Posted by: the warrioress | November 16, 2012

I am so proud of this pastor for speaking out and sharing on this topic. The spirit of God is speaking through him and I do hope everyone will listen. God bless you, Pastor.


The Warrioress

Yves Johnson Ministries

***See update at the end of this blog***

Today, I was privileged to be on the National Pastors Call with President Obama.  The President spoke to Pastors and Faith leaders from various beliefs.

Just a few days ago, Christian leaders were clearly divided on where or not it was “Christian-like” to vote for President Obama.  We heard rhetoric from both sides of the Christian aisle.  Pastor Robert Jeffress provided our Nation with an interesting, if not ominous prediction.  He said, “The course he (President Obama) is choosing to lead our nation is paving the way for the future reign of the Antichrist.”  Yet other pastors stood behind the president and stated he must be re-elected in order for our Nation to be unified and for us to get through the problems we’re facing.

It’s obvious some Christians are still divided on whether or not we should support our…

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  1. Ooops, I just went to that fellow’s site and made a comment. But he is moderating, so it will probably not appear. Here is what I said:
    There is not one Christian voice — hope of unity is naive, I am afraid. That is not how people use religion. There are lots of Christians trying to tell us that they know what God wants — and they are all saying different things. Well, that is because it their favorite policies that they wrap in God-Talk.

    Same is happening in India with different Hindus. And horribly so in Muslim countries where they all have different opinions about what Allah wants. When will we stop using gods as puppets to tell others what we want? We need people to start talking to people.

  2. Seeing his post made me realize that there are still some sensible Christian leaders left.

  3. How any Christian could vote for a man who has stood so extremely against the teachings of scripture in so many ways is honestly beyond me. It’s sad.

  4. Hello again, Dave,

    Unfortunately, you are mistaken, Dave, because President Obama has not stood so extremely against the teachings of scripture. President Obama has stood against a very few teachings of scripture, but then again, so have the majority of the Republican party! Hmm. Interesting fact, isn’t that?

    What I’ve found is that either side, left or right, sees only where they agree with scripture, not where they disagree. Isn’t this convenient? It’s a blind spot, though I doubt very much that it’s intentional. Jesus wouldn’t care for intentional unwillingness to see truth, would He? That would be very much like lying to one’s self.

    I think we are only ready for so much truth though, unfortunately, and I think our Lord recognizes that. Remember that old addage — “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.” It’s true.

  5. Jlove 90, I agree with you! Thanks for stopping by.

  6. Thanks for commenting, Sabio!

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