Posted by: the warrioress | December 18, 2012

Just My Take on the Matter

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My young teen’s school called today, leaving a message about the security of the middle school campus. Apparently, they are stepping up patrols in the attempt at easing parental minds. I doubt anyone’s mind is eased, regardless.

This isn’t a political discussion for me, at this point. It’s pretty simple. I have a child in school. She’s my only daughter. I’m not going to live every day of my life worrying about when her middle school is going to be shot up to hell and back. I want something done about the problem yesterday.

I don’t care about the politics of it, just as I’m fairly certain most parents who have school age children could care less. We just want our kids kept safe in the ongoing EPIDEMIC of these mass shootings, in a culture out of control with the lust for blood and violence.

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I don’t care about stupid conspiracy theories, false flag crisis’s, the Republican plea not to take away our gun rights, or their nittering about being forced into gun control.  I don’t care about the religious aspect of it.  I don’t care about about an alleged disarmed populace. I want all assault weapons banned in this nation immediately. We don’t need them as citizens of this nation. No nation does. We really don’t know what’s good for us anyway. Too many of us are so politically-motivated and agenda-ridden that we couldn’t make an objective decision if we were paid to.

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As for the antichrist taking over and eventually murdering all the Christians, well, that’s going to happen anyway, in my opinion,  so bring it. There is nothing we can do about what is written within the bible. Everything is going to happen exactly as it said it would. If we attempt to fight those who willingly worship the beast, we’ll die by the sword — because we lived by the sword. At my age, I have no desire to go to war, (Red Dawn), against a corrupt, evil government anyway. So that’s pretty much that, as far as I’m concerned.

I want my child to get through high school in one piece. I want the school system to be safe. I don’t want the ridiculous notion carried out of arming the teachers with concealed carry permits and weaponry so that they can be sharp shooters to take out the bad guy. How utterly absurd that idea is! How could anyone even consider this as a viable option?

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Just teach my child properly and take away the ability for any future nut-cases to get a hold of assault weapons, period.  Yes, I know there are millions already out there floating around, but shut the barn door now before anymore of them get put out into the stratosphere. Put security guards at the entrances of schools and no one gets in without ringing a bell and going through a metal detector. There’s simply nothing else to discuss about this matter.

If any parent who has a school age child can disagree with me, I’m concerned about their mental health.  The populace in this country who don’t have school age children are simply arm chair warriors with an opinion where they have nothing to lose — and we’ve all got opinions.

I am tired of these unending school shootings and I want this problem over. Now.


  1. As long as there are people of flesh in this world there will be evil, If there were no guns there would be something else…Bombs, Molotov cocktails, chemical warfare, cross bows, Brutality is horrific. I agree with the metal detectors and security guards as prevention methods as it seems this is the sad way the world is going.

    Yet it won’t stop everyone’s heartache and it wont prevent suffering.

    The sadness and loss in this world is horrendous, the millions of children who are left to fend for themselves in war torn countries, or from famine and disease, the multitude of children who lose their lives in all the various ways, Or from their own mental illness leading to suicide or worse, from abuse within their very homes.

    We try to control, to prepare, to make more rules or more soldiers, we desperately try to manipulate a world that has already been handed over to evil…Yet only one thing will save us and one thing alone….

    Lifting up the name of the Lord until HE returns and sets this world straight. Our faith must not be wavered by the evil, that is it’s entire strategy!

    Sending you comforting prayers. Blessings to you!

  2. I don’t have children but that does not make me less compassionate to those that do. My prayers go out to you and all the parents who are going through these trying times. God bless.

  3. Water Bearer, thanks so much for your comment. I sure do appreciate it. I know we have to be patient and trust God. It’s a long dip into the muck of the world before He’ll take us out of here, but I do wish that our innocent children didn’t have to suffer..

  4. Diana, thank you so much for your comment. I know you’re a very compassionate person; I’m just frustrated and that comment in the post is aimed at those who are pro-assault weapons, who are so fired up with fear over losing their guns that they have lost their compassion for our children who are paying the price for these assault weapons to be legal.

    I don’t know how anyone can believe we need assault weaponry in our country as citizens. Anyway, you’re a very reasonable individual, Diana, and I’ve never seen you defending anything inappropriate. Thank you for the blessing.

  5. I agree. Assault weapons should be banned as soon as possible. The idea that every person has a right to own an assault weapon is ludicrous.

  6. Thanks, Keith… I figured you would agree. Welcome back, btw. Your posts were missed.

  7. I cannot really understand why Americans consider it necessary to own guns, but that seems to be part of the American culture. We have heard there are 9 guns for every 10 people in America which is mind-boggling for Aussies.

    I won’t enter the debate on gun laws, but SURELY there can be no legitimate reason for ordinary citizens to be able to own military/automatic/semi automatic assault weapons? Surely they should be banned?

  8. Hi, Meeting in the Clouds (hugs),

    No, I don’t see the reason why they shouldn’t be banned either. I suppose those in favor of gun rights feel that this is too close for comfort. I believe in gun rights, of course, because of the Constitution, but I don’t see the need for all of us to be armed as if we’re part of the military.

  9. You and me both Adrienne… 😦

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