Posted by: the warrioress | June 20, 2013

An Astonishing Message from a Gay Sister in Christ

I reblog this “message” because I feel that its point is very well made and clarifies for me how I should deal with the glbt “issue” as a Christian in 2013, which can be challenging, to say the least. I prefer to struggle with the beam within my own eye, instead of picking at the one within my sister’s. Thank you, Hunter Baker, for this “astonishing message from a gay sister in Christ.” Very well said indeed! I just had to share it.


Hunter Baker

(You must make it to the third paragraph in order to understand.)

To the churches concerning homosexuals and lesbians:

Many of you believe that we do not exist within your walls, your schools, your neighborhoods. You believe that we are few and easily recognized. I tell you we are many. We are your teachers, doctors, accountants, high school athletes. We are all colors, shapes, sizes. We are single, married, mothers, fathers. We are your sons, your daughters, your nieces, your nephews, your grandchildren. We are in your Sunday School classes, pews, choirs, and pulpits. You choose not to see us out of ignorance or because it might upset your congregation. We ARE your congregation. We enter your doors weekly seeking guidance and some glimmer of hope that we can change. Like you, we have invited Jesus into our hearts. Like you, we want to be all that Christ wants us…

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  1. Hunter is someone that I went to college with. The woman in question reminds us of the importance of not marginalizing our struggle with sin by using platitudes or social correctness. If we do not actually stand with what God says on an issue, we harm those who really need the truth. The whole closing of the Exodus ministries because of societal pressures is a great example. But, it is a bold person who recognizes their sin, and challenges us to stand on the side of righteousness. An incredible message.

  2. I totally believe the doors of the Church should be open to everyone. We are all sinners and I am the worst. We as Christians have a hard enough time living our life’s in a God like manner, and we slip daily, we don’t have time to judge others on how they believe or live their lives.
    God bless us all!


  3. thank you for sharing this.

  4. Thank you for sharing that.

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