Posted by: the warrioress | October 8, 2013

So Proud

I’m sincerely proud of President Obama.

I’ve been praying for him that he will not give into these continuing extortion-tactics, no matter what is threatened.

These latest threats of defaulting on the debt ceiling are the kind of immature, spiteful behavior that any mother knows only gets a parent or a leader more of the same! If one gives into a spoiled child-type who wants his own way, one creates a real monster. We’ll be owned by that monster down the road, in the future, and there will be no point in whining about it because we will have created it.  By not insisting on respect for our word and refusal to accept extortion and threats as par for the way things are, we open the door to allow more of these kinds of tricks again and again for the next three years of this president’s term. No thanks!

This nation should not be run by these kinds of dysfunctional tactics.

President Obama absolutely cannot back down now. He cannot negotiate, make a deal, or even confer about compromise — not until the Republicans open the government 100 percent and stop threatening him. So stop it already! GET A CLUE.

I have had my days of really being angered by this mess for a variety of reasons. I finally realized it wouldn’t do me any good to keep upsetting myself over what I cannot control. I’m praying now daily for God to bless and keep this president and primarily to keep him strong. I’m also praying that those who are trying to ruin him will come to their senses and begin to act as they should. Every time I watch the news now, I pray at the end of it. This is helping me and my aggravation level. 🙂

No matter what happens or what we lose as a nation, we will not have a spineless worm of a president at the helm. We won’t have someone who caved into extortion and childish tactics that should shame grown men and women. We can be proud of this man for having some guts.

President Obama I am so proud of you! I am grateful that you are the president of this fine country. May God bless you greatly and I thank Him for blessing us with you at the helm of these United States of America.

Excellent opinion piece on this matter:

The Boehner Bunglers



  1. The saddest thing I read was how the ACA website was flooded by thousands of Americans desperate for health insurance.

  2. I have noticed that the Bible Warrioress’s comments and likes have “thinned out” after the past several posts. Some of my favorite Christian writers have remarked that “Christianity is a scandal.” In doing so, they were referring to the many difficult sayings and commandments that Jesus himself (quite personally) left in our hands. In their totality, they are an offense to human nature. What do they mean by that? The words “Stone her!!! Stone her!!!” can quickly fill a village plaza with outraged citizens holding rocks. Serious discussion of the simple words, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you” can clear a room full of Christians faster than a skunk. It has this power because it is too hard and edgy for us to hear and too much of a weight for our hearts to bear. It runs counter to the fiber of our being as humans.

    Our hearts want us to believe that there are no poor people, no sick people, no homeless people, no lonely people, no hurting people—only a vast nation full of problem-free, able-bodied men and women who suck on the federal tit and refuse to work at the vast array of family-supportable jobs available for them in American business during the second worst economic calamity in American history. We do not want any part of “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” No, we want to keep our hard-earned tax dollars and burn them on our real God—the good old American God that has served us all so well—the God of conspicuous material consumption and keeping up with the Jones family. We pray for the American economy to turnaround—not because times will be better for the least of these—but because we long to buy that new BMW we have had our eyes on for several years or maybe that new bass boat. The real American dream is and always has been to strike the mother load—to become as rich as Alexander the Great in our short time here on Earth. This is the American way. This is the Republican Party way, the Tea Party way, the Libertarian Party way, the way of Ayn Rand—a Russian atheist who taught a whole generation of American Christians that selfishness is virtue and that faith, love, empathy, and charity are human weaknesses that we must strive to overcome so we can be truly happy. Yes, when faced with the simple sayings and commandments of Jesus, you can clear a room mighty quickly. I think the Bible Warrioress has been proving it for a couple of weeks now—right here.

  3. Amen Sister!

  4. Excellent blog! I agree wholeheartedly! Love the characterization of the right as spoiled kids. As I tell my kid when he’s stomping his feet- I don’t negotiate with terrorists!

  5. deval patrick said it best during the 2012 dnc convention, “it’s time fore democrats to grow and back and stand up for what we believe!”

  6. amen, Real!!

  7. Thank you, Tre’!

    Thanks, Dr. Denis!

  8. Tracy/Dover,

    As per usual, you’ve said a mouthful here. There are so many being led astray by false prophets/teachers. It’s amazing to me that the party that claims Christianity is the party that is most unlike Jesus Christ in what it stands for and believes in.


    I agree…I was one of those upon it, trying to find out about what I would have to do to get health care. I’m still hoping that this will happen, despite TX opting out of Obamacare.

  9. Warrioress, correct me if I’m wrong but I don’t think they can “opt out”. They can refuse all sorts of things, but ACA is now law. If you’re an American citizen, your federal government will give you Obamacare, end of story. They certainly will charge you a fine if you don’t have health insurance, so I guarantee you are eligible for it.

  10. Amelie, it’s my understanding that there are many states that have opted out. They are allowed to do this by the Supreme Court which said that individuals states were entitled to participate or not. My particular state, Texas, has opted not to participate and to pass up the funds to move the uninsured here to Medicaid. This leaves those uninsured most probably ineligible for Medicaid because we make too much. We may be able to apply for government subsidies to help us pay for insurance, but some of us don’t make enough to qualify for these subsidies and so will “fall between the cracks.”


  12. This link describes the problem in detail:

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