Posted by: the warrioress | January 8, 2014

Rewriting The Holy Bible

I warn everyone who hears the words of the prophecy of this book:  

If anyone adds anything to them, God will add to him the plagues described in this book. And if anyone takes words away from this book of prophecy, God will take away from him his share in the tree of life and in the holy city, which are described in this book.  –Revelation 22:18-19

This is a serious warning, most would agree. You can take the time to study what various scholars think about this warning by having a look here.

John, the writer of this warning, makes it clear that tampering with the bible isn’t recommended. If you’ve read the prior posting on this blog, before this one, you’ll see that it offers details about the Conservative Bible Project,  which is essentially a rewrite of the entire bible from the conservative perspective. The attempt at this is aimed at removing what is considered a “liberal bias” within the word of God.

This project was not completed, thankfully; still enough of it was completed that the entire New Testament was rewritten as well as much of the Old Testament. Yes, this is scandalous and horrific, and difficult to believe. I hadn’t been aware of this until I stumbled across Padre Steve’s take on the matter.

I believe we’re told frequently that false prophets and teachers will appear in the last days, and that trickery and attempts at deluding the followers of Christ will be many; I think this is clearly  yet another one of these.  I think it’s important to pay attention to whom this trickery is emanating from… the conservative religious right are attempting to nullify the message of the gospel because of its “socialistic, liberal bent.” (Heaven forbid (eyeroll) ).

We can’t have Jesus sounding as if He were in favor of socialism, now can we? The very fact that the words of Jesus Christ cannot be misconstrued as having a very liberal twist is the unmistakable irony for Republicans and Conservatives alike. It appears it is easier to deny Christ’s own words and maul & maim the bible rather than admit to the truth and change one’s behavior to that which more resembles Jesus Christ.

We are watching some very dangerous practices eek their way out right in front of our very eyes, brothers and sisters, and they are coming from those who claim to be Christian. They are coming from similar kinds of believers who say that President Obama is the antichrist and that voting for a liberal will see you in hell.

My advice is this:

Don’t get too closely attached to any political label or position wherein you find yourself identifying more as a Republican/Conservative instead of as a CHRISTIAN (which really should make you INDEPENDENT of these political positions if you’re wise, imo). You can find yourself deluded and tricked by the very people in whom you upheld and trusted, and that would be very sad indeed.

Let’s not minimize what has occurred here and how serious it is.  John said not to add or take away from the words within the book of Revelation, and thus potentially the words of the entire Holy Bible. He said the punishment for doing so would not be pleasant. No matter how one may try to justify it, that is exactly what was done by the Conservative Bible Project. I would not want to be in their shoes, having rewritten much of the bible from the slant of their favored politics, adding to and taking much of it away to suit them. discusses the topic of the various translations of the bible here. There are so many translations over the years, but what these people have done is different from that.

More reading about this:


  1. I also wrote about this

  2. Good post. Have you considered that when John wrote this the Bible still was a couple hundred years away from compilation and that some scholars date that revelation was written before some of Paul’s letters and even some of the gospels? The text from John should really only refer to the old testament and Revelation. While I feel anyone can “translate” the Bible into whatever context they want (i.e. the Message Bible), adding or deleting to it no longer makes it “The Bible” anymore than rewriting Harry Potter with Hermione as the hero would make the books about Harry.

  3. What do they call the name of the Bible they have rewritten? Surely it must have a name.

  4. What do they call the name of the Bible they have rewritten? Surely it must have a name.

    The Conservative Bible is the product of the Conservative Bible Project. Read more about it HERE.

    Another interesting aspect of it is all of the “talk” or debate that went on here.

    These conservative people say that they are not changing the meaning of the bible, they are merely “revealing” it. Mmm hmm.

    Read more about the Conservative Bible Project here.

  5. Hi Ben Moushon,

    What intrigues me about it is that these conservative Christians know full well what John said in Revelation about exactly what they have done. They have actually changed the meaning of scripture itself and removed entire aspects of scripture because they were “too liberal.” I believe it’s going to get pretty hot where they are heading, based upon what the bible still says, no matter the translation or what they may attempt to change. Hopefully they’ll get Obamacare so that they can have their various plagues treated when the time comes. ;o

  6. I have spent a good deal of my life following and studying the Religious Right and would like to make the following points:

    1) The Religious Right movement was founded by Paul Weyrich (recently deceased). Paul Weyrich knew what every American college professor in political science knows: “The average American citizen has only average intelligence, is ignorant of even the most basic facts, and is easily tricked.” Let me prove it to you. Without looking it up on Wikipedia, who was the fourth President of the United States? If most of you smart, Christian, college-educated people who visit Adrienne’s blog cannot tell me right off the top of your head, it is a sure bet that the vast pool of average Americans (~ 250,000,000 people) who mow your yards, cash your paychecks, and deliver your pizzas would have not a clue.

