Posted by: the warrioress | October 4, 2013

A ‘Conservative’ vision for America – ‘The Cruelty of Republican States in One Chart’

This article explains my personal situation here in TEXAS very well. It’s frustrating, to say the least. Really good article for everyone to have a look at.


The Last Of The Millenniums

red state poor

‘When you look at these income eligibility levels, you see just how cruel the existing system is’.

‘For instance, in Alabama, you can’t get Medicaid if your income exceeds 23 percent of the poverty level, or $4,500 for a family of three’.

‘Just think about that for a second’.

‘Do you think you could find a place to live, pay your bills, and feed your family on that income’?

‘But the state of Alabama says if you’re that rich, you can afford to buy health insurance’.

‘In Texas, the state that will be depriving the most people of insurance by rejecting the expansion, only families under 25 percent of the poverty level, or $4,894 for a family of three, will be eligible for Medicaid’.

‘I’m guessing that’s about what Rick Perry spends on boots every year.

‘The states rejecting the expansion of Medicaid are the ones that already make it…

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  1. Many humble thanks for the reblog.
    While it helps no one now, eventually we will have a Single Payer Health Care system – Medicare for all.
    That is the very least the ‘greatest Nation of Earth’ could do.
    Why it’s taken so long?

  2. Fatherkane,

    You’re most welcome. And yes, I get that it’s a step in the right direction that the president has attempted. I fall between the cracks where I won’t be able to receive medicaid because I make too much, but I don’t make enough to get the government subsidies to buy Blue Cross Blue Shield or some other decent healthcare. And yes, there are millions of us stuck in these red states who are in the same situation.

    We’re in these situations because our Republican governors don’t give a hoot whether we have affordable health insurance or not. I try not to be bitter about it, but I admit honest dislike for those who are seemingly so selfish that they cannot conceive of sharing with the other guy who has less; they want it all for themselves.

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