Posted by: the warrioress | November 9, 2012

Hypocrisy Lecture

I was reading through some various blogs about the aftermath of the election when I stumbled across this blog that made me so mad, I had to promise myself that I would not post this until a few hours later; I wanted to make sure I was cooled off to edit before posting a response.

I can’t share with you directly the various parts of the blog that angered me, but suffice it to say, check out numbers 6,7,8, 9, and 10.

Talk about ticking me off!!      

I don’t want to get into legal trouble copying and pasting any part of a blog without permission, so just have a look at the blog in question and judge for yourself.

Paraphrasing what I read into a nutshell, the gentleman writing the offensive material doesn’t understand how any born-again, evangelical Christian could vote for President Obama, instead of the “pro-life, pro-marriage candidate.” He proceeds to state that he believes the real Christians (apparently) need to school those of us who have gone so far astray — because it is our fault that Governor Mitt Romney wasn’t elected. You see, we’re not real Christians, and we need proper teaching by the church and our pastor so that we start voting to elect biblical candidates who stand for the bible and the church.

Well, there we go again … two out of three of the primary worst sins that the right always scream about, (abortion, gay marriage, and Israel), seem to be the culprit yet again. Can we say “beat on a dead horse?”

While the dead horse is being beaten, I’ll try to keep my cool internally and simply say once again that I just can’t believe the blinders on these people who think like this. How on earth do these Christian folks think that the sin they are engaging in, in their blind self-righteousness, is one whit better than these three sins that they keep harping on?

Do they not grasp that God clearly said in His word:

  • Do not kill
  • Do not lie
  • Do not steal
  • Do not make an idol out of money
  • Do not treat the poor badly; instead share what you have with them
  • That forgiveness you show others is how you’ll be forgiven —  or in other words, exhibit mercy.
  • Be good stewards of the earth
  • Do not commit adultery

How do those who consider themselves to be part of the religious right justify killing men and women through unnecessary war for profit? How do they justify invading other countries and stealing their oil or land? How do they justify murdering in cold blood mentally ill and disturbed men and women through capital punishment if they claim to be so “pro-life?” What about the blood on their hands through supporting unnecessary war and the murdering of people via the state, whose murder they supported in their “eye for an eye” rage?

What about the way that these good Christian folk worship the almighty dollar? The whole of the Republican party is built around this worship of Mammon and it’s ugly, really ugly. How about the many times some of these Christians have remarried, thus committing adultery? Ooops…

How do good Christians justify not sharing what they have with others so that others can have health care? Why aren’t they willing or able to gladly pay their taxes so that the poor, elderly, infirmed, and disabled don’t starve to death? It’s akin to the tithe, in my personal opinion.

How do they justify “an eye for an eye” when Jesus told us that the two most important commandments were to love God with all of one’s heart and one’s mind, and to love they neighbor as thy self? How do these Christian people justify what they are doing to our earth, to the environment, to nature, and our wildlife through their greed and love of money?

These oh-so-fine Christians lecture us about abortion but they don’t care if an unwanted baby is able to eat or survive once it’s out of the womb! They don’t care if the same child grows up abused by its drug-addicted mother and is abandoned to the system. How many of these unwanted kids have they adopted? They don’t have anymore mercy for the woman struggling on her own to raise these unwanted children. All they can appear to do is bitch about how much she is costing them!

Yet these good Christians can fuss about gay marriage and homosexuality but say next to nothing about the millions of Christian men and women who are regularly surfing internet pornography on their home computers every single night, or having adultery with their neighbor’s wife in church; (this is called “LUST” by the way, in case the sin doesn’t spring immediately to mind).

Don’t these individuals have enough of their own sin to study on instead of worrying about how I vote?

Jesus had a word or two for these arrogant, allegedly good Christian people:

“Ye blind guides, which strain at a gnat, and swallow a camel.” – Matt 23:24

Rolling my eyes ....

Rolling my eyes …. (Photo credit: Heather Carpenter Costello)

The arrogance of one Christian to peer at another Christian and tell them that they aren’t really Christian because they voted for one sinner over the other, that because in their holier-than-thou opinion, one candidate’s platform of sin is worse than the other! Is this not the craziest thing you’ve ever read or heard? I can’t even believe it. It sickens me, frankly. I have little to no respect for this kind of idiocy.

