Posted by: the warrioress | February 11, 2013

Black First, Disciple Of Christ Second…..I Don’t Think So!

This beautiful posting of Ron’s made me want to cry; it is just so powerful. I hope everyone is as blessed by it as I am. It really moved me. Please keep Ron in your prayers as he is a strong brother in Christ.

Ron "Big Black" Garrett

I find it absolutely hilarious that I’ve seemed to offend some in the black community in regards to my stance of considering myself a Christian before considering myself being a black man (referring to the looks and comments that I receive after I posted my thoughts on “Black History And The Unforgiving Spirit” Link to the article:

What is even funnier to me is that many of these black folk claim Christianity as their religion yet the continue to idolize their “blackness” and anyone or anything that they choose to fit into that category over the things of Jesus Christ and His teachings and when I point this fact out to them they seem to have no clue at what I’m talking about which leads me to reconsider who their true Father is for Christ has no preference for color and His word teaches us that His only consideration…

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