Posted by: the warrioress | January 22, 2013

GOP Is Angry!!

Self-control (fruit of the Spirit)

Self-control (fruit of the Spirit) (Photo credit: Joybot)

deliverance lives

deliverance lives (Photo credit: idropkid)

Umm….. not to be rude, but when aren’t they? Frankly, it’s becoming a little embarrassing, isn’t it?

I think it’s giving us Christians a bad reputation. Some of us are beginning to look unreasonable and bitter as a body. Let’s stop with the tantrums and the pouting and just grow up, shall we?

Barack Obama is our president for the next four years. So… moving forward… about the power of positive thinking, maybe? Let’s give the man a chance to run the country, shall we? 😉

Fruit of the spirit, GOP folks! Strive for the fruits of the spirit. We are to exhibit them in our daily lives, including our politics! lol. Sour grapes are not the kind of fruit I was thinking of either. What kind of fruit are you putting out here for the world to see? I have to check myself on a daily basis. I often find that my own fruit needs examination.

It’s a process, and it takes a lot of effort to learn how not to be angry. Is it really worth the rise in blood pressure? Why be angry when we can be happy and joyful in the Lord instead? Trust God and allow Him and President Obama to run the country. We can pray, vote, write our leaders,  inform ourselves, and even run for public office; that’s about all we are capable of doing.  Just don’t lose your joy along the journey!!

Fruit of the Spirit

Fruit of the Spirit (Photo credit: Martin LaBar (going on hiatus))



  1. Stop drinking the haterade! love this!

  2. You made some good points in this article. Our hatred won’t draw people to Christ. They will know we are Christians by the love we have for each other.

  3. You’re getting more political! Not a bad thing. I want you to read The Soul of Politics by Jim Wallis. It’s $5 online.

    Loved the inauguration! Wasn’t it amazing?

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