Posted by: the warrioress | November 27, 2012

Bullying Susan Rice

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN.

Susan Rice, US Ambassador to the UN. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a rant, but I will attempt to rant elegantly, in lady-like fashion, so as not to become a shrew.

Once again, I see that our future Democratic Secretary of State-to-be, Susan Rice, is making headlines due to a few grumpy, hyper-vigilant Republican senators who shall remain nameless because they don’t deserve the attention that continues to enable their tantrums.

When will the right get over losing the election? Are they going to sulk, scream, and bitch indefinitely over a loss that they’ve brought onto themselves? This isn’t about Benghazi! This is a political whine-fest designed to raise holy hell because President Obama was re-elected and the right was sent the clear message to back off and get back to work under President Obama. So why aren’t senate Republicans paying attention?

Do they really want to lose another election the next time around? Voters aren’t going to forget this nonsense, and I’m getting a little irritated with the antics of men who act like children instead of elected officials with a job to do.

Picking on the pretty little African-American gal on the political playground because you didn’t get your way is beginning to anger the American people, in my opinion. Grow up! Move forward. Wipe your noses and quit pulling Susan Rice’s pigtails. You are actually liable to get a permanent time out, if this keeps up, gentlemen.

Susan Rice isn’t your whipping boy because you failed to take the President down. Perhaps remake your failed party and upgrade it already. Begin by looking at the mistakes you’ve made again and again because you don’t care about the average American and we know it! Grow even a sliver of a compassionate bone in your political bodies and start walking the Christian, moral-majority talk you claim, instead of acting the complete opposite. You are all lousy examples of  Christianity, again, in my opinion.

Fruit of the Oregon Grape Plant

Fruit of the Oregon Grape Plant (Photo credit: born1945)

Susan Rice told the truth and if you want to continue to harass someone, go to the source — the intelligence agency you have a bone to pick with, (apparently), or just get busy compromising on the fiscal cliff before Democrats drive right off of it. (They really should!) We’re fed up with your fits and starts, and frankly, you all need your bottoms paddled.

Susan Rice, welcome to the Secretary of State position, and long may you reign. Ignore the fools that keep grasping at straws in their obsessive ignorance, because no one’s fooling us. Sour grapes spoil the buffet, but we know which side that rotten fruit smell is coming from…




  1. Well spoken, Warrioress.

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  3. The most maddening part of all of this is the traction that it has gotten with the media. The bottom line is that a great deal of facts about what happened in Lybia are publicly known, as is the fact that there was a great deal of confusion in the 72 hours following the incident, and that Rice had spoken only based on talking points given to her by the intelligence community.

    The fact is that yes, there was an intelligence failure and, perhaps, a security failure as well. That buck stops with the CIA who, by all accounts, was running the show in Benghazi. The only question that remains is why Rice, who is only marginally connected to the incident, was made the administration’s spokeswoman on a nationally televised morning news program. Was no one else available?

    The “evidence” against Rice at this time points to, at most, her being thrown under the bus while the intelligence community and the administration scrambled to figure things out. Embarrassing? Yes. Worthy of such a rampant media blitz? No. But when there is a moment of low pitch in the ever screaming news cycle, the shrill squeaks of the rabble-rousers will float above all else, demanding the grease.

  4. Well written Adrienne. The one Senator who uses his Vietnam status as a crutch every time he runs for office forgets there were others there who know the true story and his is wrong.
    But, as long as the media continues to put a camera in front of him he will find something negative to say. It plays the media and his people.
    As for Ms Rice, the information provided was questionable and she should have confirmed it before going public, instead of trusting it to be correct. People all around her were telling different stories as we heard on all the news outlets for days. She made a mistake, but don’t we all?
    In the end all the GOP is doing is posturing for a fight which just may cost them their job In 2014. If they would just spend all that energy fixing our country.


  5. I am curious as to why this is a racial issue and not an issue of misinformation from one of the president’s people. No one I have heard of has made any issue of her race except the people running to defend her.

    She misspoke, but the trail of misinformation has shown that she was not hiding anything but relaying information that was prepared for her. I thought that once it has been shown as to why the word terrorism was removed that the attacks against her had stopped, but i have been out of the loop lately on news.

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