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Climate Change

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of mar...

Rush Limbaugh Cartoon by Ian D. Marsden of (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Oh dear…. (sigh)

“If you believe in God, then intellectually you cannot believe in man made global warming. You must be either agnostic or atheistic to believe that man controls something he cannot create.”

– Rush Limbaugh

This is just embarrassing, isn’t it? I kind of stared at the quote disbelievingly while making a sort of guttural squeak that got my teen daughter’s attention.

“What is it, Mom?” she asked.

“Er.. uh.”

I finally repeated the quote of Rush Limbaugh’s on global warming.

“That’s just gay, Mom.”

I don’t approve of things being described as “gay” because it’s insulting and rude to the lbgtq community, but I got the point of what she was making very clear.

It’s silly, is what it is.

It’s so absurd that it’s pointless to even attempt to debate it here. There are some things that science has wrong and some things that are so blatantly obvious that denying them is just ridiculous, not to mention dangerous.

I sincerely think it’s time that the right find a new spokesman.

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  1. In my opinion, and I realize that it is not always welcome, the people who rely on Rush for accurate information are showing just how ignorant they really are. He is nothing but a blast of hot air and a complete waste of time.


  2. Hello Adrienne,

    I thought I drop in since you dropped in on my blog — btw, I responded again.

    I see you have become very political — tons of political posts. People with religious temperaments share much with folks with political fervor and diet fervor. Get the right beliefs! Get the right religion, the right politics, the right diet !

    I have been that sort of person, and my mind still has a bit of that tendency but since seeing it, I am now able to laugh at it occasionally and loosen up. But maybe you are very different. Maybe.

    I am far from being a Democrat in terms of much of economics, but I am far from being a Republican too.

    Rushes quote is silly. But people often use religion in this sort of manipulative way (once you say “God”, we have to stop thinking) to support whatever their agenda is. It is for this reason that I think we should totally forswear “God Talk” in public domaine. “God wants us to…”, “God says ….” and other such phrasing is used for every position under the sun. And each think they truly understand God by personal revelation, ‘true’ scripture interpretation or some such thing.

    So stop it. Stop God-Talk. For as you said, “It’s silly.”

    Let’s just tell each other in plain terms what we feel, offer the evidence and leave our manipulative religious-twists out of the conversation. Why not talk to each other as people. We don’t need to put our gods in there to give authority to our clamoring to be right.

  3. Hi Warioress. I saw your comment in Sabio’s blog, and thought I’d stop by. And what luck, a post in climate change! (my blog /career is Biology based). Obviously I agree. Limbaugh is mindless enough but imagine the trouble we’ll be in once the problem becomes irreversible. It’s happening now. Denier’s message is unthinkably irresponsible. There’s still time to help the situation though.

    While I’m displeased with the right wing Christian reaction in general, I did go to grad school with a few perfectly responsible Chrisitans. One of them researched how climate change affects felids, actually.

  4. EfChristi:

    Ed, your opinion is always welcome, whether I agree with it or not. Why? Because I respect and admire you and your Christianity. And I consider you to be like family.


  5. Sabio,

    Yes, I’ve always been interested in politics and being informed. I don’t have “religion” per say. Like I explained on your blog, I have a relationship with the god of the bible, and believe in the bible as the inerrant word of God.

    I’m an Independent too, but I lean left these days.

    Yes, Rushe’s quote is silly.

    I disagree that we should forswear talk of God in any domain as I don’t care for people trying to control what I think, say, or how I act. And no, I will never stop talking about God, Sabio. I disagree with you that it’s silly.

    It’s not about being “right,” Sabio. For me it’s about sharing a personal experience with those who desire to read or hear about it. I never push my beliefs upon anyone in person or online either; people read me of their own accord and apparently are intrigued by what I have to say or enjoy it, nevertheless. I gotta go. My kid is getting braces today. See ya later, bud.

  6. Hi Amelie!

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and stopping by. I’m always glad to see new people commenting here. The global warming problem is a sad one and I don’t understand the blatant ignorance that allows people to blindly come to erroneous conclusions that will hurt the earth, us, and the animals upon it. I do hope people wake up to reality. Thanks again!

  7. “I don’t have religion”
    is what you hear from people of many religions
    everyone wants to thing their’s is unique
    Tell me, where in the bible does it talk about a “Relationship” with Jesus?

    Adrienne, take a look at this google Ngram to see how fadish the phrase “Relationship with Jesus” is. Evangelicals are usually blind to this fad.
    Or check out my post on the same.

    No, I didn’t say stop talking about God. Just stop using “God-talk” to push some political agenda or abortion agenda or ……
    Talk about service and love — but the other stuff is clearly manipulations and we all rightly should ignore anyone like Rush or anyone else who does it.

    Personal opinion is great but trying to sanctify it with “God told me” or “the Bible tells me” is funny to me — everyone does it and they all disagree with each other. So that tell you something.

    Hope the braces go well. Mine should get his off this Fall and my daughter is asking for them now. Costly things, eh?

  8. […] comments to my last posting, a regular reader of this blog asked me if I realized that the word “relationship” […]

  9. My personal agenda, Sabio, is to fulfill the will of God in my life through being of service to Him. Right now, this involves my business, writing, raising my daughter, caring for my many animals, and helping a close personal friend of mine who is disabled and elderly. When I talk about God in relation to politics, I am normally referring to the bible and the teachings of Jesus Christ within it. There is lots to discuss with other Christians and with those who don’t believe but are curious. Disagreeing with one another isn’t a problem because it would be boring if we all agreed.

    I don’t think the differences between real Christians are that great, personally. Politics can divide and cause a lot of problems, but if we refer back to what is in the bible, that rights itself fairly quickly. Even the most stubborn Christian cannot argue with the good book. The “interpretation” of the good book, however, is always up for discussion, but God can break through any disagreement between Christians if our hearts are not hardened to Him and learning what He wants us to learn.

    Anyways, yes, she is happy about the braces and has just gone off to take a nap. They were indeed very costly. Thankfully, another close family friend who dotes on her is taking care of the costs. God love him! We are blessed.

    Oh, Sabio, in regard to “relationship” I wrote the following post, just for you and whomever else may benefit from it. Thanks for supplying a wonderful topic for me to write upon!

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