Posted by: the warrioress | October 1, 2013

By Their Fruits, You Will Know Them

This one says it all!



  1. Hi Warrioress. Your post brings us to the subject of original sin as portrayed in Genesis. The key to this story is not fruit, and it is certainly not about Eve and apples. It is not even about what many preachers have tried to argue across the years—that the original sin was “disobedience” to a command of God.

    As Jesus makes clear in the New Testament, sin begins in the human heart and not in an external action like disobedience. A disobedient human action is one step removed from the original sin that begins in the heart. Therefore, it is not the original sin. The original sin is that thing that arose before it in the heart, and Genesis plainly indicates what that sin was. Eve ate the fruit because she (in her heart) believed that it would make her “like God.” Original sin is the desire “to be God” that arises in the human heart. God reserves that right exclusively to himself, and He guards it zealously.

    As Jacques Ellul points out in his book “The Subversion of Christianity,” this is why Jesus let forth with his Matthew 23 tongue lashing of the scribes and pharisees. I think many conservative Christians today would think that this tongue lashing should have been reserved first for the harlots instead of the holiest men of Israel. Here is the key though. The harlots were run-of-the-mill sinners like me, you, and your Uncle Fred. The scribes and pharisees were different in their sin. They had developed and elaborated their own extra-Biblical system of morality and were enforcing it harshly on mankind. In two words, they were “playing God.” God gets really “POed” when humans try to take over his job and put him in the unemployment line. This was why He was able to say quite frankly to the scribes and pharisees that the harlots would go into the Kingdom of Heaven before they did.

    Think about this theme of man “playing God” and read these two articles about men who would gladly plunge the economy of the world and the “least of these” into oblivion simply to “Get what I want—what I have determined to be ideologically correct.” Here are the articles:

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