    2) The Religious Right was not founded as a Biblical, Jewish, Christian, Godly, or Christ-supporting religious movement. It was founded as a political movement. Paul Weyrich was a conservative Republican political operative who had long-nursed his own personal dream of finding a way to USE American churches and their congregations to solely support the Republican Party—and more specifically the most conservative wing of that party (including its newly acquired “fat sack” of disaffected southern racists).

    3) Paul Weyrich did not have much luck with his dream for a long time, but a golden opportunity presented itself in the late 1970s when Southern Baptist evangelical James Earl Carter was President of the United States. Under the provisions of federal law, Jimmy Carter withheld federal education funds from Bob Jones University in South Carolina because of its continued insistence on implementing racist campus policies among its student body. Of course, this Executive Branch action outraged racist Christians and congregations. For those many Christian fundamentalist and evangelical congregations who were not racist, they too were outraged because they believed that the federal government had no right to enforce federal civil rights law or otherwise interpose itself in the affairs of a Christian college like Bob Jones University—apparently even if those affairs were evil and in blatant violation of the law. Suddenly, Paul Weyrich and his plan to USE American churches for political purposes had a potential following, and he moved on it.

    One of the great myths in American history is the notion that the Religious Right was founded on the abortion issue. It was not founded on this issue in any way, shape, or form—that came along later in time. I have an acquaintance (Dr. Randall Balmer) who is a strong Christian and a religious studies professor at Barnard College (Columbia University) who actually had a personal and private conversation with Paul Weyrich about this specific subject in the 1980s. With his own tongue, clearly and unequivocally, Paul Weyrich emphasized to my friend that the abortion issue had absolutely nothing to do with the original founding of the Religious Right movement. It was founded solely on the issue of racial segregation and related federal legal intervention against Bob Jones University.

    4) As a professional political organizer, Paul Weyrich knew the outrage over the Bob Jones University racial issue would not stay around forever and keep church people upset. One of the key principles of grassroots political organizing is to identify a set of core political issues that have the potential to enrage a certain segment of the population—in this case conservative Christians. It does not matter if this population is already enraged or not. If people are not enraged about a set of issues already, a propaganda machine can be developed and implemented to generate and sustain the necessary rage (through a consistent program of lies, half-truths, twisted stories, deceits, and withheld key facts that easily prey on the ignorance of the average citizen). Weyrich knew he would no longer have a movement after the Bob Jones issue was put to rest, and he had to swing into action fast to keep things going.

    5) The key leaders who helped Weyrich organize the effort to support Bob Jones University got together in a meeting. The purpose of the meeting was to (for the very first time) come up with a list of potential issues that could be USED to inflame the negative passions of conservative church people and thereby bait them and their churches into exclusive support of the Republican Party platform for decades to come. Basically, rather than talking about already existing issues, we are talking about “trumping up” issues where none really existed to any large degree prior to that meeting. I can just see these guys sitting around and saying, “Well, maybe this is an issue that we could use to get conservative Christians all riled up, or maybe that other one would work better. No, I think we should strike No. 5 from the list. That one would never work.” You get the flavor of the meeting. Then, as Randall Balmer has related in various oral and published works, a voice on the meeting’s speaker phone piped in and said, “How about abortion?” It was really not a widespread issue in those times like it is now. In fact, no less a national Christian figure than W.A. Criswell at the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas, had gone on printed record as supporting abortion, and the Southern Baptist Convention was of the same mind, especially in cases of rape, incest, and a threat to the life of the mother.

    Needless to say, the leaders of the Religious Right walked away from that meeting with the abortion issue and several other trumped up issues. The only things that remained were to: (1) build a national political machine around these issues; (2) develop and implement a national propaganda machine to deceive people; and (3) apply the program of deceit to unsuspecting conservative Christians and churches nationwide to get them on board, nurture the outrage, keep them outraged, and make them vote Republican because of it for decades to come and without any questioning. And even more important, they would deceive their pastors and followers into believing that they are part of a grand religious movement for Jesus Christ rather than a petty political movement serving only the selfish interests of a wealthy few and their Satanic ends—and anyone who disagrees with the members of the Religious Right, their issues, or their actions would be automatically and publicly branded as an enemy of Christ. Since those early days, the Religious Right has evolved into a national monster that opposes the explicit New Testament will and commands of Jesus Christ at nearly every turn in the road. Therefore, it is no wonder that they are even trying to rewrite the Bible. Why not? If the words of Jesus Christ become inconvenient to the goals of the political movement, just erase them or wallpaper over them.

