Posted by: the warrioress | December 15, 2012

On the Other Side

Innocent as a lambs, these gifts from you

And now we return them; moments shared too few

Not certain why they’ve gone away

We only know they’re in your care today

Nothing can hurt them; no longer afraid

Lord, in your arms, they won’t be betrayed.

And now as you hold them, we beg that you’ll touch

the hearts of their fathers and mothers, and such

America grieves with these families who lost

treasured loved ones; who can count the cost?

Comfort their hearts as only you can

Bring them to know you, woman and man

We live in a world that’s as cruel as it gets

within this life, you’re all that fits

Care for the teachers, those heroes among us

Thank them and bless them, in your love we trust

And now as we weep, in sorrow and prayer

Bring us together and show us you’re there

What we’ve lost is just on the other side

The distance between us — not really that wide


Bless your lambs, Lord Jesus

Copyright 12.15.2012
The Warrioress @


  1. Very beautiful Lass

  2. Thank you … you have said all my heart feels.

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