn from our differences….As I stated before, I don’t think we do agree on all matters but I dearly love your open heart and kindness….and if we as a country and civilization ever hope to come together, we must learn to listen and compromise….

    Blessings to you….

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