Posted by: the warrioress | December 3, 2013

“Christ” Back in Christian

 John Thompson The war on Christmas was lost when retailers convinced everyone to buy, buy, buy gifts for each other for Christmas. They got the people to forgot it was about the wise men bringing expensive gifts to a poor child born in a stable. Jesus isn’t under our Christmas tree. He is the poor, hungry, the homeless in our streets. We lost the war when we were convinced that it was about greed.



  1. That says it all!

  2. A. You are deliciously evil. How dare you put us in touch with our true selves at Christmas? : > ) Ho! Ho! Ho!

  3. Great point.

  4. While we are on this point, I would like to advance it a bit this Christmas. Who is our God here in the United States of America—really and truly? As the scriptures clearly indicate, it is not what we SAY that is important but rather what is in our hearts TRULY and what we DO as people that indicate who our God is. When I look within myself and when I look from Minnesota to Texas and Hawaii to Maine, one resounding voice screams back at me:


    I know that is harsh, but the honest among us will have to agree it is true in most cases. Worst of all, we (individually and as a people) have blinded and deluded ourselves from the reality of it because the love for the money is so great and the gulf between where our hearts and actions should be and where they really are is so vast and so deep that the mind and heart can hardly bear the pain—pain so deep that we cannot bear to look at it and must live in denial—so we clothe ourselves in IGNORANCE.

    This was the case in 1840s Great Britain too. One of the greatest Christians who ever lived, a true saint, dared to look it square in the face and penned this scene for all posterity:

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