Sin is sin, people. God finds telling lies to be an abomination! Seems both of these candidates were doing plenty of that this election season and none of these good Christians had much of a problem with lying, that I read.

I wonder what Jesus thought about the Pharisees. Seriously, do you think God was impressed with their “holiness?” They didn’t recognize where they were guilty of probably worse sin than what they kept yapping about as if they were some model of godly purity. Sounds like these same good Christians to me.

Yes, six point four million self-described “evangelicals” did vote for Obama and I’m very glad that they did. These “professing Christians” put Obama back into office. Yes, we did, and I have no doubt that we will do so again with the next Democrat if the religious right Republicans don’t change their tune and get a clue before the next election!

(This was “righteous anger” expressed here in this post, if you’re wondering; I don’t expect any likes on it).

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  1. My friend, don’t let the ignorance of others affect your thinking. Psalms 115:3 Our God is in heaven;
    he does whatever pleases him. It pleases Him that the president was reelected and it pleases Him we still have the same leaders in Congress.
    Those who say the election was rigged or that fraud was involved are just petty and illiterate, that includes my brother in law who decided it was because 51.3% of the country would rather have free stuff from the government than work hard and succeed. He depends on the government for his monthly SS check but doesn’t think that counts.

    Adrienne, you voted just how God wanted you to, forgive those who can’t understand He (♥) controls our every move.

    Love you,


  2. Thanks for sharing this post with us. I too have been reading various after-election posts and the fact of the matter remains that everyone will always have their own opinion, not just on this issue but on every issue. I believe it is time that we all take our eyes off of Obama and Romney and put them back on what really matters. We are all spending far too much time debating back and forth on who said what and who is wrong or who is right. The enemy uses this against us so that we will not focus on what matters to God. Speaking of the issues that are at hand in our country is not wrong, but we need to be careful that we are not absorbed by them.

    We need to get back to the purpose of why we are here to begin with. In love I urge everyone to return to being the hands and feet of God to save those who are still lost. The voting is done, the results are in, and God’s sovereign plan continues to be in motion. The time is growing shorter, don’t let the enemy make you waste a single minute of it on the things of this world, because we are not of this world. The things of this world will one day cease to exist, whether you voted for Obama or for Romney. Focus on using everything at your disposal to proclaim the salvation of the only one who can save us and that is Jesus Christ.

    Blessings to you my Sister in Christ and to all!

  3. Great article my friend, thanks for sharing. I felt every word you spoke, and you spoke nothing but the truth. Amen, Amen, Amen!!!

  4. they say you should never talk politics or religion with a friend or you’ll end up arguing
    with that said… The topics he is speaking off are not even the main issues, such as a Christian voting for a Muslim who’s soul religion is to kill infidels (non Muslims) or the fact he gave billions away to the rich in his first year and padded it by giving pennies to the poor and called it stimulus. The proof of his inability to run the country is in the pudding, luckily it takes three parties to run the country and we still can count on the speaker to keep him in line. This may be my opinion as well as others, My fellow friends and loved ones voted for him saying he was the lesser of the two evils and there is hope in 2016 so I fall back on, “it is what it is” … Acceptance is the key to tranquility … Obviously the election race was so close it shows half are for and half against, we now put that behind us and live with it… As for the blogger you speak of … When they raise a hand and point a finger saying, ‘you need to learn a lesson’ there are four fingers pointing back at him. Peace … Out (*_*)

  5. Well done , I take off my hat to you .
    My God Almighty keep you strong & growing in GRACE.

  6. I am tempted to engage the problems in the previous comment from Zindictive, but there is already enough arguing on the internet. What I will say, however, is that the blogpost from Life of a Female Bible Warrior is well appreciated and encouraging. I recently discovered that I share her perspective, but sometimes it is such an uphill battle with our fellow Christians that I/we can feel like that lone voice crying out in the wilderness. It can be lonely, but if we aren’t too willing to make ourselves martyrs, we can look around from time to time and notice that the “backwoods” are full of great sisters and brothers in Christ who are doing their best to live out their faith in truly Christ-centered ways and not taken in by a certain political party that wants to convince credulous believers that if they are good little girls and boys, then they will vote for… . Part of my hope remains in the possibility that our numbers in the wilderness will continue to grow as people become disillusioned with their notions of Conservative, Western, Evangelical Christianity. There is something bigger and better out here.

