Posted by: the warrioress | May 18, 2013

Christians Do NOT…..

Westboro Baptist Church at the United Nations ...

Below is my Christian response to a blog filled with hate speech. Christians do not treat other human beings like this.

(see blog HERE)

Christians do not call others ugly, hateful names; they don’t hatefully mock and judge people in an attempt to stir up trouble and hurt other people’s feelings. Nowhere in the bible do Christians call those who are not saved ugly names like “dimwit, pervert,” etc.

In the bible, Jesus referred to the religious Pharisees as hypocrites and vipers, but he did not persecute or call the unbelieving & unsaved foul names. Jesus expected more out of those who claim to follow and love God.

Jesus loved the unsaved and all sinners. He beckoned to them and offered His love and forgiveness for whatever their sins were, and then asked to them to go and sin no more …He did this WITH LOVE;  He is the same way today.

There is nothing loving about scathing judgment that cuts and wounds others abusively. Calling two older lesbian ladies “biddies” is unnecessary. Stating that homosexuals are from a loony bin and other sundry insults shows the black heart from wence the insults flow.

I am absolutely ashamed to see this kind of confusing behavior spread about all over WordPress blog world and Facebook, no less. I’m more ashamed to see it actually referred to as “Christianity. ” I’m sincerely shocked to see actual alleged Christian people approving of this kind of behavior. I cannot understand how anyone could even contemplate for a moment that this is actual Christianity in action.


Most unbelievers know this isn’t Christianity so how can real true Christians be so deluded and confused? The unbelieving and unsaved may not believe, but they know Christianity when they see it and this isn’t it. Frankly, I know atheists who behave in more Christ-like fashion.

There is no way that anyone can defend behavior like this — it’s not biblical! It’s hate speech, plain and simple. It’s ugly. It is the opposite of love. God would never approve of this kind of Christianity. This is Christ-insanity. This is Westboro Baptist Church Christianity and it makes me sick to my stomach.

I shake the dust off of my sandals toward this kind of Christianity and will be on my way. Having already attempted loving and kind rebuke of this individual writing this nonsense in the past, there is little left to do except pray and hope that God silences this kind of horror that calls itself something it most obviously isn’t.

Hate speech is not Christianity.


  1. While Jesus seemed to be an outspoken rebel when it came to Jewish leadership he definitely made our mission here on earth clear when he told the sons of thunder that their desire to call fire down was inappropriate. Wise as Serpents and gentle as Doves. To be honest I often wish I could act as Elijah or Samuel, these were men I could admire, but God will not give me the freedom to do that. I am more like Paul, strong in letter but rather meek in person. There are times when I roar and come off like a bear. Having said all that John Eldredge books are having a huge impact on my life right now. They focus on healing and living a victorious life engaging our enemy on the battlefield of prayer. I detest what these people do. They make the rest of us look like idiots and we are not. They are deeply wounded and deluded. Your blog has a link to a site that asks the question, Can a Christian be gay? The question really should be, do any of us not sin? So I suppose the answer is yes. I happen to believe that an honest relationship with Jesus Christ, that allows God to heal and restore them can move anyone away from a a lifestyle of selfish living. Selfish living can certainly cover many bases, can it not?
    Love ya sis
    Your big bro

  2. Amen Amen.

  3. Reblogged this on Sacred Struggler and commented:
    I’mma spread this rumor and keep praying that it’s true.

  4. Ps. I’ve had words with her too.

  5. I saw you there, so I thought I would come and say hello. Thank you for this. And- I seek dialogue about where queers are with Christianity (being queer as a nine bob note).

  6. Thanks for this post, Warrioress. I also left this commented on her post:

    Friend, I read your blog post last night and haven’t been able to shake the sense that I need to comment here. Much of my blog is dedicated to opposing gay marriage on the grounds that it redefines parenthood into a genderless institution and foists brokenness and loss upon a child in the name of “progress.” I am so sad when I read about Thomas and how he has suffered because he hasn’t had a father who has modeled manhood for him and who has delighted in this little boy thereby affirming his gender. This is an example of why children need both a mother and father and not simply “parents.”

