Posted by: the warrioress | September 27, 2013

Unequally Yolked

Do not be bound together with unbelievers; for what partnership have righteousness and lawlessness, or what fellowship has light with darkness? Or what harmony has Christ with Belial or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?

2 Corinthians 6: 14-15

Unequally yolked with unbelievers

Christians are not to bond with unbelievers.

The above passage makes it clear that “inclusivism,” “universalism,” and anything that claims that we’re all eternally going to the same destination is in error. We aren’t.

No matter how much the Christian bible-believer would like to spare the feelings of the non-Christian believer, we can’t do so without calling the Holy Bible a lie or attempting to manipulate it into saying something other than what it clearly says. We cannot water down the bible’s firm counsel in the attempt at sparing the feelings of our unbelieving friends or family.

We’re warned about trying to develop a deep, intimate relationship with an unbeliever. 2 Corinthians tells us that it’s like trying to mix darkness and light, righteousness and lawlessness;  it just won’t work. The two do not mix well. The warning is best adhered to. There are reasons for this.

I can’t help thinking about the immeasurable gulf that exists between myself and one who rebels against what the bible teaches. While we can remain civil and even enjoy one another’s companionship to a degree, the gulf between us is vast and always ever present; I think it must be there for a reason.

I was telling an unbelieving blogger friend of mine that I’ve learned to distance myself from those who don’t believe despite loving them deeply as God would have me. I have had to learn how to do this because again and again I found myself devastated and hurt when I became too close with those who were rebelling against God. Eventually I had to accept and recognize that we could only share so much in common and our relationship would always be compromised because of our different perspectives and lifestyles.

I am to love the unbelieving, but there is a divide between us despite my deep feelings of love and concern.  It’s as if we’re traveling down a similar road when suddenly a fork in that roads appears. We now have to acknowledge that we will not be able to continue the journey together, neither really knowing what is going to happen to the other, but knowing we are separating and going very different ways.

This gets kind of spooky or kind of eerie. We apparently are unable to breach the divide between those who believe and those who do not. Exploring this further, the bible says:

Or what harmony has Christ with Belial, or what has a believer in common with an unbeliever?

We already know who Jesus Christ is, but who is Belial? There is a black and white distinction drawn for us between the believer/Christ and the unbeliever/Belial. We are asked what the believer has in common or in harmony with one who does not believe.

English: A woodcarving of Belial and some of h...

In “The War of the Sons of Light Against the Sons of Darkness,” one of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Belial is the leader of the Sons of Darkness:

“But for corruption thou hast made Belial, an angel of hostility. All his dominions are in darkness, and his purpose is to bring about wickedness and guilt. All the spirits that are associated with him are but angels of destruction.”

In the Dead Sea Scrolls Belial is further contrasted with God. These are the Angel of Light and the Angel of Darkness. The Manual of Discipline identifies the Angel of Light as God himself. The Angel of Darkness is identified in the same scroll as Belial.

The Jewish Greek Septuagint,  later the Old Testament of the early Christian church, generally renders the “sons of Belial” verses in the Hebrew Bible either as “lawless men”, by idioms “sons of the pest”, rather than a personal name “sons of Belial.”

In The Satanic Bible (Earth: The Book of Belial), Belial means “without a master”, and symbolizes independence, self-sufficiency, and personal accomplishment.” (Source)


Belial (Photo credit: GogDog)

The demon of lies, Belial was acknowledged in the bible as a source of great evil,  and even as the lord of all demons. Some apocrypha label him as the father of Lucifer. Whatever Belial is, he isn’t good. The reader can find more about him here:

Despite the inseparable, great divide between the unbelieving and the believer, we are admonished as Christians to love the unbeliever and show him or her this love graciously.

  1. God wants us to conduct ourselves with wisdom toward unbelievers.
  2. God wants us to make the most of our opportunity with unbelievers.
  3. God wants us to be careful and gracious in our speech with unbelievers.
  4. God wants us to know how to answer everyone.
  5. God wants us to pray for the unbelieving.  (Source)


  1. I agree whith you, that when choosing a companion one should always go for an intellectual equal who shares at least most of the core values. However, since I am not wooing you, but just trying to have conversation, and maybe learn a bit more about the way you believers think, perhaps we can continue from here?

    You say you have been hurt by unbelievers. How?

    You say the Christian has been warned not to interact too much whith the unbeliever, or else what? You do realize, that sounds like a cult rule? A rule to limit critical thinking and outside influence. A rule to put up controll of people and their minds. Does it not? How does this rule differ from any given by any cult leader, not to interact whith outsiders?

    People can have different opinions and remain true to their own beliefs, even when sharing the same path. But segragation (not Belial, or any other imaginary characters) is a real reason for suffering. When people are artificially segragated into different groups by governments, ideologies, religions or just some rules from old books, that is when tribal moralism steps in and bad stuff starts to happen. That is when other people are seen as less, than the group oneself represents. It is segragation that makes it seem like it was justified, that other group of people are bound for an eternal suffering for their beliefs, or if you whish – thought crimes and sometimes it seems even perfectly OK to do violence on a nother group of people of infidels, heretics, or unbelievers. You do know this?

