Posted by: the warrioress | August 2, 2013

The Next Voting Cycle

Republican National Convention

Republican National Convention (Photo credit: NewsHour)

I already know who I’m going to be voting for the next major election cycle; I can assure you that it won’t be the Republicans.

I just read that house Republicans have voted forty times to repeal Obamacare. They keep voting for absolutely no reason, costing the tax payers more and more money. What they have achieved through their baloney is messing up the option for me to receive affordable health care in Texas.

Thanks to their negativity, selfishness, and lack of grace, Texas, where I am from, is going to opt out of Obamacare, so people like myself who cannot afford a huge monthly payment for health care, will NOT be allowed to participate. We will not be allowed to be on Medicaid rolls, despite the fact that we can’t afford $300 – $500 monthly  premiums for health care. Thankfully my child already has good health insurance through my ex husband, but I have nada.

I am being personally impacted by these Republican politicians and voters — extremely negatively. And it is not making me a happy camper at all.

What does this have to do with you, the personal taxpayer of this nation?

Should I happen to slip and fall again and break my other leg, or re-break my ankle that already needs a full ankle replacement, you’ll be paying thousands of dollars for my surgery within the nearest emergency room. Should I become ill with whatever to the point that I need acute immediate medical care, YOU will be footing my bill.

(shrug) Did I want it this way? Heck no! So please, don’t bitch about what this is going to cost you and blame me. I want to pay my own way and foot my own bills. I love the Lord and work hard for what I need.

I want a reasonably fair system whereby I can cover my own health care – one similar to yours, hopefully. I work very hard to do my best to pay for everything my family needs, but it’s sometimes just impossible. Single parents struggle hard to make ends meet in this world. though it seems that only half of America cares … and yeah, it’s the DEMOCRATIC half.

What really aggravates me though are CHRISTIAN Republican Conservatives who actually believe it is Christ-like to encourage the voters and other Republicans to deprive people like me of health care!

This isn’t Godly behavior — it’s not Christ-like. It’s not loving, giving, sharing, or caring. It’s definitely not loving your neighbor as you love yourself; it’s greedy, hateful, selfish, uncaring, and just plain old MEAN.  And what’s really stupid about it is it’s going to end up costing you the taxpayer anyway in the long run. Go figure!

I just had to speak my piece about this or I would explode from the outrageous stupidity of it.

“As a follower of Jesus from Nazareth, I ask all who have taken the name Christian to remember that 1) Jesus was committed to giving people healthy bodies, 2) that Jesus had a priority commitment to the poorest of the poor, and 3) that his warnings to the wealthy and the selfish were relentless. This is called Bible 101.” (Source)


  1. It helps (or, maybe, just further frustrates) to remember that many of the ultra-conservative Republicans in Congress represent a radical (but powerful) minority of voters. I consider myself a Republican, but a moderate one who finds the actions and attitudes of my current batch of representatives pretty darn infuriating. (I was so disgusted last cycle, I refused to vote at all.) Sadly, many of the lawmakers on Capitol Hill no longer promote the interests of the common American.

  2. Very well spoken my friend, and also true. Thank you for sharing and may God bless you and keep you Safe healthy and strong as you continue to grow in His grace.

  3. Their vote can be taken two ways – your way or the fact that when they are voting to do away with something the supreme court says is already law they aren’t voting on something else that will hurt the country.

    I have written both our Senators and my representative reminding them they work for Texas not the GOP ad they need to take care of the people of Texas before they spend time on Fox News. This is exactly why I pushed so hard last cycle to replace all incumbents in DC and replace them with fresh blood looking to improve our great country.
    For the record I think they all are only interested in their reelection and don’t care about the people in our country. That is Democrat and Republican alike. Come the next voting cycle I will vote non-incumbent again.


  4. […] I wrote in my last posting, “The Next Voting Cycle,” I am actually one of the people in Texas who will not be permitted to enjoy the Affordable Health […]

  5. I agree that it’s time to replace all incumbents, Ed. And I also agree with you that there are problems and concerns with both of these party’s, and that both Democrat and Republican need to reread the bible and study the words of Jesus Christ if they want to claim knowledge of His teachings and desires. Unfortunately though, I see the Democrat’s message as the lessor of the two evils at the moment. I know plenty of people will disagree with me, but perhaps a happy medium can eventually be reached by the Independents in this nation and we will all be the better for it. Thanks for sharing here, Ed.

  6. Thanks, Pastor Davis, for reading and understanding my point of view.

  7. April, that is a good point, because you are right that there are moderate Republicans among the radicals. I used to be one of those moderates. I will keep that in mind and I thank you so much for pointing this out to me.

  8. Always speak the truth because it is power in it. There will always be those that do not want to hear the truth and they will condemn you for speaking it. They are the one that are living in darkness, and the light is not in them. It is only through knowing the truth that we are set free. John 8:32. Be encouraged my friend, stay focus, hold your head high keep a smile on your face and walk with a strut in your stride. May God’s peace and blessings always be with you. I love you.

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