Posted by: the warrioress | August 7, 2013

Obama Care (ACA) Facts vs Myths

I read something a little while ago that was slightly comforting.

Despite the fact that the red state I live in, (Texas), is opting out of Obama Care, there are potential options for those of us stuck in these red states to still get health insurance! Of course, these come at a cost to all of US taxpayers, but I guess that is the way the cookie crumbles. 🙂

Be sure and have a look down at the very bottom of this posting, please!

It’s interesting to see that every single state that is choosing not to participate in Obama Care has a REPUBLICAN governor. It’s past time to vote these guys out, people! They need to go asap. As soon as we have an opportunity to replace these governors in these states, vote in a Democrat! Do yourself a favor! It’s obvious that these governors don’t care about the poorest of the poor. It’s sad and not very kind or loving, but it is what it is. Offer your opinion with your vote!


ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Opt-Out

The supreme court decided that states have the right to opt-out of Medicaid for it’s poorest without losing any federal funding. This may seem fair or harmless, but the implications of this are dire. This will leave many of the nations poorest without health insurance come 2014. ObamaCare Medicaid reform was meant to cover 17 million of our poorest through Medicaid and millions of higher income individuals through Medicare and the Online Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace. Now millions of people may go without health insurance.

If You Don’t Want Your State To Reject Medicaid Expansion For Your State’s Poorest. Vote For ObamaCare Supporters on A State Level.

What Are the Consequences of ObamaCare Medicaid Expansion Opt-Out?

If the states decide to Opt-Out of Medicaid expansion, ObamaCare itself will have to step up to the plate and insure these individuals via the ObamaCare Health Exchanges. The problem is that this will likely raise everyone’s health insurance, including those with private insurance.

This means that anti-ObamaCare states who reject Medicaid will not only hurt their poorest, it will affect every tax paying American and every American who has health insurance.

What if All States Moved Forward With Medicaid Expansion?

If all states move forward with ObamaCare’s Medicaid Expansion they will collectively pay $76 billion (a 3% increase) to insure up to 21.3 Million individuals who don’t have access to health insurance (about half of the nations uninsured) over the next decade. Obviously, those who have more to cover will have to spend more. Regardless of what a state spends, the Federal Government covers 93% of the States’ costs. State spending increases are relatively small compared to what States would pay without ObamaCare or to the 26% increase that the federal government will pay towards Medicaid.


  • Alabama*: Gov. Robert Bentley (R)
  • Florida*: Gov. Rick Scott (R)
  • Georgia*: Gov. Nathan Deal (R)
  • Idaho*: Gov. C.L. Otter (R)
  • Iowa*: Gov. Terry Branstad (R)
  • Louisiana*: Gov. Bobby Jindal (R)
  • Maine*: Gov. Paul LePage (R)
  • Mississippi*: Gov. Phil Bryant (R)
  • North Carolina: Gov. Pat McCrory (R)
  • Oklahoma: Gov. Mary Fallin (R)
  • Pennsylvania*: Gov. Tom Corbett (R)
  • South Carolina*: Gov. Nikki Haley (R)
  • South Dakota: Gov. Dennis Daugaard (R)
  • Texas*: Gov. Rick Perry (R)
  • Wisconsin*: Gov. Scott Walker (R)


  • Alaska*: Gov. Sean Parnell (R)
  • Nebraska*: Gov. Dave Heineman (R)
  • Wyoming*: Gov. Matt Mead (R)

Oh, in the event you wonder how this is a spiritual posting, I thought I would mention that Jesus Christ healed our bodies in person in the distant past. He was the great healer. He would certainly appreciate a country that cares enough about its citizens to give reasonably priced healing to the poor, sick, elderly, and those who just can’t afford the outrageous costs of healthcare today.

Think about it.

Get further informed by reading HERE!


  1. good grief. I know that Obama care is far from perfect, but I have no insurance at all right now when I go to the USA, and it ain’t pretty. It’s gotten to the point where I can’t afford to go to America.

  2. Interesting. Where I’m from, almost every Christian I know is about as far right as the guard rail; moreover, they speak to me as though they are sure I feel the same. I’ve learned to avoid any conversations about Obama care, lest I become a pariah in the places I worship and coach. I’m surprised you haven’t caught more grief, but in any event, I agree!

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