Posted by: the warrioress | March 7, 2013

Birthday Flu

Singapore fried rice

My birthday came and went, but I was pretty much too sick to enjoy it. Thankfully, my daughter and I had celebrated a bit over the weekend before Monday, so I didn’t feel too terribly sad about it. 🙂

Friday we went shopping and I picked up a few shirts and some sweats to work out in. Also got some new towels for the bathroom and various other little stuff we needed around the house. I also hooked up with my personal trainer via the phone and am going to be working out at least three to four times a week at his studio for only thirty bucks a month! Now this is a gift to be sure….getting back in shape again since the injury to my leg.

Anyway, my daughter and I also went and had some Chinese food, shrimp with bacon, combination fried rice, crab meat rangoons, and delicious hot tea in tiny teacups. It was wonderful! It’s our fave Chinese food restaurant, “Hung Fongs.” We brought some home.

Filmhouse at night

(Photo credit: byronv2)

Saturday night we went to the movies and saw Safe Haven and Mama at the midnight movie. Safe Haven was awesome and Mama was kind of scary, but not gore-filled or gross like so many scary movies are these days.  We had a blast.

Sunday was quiet because I woke up feeling pretty bad, sore throat hurting, etc. By Monday morning, I was down and out with full scale flu symptoms, cough, body aches, and clogged up sinus’. I’ve been miserable for the last several days but I think I’m on the downside of the thing now. This is the first time I’ve actually been on the computer in days! I’ve been sleeping pretty much constantly, when my little one would allow me to, that is. I’m feeling quite a bit better though, but I think I better take it slow for a few days.

I’m another year older now, hopefully wiser, am trying to improve my health so that I can be around for a lot more years. Hope all of you out here in blog land have been well and happy. I missed you!



  1. Happy Birthday! Monday was Ann’s birthday, is it possible you both have the same birthday? Hope you feel better soon, sweet sister, real soon.


  2. Ed, it must be that we do! March 4 is mine.. Tell Ann I’m glad we have this in common, along with loving the Lord. (hugs) Hope you’ve been okay, Ed.

  3. I would have chosen to send you something other than that. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Happy belated birthday, and may your physical body continue to restore itself to its stated wellness and your spiritual mind be lifted up into the heavens where God can recreate your spirit into its newness. Be Encouraged as you continue your walk with God always holding onto His unchanging hands. Now live in peace, joy, love and prosperity my friend.

  5. Happy Birthday, FBW! Hope you’re feeling better.

  6. Thanks so much, Not a Pastor… I am feeling better, but I’ve been really busy and that’s made it hard to rest.

  7. Thank you, Pastor Davis! I am very encouraged and blessed by your comment.

  8. Ozzie, Thanks … I am feeling much better. Now if we can just slow down a little over here 😉

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