Posted by: the warrioress | November 6, 2012

The Religious Wrong!

The Religious WrongWho would have ever thought?

Christians  in 2012 actually have options to choose from!

Despite some Christian blogs that demand we vote as they believe we should if we’re really Christian, we can listen to the Holy Spirit that clearly tells us right from wrong.

For many years, as Christians, the religious right was our destiny. I know it was hard to reconcile this with what the bible actually says. There are contradictions galore within what is being  preached on the right and what the bible tells us.  It’s especially confusing for new Christians and Christians who are passionate about following the teachings of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their lives, but believe it or not, things are changing.

God is a gentleman, as we know. He never forces Himself upon anyone. We have free will.  It’s the same thing when it comes to our vote. We have options! People can try to control our minds and heart and tell us how to vote as followers of Jesus Christ; we internally know what Jesus would do, though. We don’t have to blindly follow wolves in sheep’s clothing.

We don’t have to force our hearts and minds into the mold of the religious right anymore. We don’t have to try to make sense of worshiping at the altar of Mammon. We don’t have to break our backs trying to line up false teaching with what Jesus demonstrated for us in the bible by His own actions.  We don’t have to try and understand how anyone in good conscience can support destroying the planet through  greed and selfishness, over tenderly caring for what God put us in charge of. We don’t have to believe that government shouldn’t care what happens to the weakest and most vulnerable among us. We no longer have to justify murdering men and women in needless war for profit. We can say no to the cold blooded murder of sick and mentally ill men and women through the electric chair and lethal injection. We don’t even have to cage men and women like animals; we could instead rehabilitate them.

We can support health care for every human being because they absolutely deserve it and yes, should be entitled to it! We can care about men and women, despite their differences in points of view, who they love,  how they worship or choose not to worship. We can be a part of something that really is loving, tolerant,  and merciful, that doesn’t just talk the godly talk but actually lives and walks the godly walk.

We can be living examples of Jesus Christ in every aspect of our lives and not suffer cognitive dissonance because the point of view of the religious right doesn’t line up with the red-letter words within the Holy Bible! We can join a bipartisan educational effort to reduce and offer valid alternatives to abortion. We can be more about the love of Jesus Christ and showing that love for every man, woman, and child, no matter their income, race, or class. We don’t have to be dominionist and force others to believe as we do; God doesn’t work like that. Let people make their choice. Actually be and act like Jesus Christ. Imagine that!

This election, tomorrow,  get out and vote your real conscience! Listen to the  Holy Spirit within you instead of a political party and vote as God desires you to vote. Christians, we don’t have to be bullied into compliance with a movement that is not truthfully like Jesus! We don’t have to celebrate war and death and claim that we’re  pro-life, bowing to hypocrisy and knowing it deep inside our hearts.

Stand up and make your vote count. Make your voice heard!

See you at the polls!

And I believe God will bless our America.


  1. AMEN my sister!! Standing on the Word of God— not on (or in) the words of man!!
    I truly appreciate your boldness in Christ Jesus to defend what truly needs defending, and that being “your love and devotion toward your Savior”.
    Many blessings

  2. Ann Coulter’s sense of superiority is so large, it should have its own zip code.

  3. I tweeted your post! Watching the election coverage with bated breath….

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