Posted by: the warrioress | October 2, 2013

Stand Strong, Mr. President!

Don’t you do it, President Obama. Don’t you give one inch!

If you give into extortion games and tricks, President Obama, then you let down the millions of Americans who do not have and cannot afford health insurance. You also let down the American people because you show them that anyone can threaten you and get their way through dysfunctional, inappropriate means like our own trusted congressmen have done. They have betrayed our country!

These rogue conservative Republicans think they are doing what is right for their constituency, but they have harmed thousands of innocent Americans in the process of attempting to extort the President of the United States of America. They have become as domestic terrorists, holding their own government hostage just because they don’t like the law of the land that the Supreme Court signed off on.

These rogues are grandiose in their arrogance! How dare they attempt to take hostage the American people and government itself? If you give them what they want, Mr. President, you set new precedent. Stand strong and don’t you give up. You’re in the right and have followed the laws of the land. You’re doing good and showing the fruit of the spirit by standing up for the poor and downtrodden while these naysayers would take the bread out of the mouth of babes and disabled vets to get their way. Do not give in, President Obama.

May God be with you in this fight upon our own hallowed ground, within the hallowed halls of your residence. May He grant you peace of mind and wisdom to do the next right thing. May He keep you safe and give you a solid understanding that you not give into these few, who could care less about the heart of America or what America stands for.

I’m praying for you and I admire your strength of character and willingness not to be bought and paid for by the good old boys and their greed and love of Mammon. Stand strong. Do not give in. Do not give way.

Semper Fi, President Obama. May our great military and our vets stand with you. May the furloughed federal government workers recognize that you cannot give way. And God bless you again for trying to bless us with healthcare where we’ve had none.


  1. Brava. May he do well. Early on he was trying to compromise for a watered down everything. Now standing his ground, and getting much better results.

    I don’t know what the GOP was thinking. Here the Tea Party had a good case early on; opposing policies of the IRS and government pork is like shooting fish in a barrel. Yet they messed that up.

    They could have done this opposing the NSA spying and people might have sort of understood. Instead they opposed giving Americans affordable health care insurance. This includes the babies and pregnant women they claim to care about. Unreal. The GOP is doomed.

  2. I tried to write to President Obama today to give him essentially the same message, but the White House e-mail site is down because whoever watches over it is out on furlough. This is no time to be “Barry” Obama. I love the man. but I am not sure he understands that appeasing evil men once leads only to more appeasement. Then you look up one morning and notice that everything is gone because you allowed them to nickel and dime it to death.

  3. I shared with the Presisdent early in his first Administration and continue to share this bit of wisdom. from an old Martial arts proverb “To fight with another is wrong, but to lose a fight over principles you deem honorable and right is worse.” This sage wisdom was the whole method of teaching a martial artist how to fight. Nothing more. But of course one must embrace the teaching. Just like one must embrace “real authentic Christianity”

  4. Well said!

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