Posted by: the warrioress | March 1, 2013

I bet you most FOX NEWS lovers didn’t know that dear old Mr. Bill (Bill O’ Reilly) is attempting to discredit the bible. Maybe it’s time to switch to another news channel, (if you’re Christian, that is…). Or perhaps switch around and try some variety in news sources and don’t depend on just one. 😉



  1. I left a reply to Eric on his blog to this repost you felt important. And since you felt it important, I thought I’d copy it here for you:
    Bill O’Reilly lies and manipulates to sell his stories. I don’t care what he is talking about, I would never trust him. And that is not coming from an anti-FoxNews guy — I enjoy Fox and listen to NPR too. I am sort of libertarian (conservative in ways, liberal in others).

    So, that out of the way, the people who originally told the ark story, the Jonah story and the Adam and Eve story would probably laugh uproariously if they saw how literalist have become so serious about something they used to get ideas across. My goodness. It makes me wonder if literalist have never made up stories for their children, sat around campfires telling stories or ever authored a book of fiction — or if, they are so Bible-Bible-Bible drenched, they can’t think straight.

    As you know, many Christians agree strongly with what I have just written — many. But maybe readers on this thread (and perhaps still Adrianne herself), feels such believers are not “real Christians” or Christians deluded by “false teachers” or Satan himself.

    But there is good reason to fear taking the view above – if rightly applied it weakens all sorts of anchors in meaning which have held your boats tight against storms in the past. But sometimes people stay huddled under desks even after the storm has passed and miss the sailing trips out on beautiful seas. And don’t realize that hiding may not be necessary if you build a ship that is prepared for storms.

    But I expect most to disagree with the above and be very able to use the analogy to make their own point — thus the power of analogies. And thus we have all sorts of folks using Bible stories differently than others to make God speak for them. Understanding stories, metaphors and such is a huge step needed for conservative Christians to begin seeing through their parochial black-and-white world.

  2. PS – I put a version on my own blog if you wish to come over and address.

  3. Thank you, Sabio.

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