  2. Rautakky,

    Hi again. I’ve been hurt by angry alleged “Christians,” anti-theists, new atheists, and other assorted non-believing individuals who had a definite grudge against the bible, God, and people who believe the bible.

    There was no trouble as long as I didn’t try to live my life according to how the bible tells us to live it, (NT lifestyle after the death and the resurrection of Jesus Christ). The troubles seemed to happen with those who wanted to argue, critically analyze, and debate my personal beliefs and the way I’ve chosen to live my life. I quickly discovered that the phrase “live and let live” is something that very few people are really able to do, no matter their personal beliefs.

    I also discovered that growing too close to the unbelieving skeptical, the controlling, and the angry would burn me like fire down the road when they turn on me; they always do and always have.

    This posting I wrote isn’t warning someone about becoming romantically involved with unbelievers, though it’s obvious the bible warnings apply to that as well for the obvious reasons — instead what I’ve written about is growing close to and loving another to the point that it impacts one negatively when one must accept the differences in the points of view and how the differences impact the overall development and culmination of the relationship. The relationship just doesn’t work except on a fairly superficial level.

    When one loves another unconditionally and deeply, they are very vulnerable; this isn’t a problem for the Christian unless the relationship becomes abusive or begins to border on abusive.

    The best way to sum this warning up into a nutshell, is “keep your guard up.” It’s not about a cult, or isolating anyone from different beliefs and a variety of differing perspectives. It’s about recognizing that one is set apart and will probably be treated as “less than” for willingly setting themselves apart. It’s recognizing that one’s lifestyle, logic, and thinking patterns are going to be at odds with and completely different from another’s. It’s about how this impacts daily living, choices, goals, and one’s perception of reality.

    It’s primarily the realization that oil and water don’t mix well and that there’s a reason for this. It’s also trusting within the words of the apostles, God, Jesus Christ, and what we believe that is based upon what is within the bible. There are people who hate the bible, hate God, hate Christians and thus will sincerely and inwardly hate us, no matter what they may claim to the contrary; sometimes these people try to do us real harm.

  3. I just popped back for a second to see what you are up to — and right now your are concerned with welfare recipients and government employees.

    But I looked back a few posts and found this.

    So, you finally understood my point.
    You were trying to dance the line but you admitted YOUR truth:

    We’re warned about trying to develop a deep, intimate relationship with an unbeliever.

    Many religions take the same stance as 2 Cor 6:14.
    This response is generic — lots of religions do the exact same thing.
    Why: because it works. It keeps people in their echo chamber.
    Why: because it is a smart hateful move.

    And you explain that you can’t go against without:
    (1) calling the Holy Bible a lie
    (2) or attempting to manipulate it into saying something other than what it clearly says.

    You prove again, you love the BIBLE more than Love itself. The Bible is your liferaft, your security, your hope. Love is second.

    And I understand how this belief can be helpful for you, but you are so wrong about understanding the nature of that book.

    You left out #3:

    (3) Understand the anthology of different ancient writers which we call “The bible” and see through the conflicting opinions in it, the limited insight of its writers and learn to see how to find truth in it despite these limitations.

    You won’t change on #3 for a long time, if at all. And you can’t really call me a “friend” as long as you nurture this devilish image of me (or the billion of other non-believers on the planet). I hope you don’t teach this horrible thinking to your child. May she escape the narrow Christianity of Texas — political and soteriological.

    Concerning the “poor me– I’ve been hurt by nonbelievers” rationale: Heck you have also been hurt by conservative believers too. Your Bibliolatry is all about this “poor me” mentality and running to a perceived safety.

    I hope you stay safe, but I hope someday you emerge able to love more broadly, with more confidence and strength and not build doctrines to protect hurt vulnerabilities.

  4. Sabio,

    How bloody annoying that this is all you get out of what my last four or five posts say:

    I just popped back for a second to see what you are up to — and right now your are concerned with welfare recipients and government employees.

    I am concerned that I don’t have health insurance and that thanks to the REPUBLICAN HOUSE OF CONGRESS, I will not be able to get any, despite OBAMACARE BEING THE LAW OF THE LAND IN AMERICA. I am not a welfare recipient, by the way. You evidently don’t really read my postings, you scan them.

    I’m in a mood right now that isn’t pleasant. In fact, Edwin Christian, Butch, Natalie, and a host of my other friends and mentors wouldn’t be pleased with my mood because it’s an angry mood. I am furious that these selfish, self-centered people who are extorting President Obama could care less about anyone but themselves. I don’t understand how these conservative people can call themselves the Christian party. It’s pure freaking hypocrisy, is what it is!

    Anyway, this is what I’m concerned about.

    As for my “Bibliolatry,” whatevah.

