Posted by: the warrioress | January 19, 2014

Terrorizing People To Jesus

You liberal infidel! You sinner!

You’ll burn in hell if you don’t repent!

You don’t have much time left. Jesus is coming. You better fear that if you fear nothing else; never mind if this makes you want to follow Jesus about as much as drinking cod liver oil does….learn to fear and follow so you can save your soul from the fiery, burning pit of hell!


Have you felt it yet?

Do you know how deserving you are of the flames?


Burn, baby, burn.

You didn’t listen to me and now you’ll fry.

Are you ready to burn?

How do we reconcile the Message and Good News of Jesus Christ our Lord with the above “fire and brimstone” babble? The bible tells us how we’ll be able to recognize the Christian who is sharing; we’ll recognize the Christian by his or her LOVE.  Is the preaching of hell fire and damnation a task of love? Is this message loving? What are the fruits of the spirit? And how do we recognize the preacher who claims the love of Jesus Christ?

How do we reconcile the fruits of the spirit with this?

Or this?

Asking someone to submit to Jesus Christ out of fear isn’t love offered freely. Threatening them and making them afraid isn’t how God wants us to come to Him. It’s not the way to receive our love and devotion. Does the cringing dog truly love his master? As he crawls, tail between his legs, fearful of the next kick, is this a great love given wholeheartedly and because he really wants to?

Someone is wrong. There is a disconnect somewhere.

Yes, something is very wrong with this kind of message and this kind of preaching.


  1. Perhaps someone should write another bible without all the hell and damnation in it?

  2. I’m not trying to negate hell or rewrite the bible. Hell is a fact within the bible, but I dont believe that using threats of hell and punishment bring anyone to know Christ. I think these kinds of threats an appeals to fear bring forth the opposite; they drive people away from God. An obsessive focus on “punitive God” versus “loving God” isn’t necessary or practical.

  3. When witnessing and leading someone to Jesus to get Saved, should talk about sin and Hell be left out? What is your opinion?

  4. No, absolutely not. We must discuss sin and the reason that Jesus died on the cross and shed His blood…because of sin. Without His death on the cross, we are dead in our sins and have no forgiveness from God, but God made a way and that way is Jesus Christ. No one need go to hell. God loves them enough so that hell is not a necessity. All we have to do is repent our sins and believe, calling upon the name of the Lord. That should be the primary focus, not the fire and brimstone, the coming/looming punishment, and the shaming of the sinner.

    Jesus wasn’t like that; He didn’t act like that and He didn’t preach like that either. Preaching about the love of Christ and the love of God through Christ can be the primary focus. One can be positive or negative in his approach to bringing another to Christ. One way runs people off and makes them rebellious, the other way beckons their hard heart and softens it.

  5. Jesus is worth knowing with or without hell. Paul introduced many to Christ, yet he never mentioned hell in any of his letters or his sermons. Paul preached the glory of Christ, the power of the cross and the hope of the resurrection. Armed with that, he simply did not need hell to invite people into heaven.

  6. If you need hell to invite people into heaven, chances are your version of heaven isn’t very convincing in the first place. So whenever you feel like you’d need hell to promote Christ, better think twice or thrice about it. Perhaps you haven’t gotten throu to Christ enough to promote Him, maybe you don’t yet know Him enough.

    Plus: What does the bible say about hell anyway? It uses different terms and completely different images. The same goes for the Satan/devil part in it. Maybe we’d need someone to write a book that is solely focused on what the bible teaches bout that, and not what we know from horror movies, or questionable medieval traditions…

  7. Great reply warrioress, you made some good points and I agree. Not sure if you ever heard of Jonathan Edwards. He was used greatly of God in what historians now call the great awakening. He is known especially one sermon entitled, “Sinners in the hands of an Angry God.” He would fast and pray before he preached. Thousands would gather to hear him preach though all he did was read his sermons and do so in a monatone. Ten’s of thousands came to Christ as a result of that one sermon. The entire sermon is available to read at no charge by searching the net. Here is just a thought. I think the reason most people believe they are not in serious trouble with the Lord is because they do not think that their sin is all that serious. God could or would never send them to Hell. Edwards emphasis was on God is Holy, sin separates a person from God. If someone can not see their need, why should they be interested in the solution to their need? Of course the only solution is Jesus Christ. Just a thought of mine. Again thank you for your defense of the love of God.

  8. I wrote my viewpoint on my blog this morning. I hope it is ok.

  9. A young Southern Baptist preacher once told me that he had been pondering an Old Testament verse that said something to the effect that God is angry with sinners all day long. In his opinion, he thought that God is continually angry with sinners all day long 24/7/365 nearly to infinity.

    You would think that the Lord of hosts who asks us to depart from anger could surely find a better and more rewarding hobby to keep from being bored. Hm-m-m-m?

  10. […] have just come across a blog article on God, fire and brimstone by Jim Finn. It’s a reply to an article by the biblewarroiress, whose blog I […]

  11. Thanks for sharing here,!!

  12. I don’t think the Lord God is as angry with the sinner as these people seem to think He is. I think God is far more merciful and understanding than they realize. Thanks, Tracy/Dover.

  13. Thankfully, when I accepted Jesus Christ, repented my sins, believed, and began to attempt to live the Christian life, I need not frantically worry whether or not I am “good enough.” I can ever be good enough as you know, Jim. My efforts are impotent as I am forgiven in advance and will see eternal life. Does this mean I should not even try not to sin? Oh, of course it doesn’t. I WANT to please God because I loved Him. I strive not to sin so that I am not displeasing, but when I fail utterly, my Father forgives me and loves me despite my sins and failings. I’m very thankful for His mercy and for the salvation of Jesus Christ. I’m thankful that I am not separated from God through Jesus.

  14. De Benny,

    I agree with your comment…it was so well said. Thank you!

  15. Ken,

    Well said, Ken!! So well said…

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