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Here we have yet another odd conundrum.

A Knights of Columbus sign at the March For Life.

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Many within Christianity are “pro-life,” allegedly. Unfortunately, this pro-life deal only lasts until the fetus makes it out of the womb alive. Once the fetus takes its first breath of air, it’s an infant — as it grows into a regular everyday baby, all compassion and concern for it come to an end.

At this point, this baby is now considered just another mouth to feed on welfare, grasping for food stamps and other “freebies” which must be slashed and cut so that poor people with children don’t become “dependent.”

There are obvious problems with this kind of attitude and way of thinking. These thoughts do not make good sense. If one insists that all babies must be born, even to abusive, drug addicted, mentally ill parents, why isn’t one willing to take on the responsibility of feeding and caring for these same children as they grow into adulthood? Why isn’t one fostering and adopting these unwanted and abused kids? These actions aren’t consistent with the Christian love of “life,” and I don’t see anything that can remotely be called “pro-life” about it in the least.

No, this is hypocrisy, denial, and stubborn dishonesty. And I believe it’s also sin.

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  1. Well said. The right wing are also being ridiculous with their medical logic. They can’t be against abortion and then try to ban birth control.i don’t know what they were thinking with that. Most pills and devices only prevent sperm and egg from joining, not to mention that the Pill is often prescribed to prevent cancers and treat cysts.

  2. I agree with this completely. However, I feel that the left wing minimizes what choice is. It’s my feeling that when consensual sex happens people have made a choice. Abortion is being looked at as another form of birth control and disregarding the idea that people have access to many kinds of birth control that don’t involve taking a life. Where there are cases of rape, I completely believe that women should have the chance to choose whether or not they want to have children. Or in the rare case that birth control fails. This being said, I am a huge advocate of all forms of preventative birth control including Plan B. If we don’t like abortion and we want it to stop we need to provide alternatives- free birth control and a willingness to adopt.

    As far as considering the baby a fetus or a baby, a definition which changes to accommodate the person using it can’t be the best definition. However, how can it not be that way because who would deny an excited woman the ability to call her baby just that or to mourn a child lost in a miscarriage. At the same time, who would prevent a wounded or scared woman the emotional security of distancing herself emotionally from a hard choice.

    Anyways, my two cents.

  3. Adrienne may just be the single most dangerous Christian alive today—other than me of course.

    Amelie. I have the answer to your conundrum because I follow the so-called Religious Right and their operations closely. As you know they are losing on the “persecute the LGBTs” issue, and losing means moving on to another issue. Recent intelligence that has been coming out in disjointed snippets here and there for the past two years are suggesting that the next major national issue move by the Religious Right is a nationwide assault on ALL forms of birth control, regardless of whether they involve a risk of aborting a cellular-level fetus.

    Their “high priest” ideologues have concluded in behind-the-scenes sessions that many of modern American society’s problems can be traced back to the liberation of women that became possible with the advent of widely available birth control pills in the 1960s. These men believe that outlawing all forms of birth control, even condoms, will reverse American society to the 1950s and put the American female genie back into her bottle so she will quit taking on jobs outside the home; spend her life primping beautiful for her man, and become dependent, stupid, barefoot, and pregnant for most of her life—and thereby replenish the white race in America so it will not be overwhelmed by negroes, Mexicans, etc.

    Motherhood and serving her man will again be her sole purpose in life, The college science textbook in her life will be replaced by a Betty Crocker cookbook, and all of America’s problems will melt away into nothingness to the glory of the Lord Jesus—and of course—Jesus will richly reward these Republican extremist, Religious Right ideologues (all men) for clamping down on America’s renegade women (just about all women today) and put these women back into the state of post-serpent punishment that they so richly deserve for bringing about the fall of all mankind—a punishment that the birth control pill allowed them to escape from—briefly they hope.

    Sorry to break the news to you kind ladies. It’s just over the horizon. Be on the lookout for it and pray.

  4. Dangerous, hmm? Me? ….. 😉

    I don’t tell people what they often want to hear, especially good Christian people. I attempt to challenge the areas where they think they’ve got it made with God, but are completely deluded and off-course, according to the bible.

    What most people don’t really understand is who Jesus is and the new way of life that God allowed Him to bring us into. This new way is a course of unconditional love for everyone, including those who rub us the wrong way, whom we would prefer to condemn, hate, or judge harshly.

    Jesus spent the majority of His preaching time warning & judging the Pharisees and the religious, pious hypocrites harshly. He was the harshest perhaps with these kinds of people. It was never the sinner, the lost, or the hopeless that Jesus got down upon. Jesus was especially harsh with His own disciples when they had their moments of cluelessness. Jesus expects more out of those of us who love Him, who claim to love Him. We are to set the example for the world. To whom much is given, much is expected.

  5. Yes. hmm. You.

    About 2,000 years ago, there was this Guy. He showed up in Roman Judea to make the uncomfortable enter a new state of comfort and make the comfortable enter a new state of discomfort. The comfortable people got so uncomfortable with what he had to say and do (because he bucked the cultural system that made and kept them comfortable). When the comfortable get uncomfortable, they try to crucify the person making them uncomfortable. With the exception of places like Iran, it is pretty hard to do that physically these days. Today people are crucified with abandonment, isolation, and rhetorical attacks.

    If you would like to see exactly how that works as a matter of practice, take one of your usual excellent posts (like the one above) and go post it on this Christian website. Do nothing but talk the plain words, principles, and actions of Jesus on some controversial issue:

    and wait for the responses from God’s most dedicated children.

  6. Tracy,

    I’ve seen how it works first hand. I was attending a church that had a wonderful youth group that I adored for my daughter. Unfortunately, they mix their religion in with the conservative right wing politics and insist that theirs in the only way of seeing world events, the president, and the country’s concerns, like Obamacare. They are willing to only allow one side to be heard in the discussion — their own. Mine was treated like it wasn’t worth the time of day, as was I.

    At any rate, I’ve discovered that I can actually be treated the worst by those who are actually supposed to be kin/brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. So much for familial love, eh? 😉

  7. Sacred Struggler,

    I don’t like anyone using abortion as a birth control and it must be halted in this regard. We do agree, however, that there must be concessions for the mother’s life/safety, rape/incest, and situations like this. I’m also against abortion after three months. At that point, I think it’s just too late term and that the baby may feel pain, distress, and that this is inhumane and evil to murder innocent life.

    I think you have mused upon some important considerations here, SS, and thank you for this. I hope your Thanksgiving Holiday is lovely…God bless.

  8. I agree, Amelie. I have appreciated you reading me and stopping by here with your thoughts. I hope your holiday is most enjoyable.

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