Posted by: the warrioress | February 21, 2013


People pray differently.

Some pray on their knees.

Some stand tall.

Some sit and “think” at God.

Some converse with God while driving.

Some lie down.

Some pray as they bathe.

People pray for minutes, seconds, hours


Some never stop praying, they merely pause;

distracted, they have to turn to other things,

and then they resume praying again.

Some focus intently, intensely.

Some don’t concentrate at all,

but just go with the flow.

People pray with emotion;

they bow their heads.

Some cry out to God with their whole hearts,

eyes brimming with tears.

Or a cozy, quiet, contemplative chat can be had;

a searching desperation?

Maybe just gratitude and praise.

He’s listening.


  1. I have done all of the above at times in my life.
    Nice post!
    ♥ Ed

  2. and thanks for listing my post on yours!

  3. Ed, thanks so much!

  4. […] Prayer ( […]

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