    Come soon, Lord!

  7. I am no Obama fan, nor a Romney fan… in fact, to be honest, I did not vote this year because both supported abortion. God did not move me to vote. I put it in God’s hands and trusted in Him. Many would find fault in me for this, but nowhere in the Bible am I commanded to vote…and how can i vote if I am strongly against something both parties agree to? I can’t. It goes against my moral code of ethics..I would feel like a hypocrite. I don’t believe in the whole ‘lesser of two evils’ scenerio. That’s my opinion and feeling… knowing in advance, as you do, my opinion as we’ve discussed need to debate about that.

    God only commands that we pray for our leaders. Regardless, I agree with your post on the bashing of people. Furthermore, I did not find Joel Rosenberg’s post to be offensive or bashing..I tend to like Joel Rosenberg. I don’t desire to argue abou tthat, as I see here your feelings, now you know mine.

    However, I highly disagree with what Christians are doing right now. We are to accept God’s wisdom and to trust in God. The moment we put our faith in a human being is the moment God is not happy with us.. You will see this in part one of what I wrote regarding David putting his faith in numbers. We are to pray, we are to love our enemies, we are to praise God in ALL things, whether we agree, like something, or not. WE are not to murmur and complain… in all t hings, we are to pray. We can also witness a perfect example in Jesus when confronted by the Jewish Heirarchies regarding the coin with Caesar on it. Jesus was wise, and He never bashed Caesar..He said to give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar. To bash people is very ungodly. To speak the truth if someone has done something and stand up for our rights as Christian is godly..but not to grumble and complain about people and insult them. We may say, for example, that someone did something that is ungodly and we are upset by this..and we need to pray about this is not wrong, in my opinion…but to say “This person did t his thing..I hope they rot in hell and lightening strikes them!” Is ungodly. God bless…

  8. Thank you for sharing. And you DID get the likes because it’s not just you who’s been disturbed (mellow term for irate) by the after the election news articles/blog posts/ etc etc etc.
    GOD IS IN CONTROL!!! HE IS SOVEREIGN!!! THERE IS DIVINE PURPOSE and we as mere humans need not ask why. We are told to pray for our leaders because the LORD God sets things in His order, so that is what I intend and am doing!

  9. Wow… thank you all for sharing your thoughts and opinions here. I agree with much of what most of you have written. It *is* time that we move on and not allow this pettiness to impact our walk with Christ. He wouldn’t approve of anything taking our focus off of the primary calling all of us have to share the message of Christ with others.

    Just so all of you know, even though I did not vote for Gov. Romney, at one time I was planning to if you go back and review my postings. It was when Paul Ryan and his plan were activated that I could no longer vote for Romney because I could not fathom that Ryan plan under any circumstances. I don’t feel that anyone is not a real Christian if they voted for Romney, or anyone else who was running, for that matter. It’s a private concern that each individual is entitled to decide completely on their own.

    It just irritates me when I see people judging and condemning other’s hearts for Christ over their vote. It really makes me kind of furious. Anyway, you guys are all helping me see that it’s not worth the time of day to further concern myself about this, so I won’t.

    I sure do appreciate all of you and it will be awesome just to get back to what we normally focus on. I try to be a very upbeat positive person, but this election deal has certainly caused a lot of sober thinking in my life. I’m ready to return to just being happy and trusting in God because I do know He is in charge and I trust Him to do what is right for all of us and this country, and the world.

    God bless each one of you, brothers and sisters. I love you all very much.


  10. I understand where you are coming from and I feel like your views help to show how far the Church has moved away from God.

    We are told to hold a line and a standard and not to compromise that, but compromise is what we do. We worry about hurting people’s feelings when we speak the truth of God so we water down the message as to not offend. We compromise when we try to pick the “lesser of two evils”. We compromise when we focus on what people tell us the major issues are and fail to focus on will of God.

    I know Paul said that those who do not work should not be supported by the church but we are also called to give to those who ask.

    God did not leave the schools; it was the Church that left when it was no longer easy to speak the faith. God did not leave the country; it was the Country that left when it was no longer easy to spout off some verses and not be held accountable for our actions.

    This is a prime time for the Church to rise up and proclaim the glory of God, but we have to stop pointing fingers and blaming people for not doing what God wants.

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