Posted by: the warrioress | June 19, 2013

My Sheep

Jesus and a baby sheep

These verses promise me that if I am one of the Lord’ssheep,” that I hear the Lord’s voice and He knows me; I follow Him. God promises me eternal life, assuring me that I will never die spiritually. I am also promised that no man can steal me out God’s hands; I am safe in the hands of the Lord.

No man can steal me away!

What this means is that no one can take us away from the love of God, of Jesus Christ. No man can trick us, force us to go, or remove us from our God. If we truly are one of God’s own, His sheep, we are safe within His grasp. If we have been removed, we must ask ourselves if we ever were really His to begin with.  This is something to consider deeply. There are people who claim that they were Christians at one time, but they have left this Christian life and no longer believe for a host of reasons.

Lost Sheep

Lost Sheep (Photo credit: Fif’)

For those who have left God behind, who believe that they were once His, He promises that no man can take us away from God, but a question remains:

Can we walk away on our own, by our own mindset and determination? Perhaps so.

In fact, it seems that we very well can. We can become lost, runaway, and go so far away from God and out on our own that it is very difficult to find our way back.  I believe God will send out angels themselves to bring us back to Him, though. I think God will do everything He possibly can short of forcing us to return to His flock.

If we’ve chosen to harden our hearts and stay away, no matter what God is trying to do to win us back…what then? And if we can actually walk away and not look back, and decide not to return despite His repeated attempts to woo us, were we ever really His to begin with?



  1. So good to see you back online.

  2. Very good thoughts.

    If we walk away, were we ever really His to begin with? As I understand the Bible, the answer is no. We weren’t.

    I John 2:19 says those who do so were not really of us, or they would have stayed with us. They might have looked like they were with us, but the fact that they’ve gone out tells the true story.

    Jesus said His sheep hear His voice. If they truly hear His voice and have a changed heart, will they stop hearing? Those who truly hear it have become sheep by spiritual birth. To stop being a sheep, you would have to be “born again” as a goat, I guess. I don’t see that in the Bible.

    Jude 24 says that God is able to keep us from falling. Now, think about this. Suppose I’m walking along a stone wall, and my young daughter is walking on top of it. She’s nervous, but I say, “Honey, I’m able to keep you from falling” and I hold her hand. She loses her balance, and I let go of her hand and let her fall. She cries, and says, “Daddy, why did you let me fall? You said you were able to keep me from falling!”

    I wouldn’t be much of a Daddy, would I? When you tell your child you are able to keep them from falling, you are also telling them you WILL keep them from falling.

    That’s what God told us. If you are really His, He’s going to keep on holding your hand, and He’ll keep you standing. You may stumble. You may go astray for a time, but He’ll never let go of His true children.

    That’s one reason why it is so important to make sure we really are His children. If we don’t love His voice, if we don’t want to read and follow the things God says in the Bible, something is really wrong. Those are the marks of His sheep, the children whose hand He is holding.

  3. The parable of the prodigal son seems appropriate here.

  4. Hi Keith,

    I agree that the prodigal son parable would fit here because the prodigal son returns to his father and repents his sins & past behaviors. He has a change of heart and thus turns back to his father. Certainly God will never let any of His sheep remain lost if that sheep will but turn back to Him and repent (see here for an example of what I mean).

  5. Hi Jon Gleason,

    That was really very well said, Jon. I agree with you wholeheartedly and love the way you put all of that. Thanks so much.

  6. efchristi,

    Thank you so much, my dear friend. I’m glad to know I’m missed when I’m overwhelmed and busy. I sure do appreciate you inquiring about me 😉

  7. I want to thank you for listing my devotional “The Shepherd’s Voice” to this post. If a person has truly been saved by the blood of Christ and then walks away, as has been stated, and never returns back to that relationship … was that person ever saved to begin with? Many who oppose the doctrine of eternal salvation do on the ground that it’s possible for a person to have intellectual faith without actually being saved. Adherents to eternal salvation agree that a person can experience a superficial conversion or outward change in a person’s life, may go through the outer motions of accepting Christ such as joining a church or being baptized, and even experience a measure of change in their life pattern, yet still fall short of real salvation in Jesus Christ. While it’s impossible to lay down binding rules on how to distinguish one who is saved from one who is not saved, obviously in the mind of God there is no question. We must remember that we can only see the outward appearance of the person, whereas, God looks upon the heart of the individual.

    Blessings to you … Mikey

  8. Well said, Mikey, thank you!

  9. i cnt leave without u lord u ar my begining an my end i love u jesus

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