Posted by: the warrioress | May 28, 2013

Please, Let this End!

No More Do-Overs

(Jodi Arias/Travis Alexander Trial)

It’s absolutely stupid to demand and insist upon another penalty phase for Jodi Arias. It’s obvious that over 1/3 of the jury believed that Jodi should have life in prison instead of the death penalty; I believe the same. There aren’t many of us, but there are enough who believe it to make it an obvious waste of Arizona taxpayer money and time if this goes forward. The fervor with which some believe Ms. Arias deserves death is akin only to vengeance desired at any price.

 Revenge will not be that sweet. It will taste hollow and flat. Killing another human being puts the killer(s) onto the same level that Jodi went to – a level that we’ve already admonished her is wrong and then we do the same thing she did, only allegedly in a more humane fashion. We all learned that two wrongs don’t make a right at a very early age, did we not? Let’s put what we learned into action!

Jodi will spend the rest of her natural life in prison and that should be punishment enough for a mentally ill woman who will be mentally ill for the rest of her days unless she gets actual mental health therapy that is ongoing. There is no win for anyone in dragging this matter on and on. If she is given the death penalty in a retry, it will certainly be overturned on appeal. If she is not, then what was the point? How bad will it stick in the Alexander family’s craw when a second jury comes back with the same thing the first did?

There are people who believe that Jodi Arias was treated badly by Travis Alexander, and while it’s highly unpopular to say so, it’s the truth!  A lot of people are afraid to say what they think for fear of the backlash on social media or otherwise. Travis’ emotional abuse of Jodi doesn’t even come close to excusing her slaughter of him, but it does explain it.

For those who claim Jodi is nothing more than a liar, it would seem we could say the same about Travis, as he certainly was not the zealously pure and chaste young man he wanted everyone to believe he was; yet even so, he believed he deserved a chaste, pure young Morman wife! Jodi Arias wasn’t good enough for him apparently, after he sampled her charms for half a year and then negligently tossed her to the curb. As I’ve said before, he threw her away like so much garbage emotionally and so she returned the favor physically when she left him in the shower in a similar fashion.

Travis Alexander made the unfortunate decision to use Jodi Arias until he was finished with her. He was hypocritical and living a double life, putting a religious false face on for friends, employers, etc.

Using another human being for sexual gratification purely is abusive behavior and it is sick. It is selfish, ugly, self centered, and exemplified by a life without Jesus Christ within it to guide one’s morality. It’s everywhere in our world today. Our youth are inundated with this concept by advertisement, video games, music, etc.

I can only hope that we, the people out here watching, learn from this situation and grow spiritually from it. Let’s learn from it as a society and teach our young men how to properly treat a young woman, and visa versa. If we begin to teach our youth some actual morality about how they treat one another romantically, instead of allowing them and encouraging them to abuse and use one another callously, perhaps we will see less of these kinds of horrific crimes occurring.

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  1. Very nicely said! Thank you for sharing your compassion.

  2. You’re welcome, Sandra, and thank you so much for reading and commenting!

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