Posted by: the warrioress | November 16, 2012

Did I Stutter?


I think the picture speaks for itself, yet so many are in denial.

Why do good Christian folks argue with Jesus?

Why try to wiggle out of what He very clearly said?

Listen to Jesus Christ and walk the talk.

-=  May God Bless You =-


  1. I agree with the idea expressed here, but I wanted to add something. True, believers should support government measures that lend assistance to the poor and vulnerable. At the same time, some may fall into the trap of thinking, “Well, I voted to increase Medicaid; I’ve done my part.” Jesus’ commands to care ‘for the least of these’ were given to us individually as well as corporately. It’s not enough that we increase the social safety net; we must also give sacrificially from our personal abundance and with our own hands. Sure, let’s vote. But let us not think that will be good enough.

  2. I agree that it is not the government’s job when it comes to Christians. we were told to do and not defer to a third party doing for us. taxes go to support the government, but the christian should still be either tending to the suffering sheep or giving to those who tend to them.

  3. I agree with both of you, April, and K. and appreciate your comments.

    We as Christians must never turn anyone away individually-speaking, but we live in a technological age in which there are just not enough of us and the church to take care of the many who are falling into the cracks of poverty, especially with the current economy. These are people earning income, working. We’re talking about single moms raising kids by themselves through no fault of their own, etc.

    We have no choice but to have the government help out. Sometimes government aid is simply necessary in the times we live in. Christians should not be so stingy and caught up in a party’s claptrap that they can’t hear the voices of the truly suffering.

    I understand what you’re saying, Kerroscene.. there are pros and cons to everything, every single stance we take. Unfortunately, though, we all need healthcare because without it we will die. We are paying for everyone anyway. The emergency room covering those without preventative care costs all of us a lot more as taxpayers.

    Let’s just suck it up and get everyone covered, raise minimum wage, and recognize that prices are just going to keep going up. It’s a part of life.

    It’s the selfishness and the greed that disturbs me and I see way too much of it within people who profess to love God. Jesus did not like that part of us, though He loves us dearly. Jesus did not approve of the love of mammon and the greed and selfishness. I hope more Christians can strive to be more like Jesus was about the way that they love and care for others. Compassion is key.

  4. Another home run, Warrioress.

  5. Sweet Adrienne… another spot on blog post!! I agree with all the comments, plus I must add that I am blessed by your continued stance for the truth of the message of salvation through the Lord Jesus shed blood and the Word of God! We are in a time like no other— so many seeking, but looking in the wrong place! It’s in God’s Word!!
    Love you sister

  6. My thoughts on the picture are that Jesus is right there in the midst of these people. Sometimes Christians will give to an organization to try to pacify their conviction that they haven’t done their duty. Jesus gave us an example of interaction with sinners. He ate with them, he dwelt in their midst, he spoke with them. So much so, that the church members of His day ridiculed Him for it. They all wanted Him to be like them… huddled together in the church just merely talking about religion and burying the guilt of not being a true follower of God. Misery loves company! How could this Jesus be so perfect–He was actually out there doing what they, themselves, knew was right but they hated Him for it… probably because it pointed out their own unwillingness to get involved and made them feel even more guilty. I read a book recently about discipleship. It talks about how Jesus was “For” the people, He was “With” the people, and He was “One of” the people. I’m realizing I can’t just “play church” anymore. It’s time to “BE” a Christian. I’ve gathered a few of my fellow church friends together and we’ve been talking more about actually getting out there with the people to tell them how God is for them and not against them. It’s an experiment in progress–but the promised results are sure to be awesome!

  7. Isn’t it amazing that Election Day falls so shortly before Thanksgiving? (and Veteran’s Day? but I digress…)

    This year, without a doubt, we have felt our Creator’s hand on our election process, making the upcoming holidays more meaningful. Due to Hurricane Sandy and numerous manmade economic disasters, there are so many going without right now, but at least we as a nation have made the correct choice, to love our neighbor by voting Democrat.

    Thanks for the post!

  8. I like the picture, but I wholeheartedly agree with the additional sentiment expressed by April K and others. It’s OUR job, not simply our job to vote someone in who will do it for us. We need to get in and get our hands dirty as well.

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