Posted by: the warrioress | December 9, 2012


Icon for censorship

Icon for censorship (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Most recently, meaning within the last six months or so, I began seriously questioning the conservative side of politics, most especially what the Republican party stands for and claims to value. Because of my questioning and what I’ve been discovering, I voted for Barack Obama this most recent election; nevertheless, there are still some areas where I am firmly conservative in my thinking, as opposed to what I would call “hard-left leaning” or “liberal.”

I was reading an article about a teacher being investigated for discussing what the bible says about gay relationships. Apparently, some gay students felt persecuted and reported the discussion of the bible to parents, and “Freedom From Religion Foundation” (a Wisconsin-based atheist organization) complained and became involved.


Bible (Photo credit: Sean MacEntee)

While I don’t believe that Jesus Christ would have ever persecuted anyone for their sin, short of teaching them about the harm of it through a parable, perhaps, I also know that He didn’t censor His words for fear of hurting someone’s feelings. He didn’t particularly worry about being offensive. He told the truth even when it might offend.

I will never agree that this nation, America, should ever become so politically correct as to make it illegal to quote the bible, or share writings from any book or point of view in schools, public or private, or anywhere.

I’m very strongly against censorship. If someone’s mental health is based upon sheltering them from every offensive idea or expression of the same, than they have extremely fragile mental health and this is pathetic that they are so protected as to be insulated in a vacuüm. The lives of everyone cannot be held hostage just because someone might take offense and get their little feelers hurt; that’s just complete insanity.

Republican vs. Democrat 2012

Republican vs. Democrat 2012 (Photo credit: DonkeyHotey)

We have to learn to live in this world with dissenting opinion, ideas, and the free expression of these. The day that someone dictates what we can and cannot say, think, write, draw, paint, create or express, is the day that we are slaves to a society gone out of control in its “well-meaning” intent.  I can never defend censorship of any kind.

There is also a very clear difference between censorship and prevention of bullying. Sharing what the bible says is not bullying, nor should there be a problem sharing what any religion says about anything. Those who want to make this kind of speech illegal are attempting to infringe upon our freedom of speech and we cannot allow it.  (Source)


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