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Our Cherished Vote

Seven Deadly Sins by Rox Steady

(Photo credit: dingler1109)

“Do not rejoice when your enemies fall, and do not let your heart be glad when they stumble.” –Proverbs 24:17

When making up our minds on whom we will cast our vote for this election season, I think it’s important to remember that one sin is not necessarily better or worse than another.  Sin is sin. Our choice of who to vote for within the two major parties are choices between infallible human beings who all sin, who are obviously not choosing to completely follow the bible in their daily lives.

For example, here are a just a few of the sins we’ll be supporting when we vote Republican:

  1. Making an idol out of money/making money our god
  2. Support of the industrial war machine for profit due to GREED.
  3. Murder/killing of innocents through unnecessary war
  4. Favoring of the rich over the poor
  5. A complete lack of concern for the sick, disabled, elderly, poor, an indigent
  6. The murder/killing of human beings through capital punishment when we claim to be pro-life
  7. Pharisee-like HYPOCRISY and pretense at being holier than thou & moral
  8. No great love for one’s fellow man as Christ demanded,  & little compassion
  9. The ravaging and destruction of planet Earth for profit & GREED.
  10. The destruction of wild life/animal life for profit & GREED.
  11. Corruption, lies, misleading hyperbole
  12. Pride and materialism to the extreme

Here are some more sins we’ll get behind when we vote Democrat:

  1. Abortion
  2. Favoring homosexual marriage
  3. Rebellion by some toward God of the bible, in particular
  4. Sexual immorality
  5. Corruption, lies, misleading hyperbole
  6. Waffling around over support of Israel

Now, I’m sure that I’ve missed some and that there are many more that are not included because we could go on and on ad infinitum.  Unfortunately, I see many sins, serious sins on the backs of both parties, not just the Democratic party as it relates to abortion and gay marriage. I see genocide of the very planet itself and an incessant desire to engage in war via the Republican party.

We’ll never know how many millions have perished due to Republican blood lust and greed for money. I see the right making an idol out of the dollar and celebrating the death penalty; thus I’m fairly certain that the attempt at comparing the sin on both sides of the aisle is not going to amount to the right being the party a Christian should be advised to vote for, as opposed to the left.

Both of these parties are sinful and do not represent our Lord. No one can argue to the contrary.

God's Politics, by Jim Wallis

God’s Politics, by Jim Wallis (Photo credit: elycefeliz)

This election cycle, we must each vote according to how God wills us to vote; He will make Himself clear, imo, but I don’t feel that there is a more right, assumed stance that we should take as Christians. Our vote is indeed a very personal matter and it should be respected as such, in my opinion.

It’s difficult to watch ourselves and our behavior when we get behind one candidate or another, but we need to remember that all of these people fall short and are sinners, just as we are. We should probably be praying for those who are planning to attempt to try to lead us and hoping for the best for all of them. Even if we don’t like them or approve of them, as Christians we will have to follow these leaders under the law,  if and when they are eventually elected into office.

My primary point is this, said by a wonderful writer here:

“We are Christians. All those other labels—Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative—are secondary to being Christian, our passionate quests to enact grace and live a Christian way of life. As I reflect on my missing sentence, I realize that it sounds a wee bit like a sentence from scripture. Not one printed in RED letters, but the plain black words of St. Paul: “There is no longer Jew or Greek, there is no longer slave or free, there is no longer male or female; for all of you are one in Christ Jesus.” If the blessed apostle were around for press conferences today, I’m pretty sure he’d add, “no longer Republican or Democrat,” too.” Source.

“God is, as scripture tells us, the author of all goodness. God never rejoices in sin, and we know that sin is not the exclusive possession of any political party. The darkness that stalks us is neither Republican nor Democratic. It is part of the human condition, that which makes us all cry out for compassion—and that compassion is an apt starting point for a Christian politics of grace, not partisan vindictiveness.” Source


  1. You know you and I have talked about this subject in the past, but I have to say this particular post really made me think more about how I feel where this matter is concerned. Thanks for giving us this point of view, I really need to pray about this more.

    Much love my sister in Christ 🙂

  2. Thanks, Diana. I’m glad you’re not taking offense to this posting or any of the others. I want people to really think and understand the hypocrisy that’s occurring, whereby people are claiming that one candidate is better than another because the sins he supports aren’t as terrible, but that’s a matter that is subjective and I don’t believe God approves of any sin.

    Anyway, that’s the point. I want all of us to think deeply about what our vote means and be proud of who we decide to get behind. (Well, as proud as we can be…considering). I sure do appreciate you reading and commenting here. Love in Christ to you too,


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    One of the best posts about religion and politics that I have ever read…

  4. Thank you, Johnny, for reblogging my post. I really appreciate the compliment more than I can say…

  5. […] isn’t the least bit Christian and after I found that scripture that I placed onto the top of this post, entitled “Our Cherished Vote,” I decided that I better start attempting to act more […]

  6. You are welcome…I was hoping you didn’t mind…you are a fantastic writer and I absolutely love reading your posts…I have put you on my blog roll as well…I wish you well in all of your endeavors…

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