    I don’t feel like arguing about being firmly planted in what I believe. I believe in God as represented within the bible, and I believe in Jesus Christ as represented there. I believe the apostles of Christ and the writers of said bible. Period.

    No, that belief is not ever going to change in my lifetime on this planet. I write what I’ve learned along the way of this spiritual journey and what I’m continuing to learn.

    Right now, I need to dig deep and remember what God tells us about being angry at evil people who say they love Him with their mouths, but prove that they don’t by their own actions. The proof is in the fruit they bear and I look at this government shut down and see their fruit loud and clear. They don’t want people like me (single moms), to have health insurance. They don’t want the poor to have health insurance. They don’t give a hoot about any of us. God does, on the other hand.

    I will turn to God who cares and turn this entire political matter over to Him before my blood pressure rises even higher and I suffer a potential stroke and the Republican voters/taxpayers of this state have to foot that bill as well since they didn’t want me to have Obamacare.

  5. So, let’s see if Yahweh doesn’t control congress and get you health insurance, then either:

    (a) Yahweh/Jesus doesn’t care for those he loves or

    (b) Yahweh intends you to learn from not having insurance

    (c) Yahweh let Satan deceive congress because of free will

    So, no matter how it works out, you will always believe Yahweh did it !

    Your faith will always be safe and untestable.

    But hopefully even if your god fails, your friends will be there for you.

    Concerning your posts — yeah, I don’t read your political stuff, I just scan them.

    Ya know, maybe if you took the Bible seriously, you wouldn’t even talk with Atheists on your blog. I am surprised you mentors haven’t advised you to stop talking to atheists altogether. And heck, there is no point. Your post makes that clear.

    Happy Government Shut Down Week (?Month, ?Year) ….

  6. I apologize for answering you harshly, Sabio, but I have been watching too much CNN and CSPAN about the government shut down instead of praying and trusting God. I’m better now.

  7. Adrienne, You can apologize all you want.
    But when you post ugly images like the one in this post:
    — which shows how you think about nonbelievers in your Yahweh, then you confirm your commitment to an exegesis of hate, exclusivity, and exceptionalism. When you blow up after writing posts like this and your hell posts, you reveal the demon inside yourself while all along you accuse others of demons.

    Hiding behind the righteousness and self-pity of poverty will not remove this ugliness you spread. A year ago you were a rightest politically conservative Christian, now you are on the left — but you have been consistently vehement while still trying to pretend to be polite no matter how you change your theology. Rather than toying with your politics, while not try to change the hate first.

  8. God isn’t going to control anything, Sabio. If you read the bible, you’ll understand that God cares for us during our angry moments and comforts us in our storms. This doesn’t mean that God will remove what wicked people are doing from our lives. As you said, that would inhibit free will.

    God will keep me cool, calm, and collected — and trusting in Him which is where my trust must lie. I will live to fight another day against the wicked and the greedy instead of giving up and lying down and dying. (metaphorically speaking).

    You should read all my stuff if you want to know about me; otherwise you get a very incomplete picture of what’s going on day to day.

    There is no point to keep talking with me if you think you’re going to de-convert me, Sabio. If you can accept me as I am, by all means. 😉

    Sabio, I didn’t write this or my “hell posting” when I was angry. The government shut down hadn’t even happened when I wrote “Unequally yolked” —

    You actually think I never get angry, Sabio? You think I don’t lose my temper? What, you think that isn’t Christian of me? You don’t know how it is to be Christian. We’re hardly perfect or much different from you. We’ve accepted Christ. We try our best to follow Him. He changes us along the journey, slowly over time. You have an unrealistic view of me and of Christianity.

  9. Adrienne,
    I have read the Bible many times. I have spent hours and years in prayer. I and no longer understand what you do about your God. We disagree. Reading the Bible does not solve it, lassie — choosing a way to interpret it does.

    I have no desire to read all your stuff just as you have no desire to read and understand all of mine. Tis the nature of a busy life, eh?

    I disagree: I hope to change you — not to deconvert you, though. I think staying Christian would be good for you — hell, you live in Texas! 🙂
    But becoming a better sort of Christian is my ambition for you.
    You have already made very good changes, but I think you have some way to go. Mind you, I don’t have one kind of Christian in mind — there are lots of different types I love. And I love many parts of your Christian beliefs but will continue to argue against the parts I find harmful — I won’t give up on hope for you lassie. I won’t accept you as you are when you consider the vast majority of us as damned — can’t do that.

    No, I never once don’t imagine you angry — just the opposite.
    I don’t have an unrealistic view at all — you do.

  10. while many say they’re Christians, we both know most peope don’t give a rat’s about what the Lord requires of us. and you are right about “conservatives,” their hypocrisy abounds. yeah single moms made a serious mistake getting in that situation in the first place. human beings do careless things all the time. the lack of compassion, evidenced among “christians” never ceases to amaze me. btw, i voted for ron paul.

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