    6) The Bible portrays Satan as a clever deceiver. In my honest opinion, the Religious Right, the Republican Party, various supporting organizations, conservative pastors, conservative churches, and many congregations are unwitting parties to one of the largest deceptions the Force of Evil in this world has ever conceived. Moreover, he crafted this deception specifically to divide the churches, destroy their faith, set Christians at each other’s throats, undermine our country, and thoroughly blind the participants in this tragedy. “Blindness” is the key word here. As long as the Evil One can keep people blind to the scheme, it will be a rousing success—unless Jesus intervenes in some unexpected way and cuts this folly short.

    Why do I see it? Why does Adrienne see it? Why do some of the rest of you see it when so many other people who profess to be Christians do not? I see it because my gift of the Holy Spirit is discernment, a gift so powerful that I am able to both see and smell what the British call “Tommy Rot” immediately and with a limited gift of prophecy thrown in with it. My guess is that Adrienne has the same gifts, and so do some of you. You also have to remember that many church congregations (even conservative congregations) are made up of very large numbers of people who may not be Christians or people who are just searching for something spiritual in their lives but are not quite “there yet” with regard to Jesus. Such people might be easily deceived in large numbers. “For false messiahs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and wonders to deceive, if possible, even the elect.” (Matthew 24:24). The Religious Right has been generating great political “signs and wonders” for the Republican Party, and many have been deceived.

  7. P.S. Just for clarification, I was not arguing in favor of abortion in my last post but just pointing out that it really was pretty much a trumped up issue that not too many American protestant people or people in general had formed a firm opinion about at that long ago time in history.

    The problem is that the assorted leaders of the Religious Right lie (as in big, fat, old, whopper of a lie) to the American people about how their movement was created. Their often repeated historical narrative is that the Religious Right was founded solely on the abortion issue and that it was done by brave Christian fundamentalist and conservative evangelical pastors who felt called to righteous action—having been inspired by God with a need to recreate a modern version of the pre-1861 slavery abolition movement to end abortion in our time.

    Of course, as you now know from my historical discussion above, this is a flatout lie.

  8. Some time ago I wrote a post about the bible. The conservative evangelicals would string me up I suspect…

  9. Well, Phil. The conservative evangelicals would say two things:

    1) If the Bible cantains even one error or internal contradiction, then you must reject the entire book because it is imperfect and not of the Lord.

    2) If even one small thing is found to be incorrect in the Bible, then it is impossible to believe in the rest of the Bible.

    Personally, I know that the Bible is not scientifically accurate and not historically accurate. However, I see no need to reject the Bible or refuse to believe other statements in the Bible. I guess it just takes talent that the Christian fundamentalists and conservative evangelicals do not have because their faith is in the book rather than in Jesus.

    Did you know Phil? There is a name that is above every name, and that name is “Bible”?

    You have to understand something basic about the United States Phil. We have millions of people who descended from the pioneers who went west in the late 1790s. They are steeped in the worst kinds of rural ignorance and easily nose-led by any half-literate, hayseed, self-taught preacher that comes their way, but they operate by the highest laws of known science. “If a dog bites a man under the full moon, then the dog will not bite again.” “If a man bites a dog under a half moon, then the dog will…” You get my drift. If you told one of them that you graduated from Cambridge, his response would be, “Now brother. I don’t know what kind of bridge that is? Can it support both cars and heavy trucks?”

  10. It’s so true that no one should tamper with the word of God, but i noticed that you only mentioned Republicans. Are Democrats righteous and sinless? I think not.
    I don’t see obama living a Godly life. Isnt he the president that had the white house glowing with the gay rainbow colors, even though the word of God says homosexuality is a sin?
    And yes hillary, who wants to be the first female president. Her life is so full of truthfulness, righteousness and great morals isn’t it? Ever wonder how often she reads God’s word?
    You cannot choose only one political party, I haven’t noticed any political party living a Godly life, pushing for prayer and bible study in schools, and being a witness for Jesus.
    Instead of talking about God they all behave as if they are God

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