    That said, as Christians, the method in which we communicate matters as much as our message. The references to how we treat those with whom we disagree are numerous and overwhelmingly direct us to meekness and gentleness. (Romans 12:14, 16, 17, 1 Peter 3:15-16, Jude 22, Luke 6:27-36, 1 Cor 4:12-13, 2 Cor 1:12, among others.) This doesn’t come easy to any of us. But if we are following Christ, we WILL strive to communicate in this manner. We are commanded to love our enemies, and love is neither rude nor proud. We don’t have to be bad-mannered to stand for truth. If we allow our words to degenerate into ugly slurs, the truth of God’s word loses its credibility.

    We must not shirk from speaking truth into the social issues that face us as a nation. But as Christians we must be above reproach in the manner in which we engage the world. We cannot bend God’s truth, neither can we treat those who oppose us a worthless “biddies”. Christ has ascribed worth to them because He left heaven to seek them out and die for them. Our attitude must be like His- uncompromising in truth, uncompromising in compassion.

    The rancor in this piece and the comments that follow is appealing to an audience that is fed up with the pro-gay marriage agenda that is being forced down the throats of this nation within all media venues. I get that. But please model how to speak God’s wisdom without losing your innocence. (Matt 10:16.) The pro-gay marriage camps really needs posts like this and the comments that follow, because it allows them to write off those who support man-woman marriage as hateful bigots. Christ’s truth is enough of a stumbling block. We don’t need to add any additional fuel to the fire.

    While I agree with many of your points, I pray that my mother and her partner- who I love dearly and who I pray will come to see Jesus as the merciful, living, healing, redemptive God that He is- will never read this blog post.

    I urge you, friend, to change the way you speak about your enemies. Please read the verses cited above and tell me that you can honor Christ and continue in condescension, name-calling, and conceit. You simply cannot do both. Let us attack arguments, but not the people that Christ is seeking to bring into His kingdom.

  7. No wonder God said, If MY PEOPLE who are CALLED BY MY NAME will humble THEMSELVES and pray and seek My face…

    Ranting against spiritually dead people makes as much sense as doing so in a graveyard. It’s unproductive – and makes the one ranting look like a complete idiot.

    I doubt that even one of the targeted people will read their hateful signs and say, “Wow! How have I missed the great love God has for me?” – and be translated into the Kingdom of His love. Sad. 😦

    Thanks for posting this – and for not speaking up for the truth. I appreciate it.

  8. Amen. Christ is about love and meeting us where we are. God speaks love – and God is genderless. Unfortunately, we humans color our expectations and image of God and Christ by our limited understanding and experience, while God sees it all and created it all and experiences it all.

  9. Thanks for the comment, SFriant. I agree with you. It’s so disheartening when people who say they love God present Him as someone that is mean and hateful. God just isn’t like that. And even when God is displeased, He still loves us.

  10. Thank you for reading and commenting, Lessons!

  11. I’ve read your comments to her, Ask Me. She insults and ignores us both; in fact, she ignores everyone who tries to tell her anything, even in love. What floors me are the countless Christians who are backing her up. What bible are they reading? I have to wonder…

  12. Clare, thank you for reading and responding to my post. And hello to you too..

  13. *sigh* I’m not going to comment about her posts anymore on her blog or otherwise. It’s fairly pointless. Seems so many have tried and she just continues on regardless. I’m turning her over to God, and I thank you for sharing, SS, and trying to reach her ..

  14. You summed it all up quite well here, Ozzie. Thanks so much for reading and commenting. It’s wonderful to hear from you!

  15. Pray. I see evidence of God at work here.

  16. I will pray…good advice. I will continue praying for her, but more regularly. Thanks, Ask me.

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