Posted by: the warrioress | January 22, 2014


This is my brain on stress….

I am going absolutely bonkers.

There are so many things I’m juggling that my brain feels like a fried egg.

Forgive me for not responding to comments and for being unable to blog anything of substance at the moment. I’ll be back to blog and comment as soon as this old brain stops spinning.



  1. Adrienne. When you get back to being your old self again, I think it might be interesting for us to take up a Biblical concept that most people—even Christian people—rarely ever think about. However, I think it is now widespread in our time in certain social/economic/political circles and growing. That concept is:


    Why would anyone hate a person who is poor? Meditate and ponder that for a little while.

    I can think of one reason, although I feel sure there are many more. Poor people are both symbolic and an embodied message. Many Americans were born into cozy financial and material circumstances. Many Americans were born poor and worked their way up into cozy circumstances, myself being one of the latter. For those of us who experienced the spiked heel of poverty pressing down hard on our necks from the moment we were born and escaped it, a poor person is a living symbol and a message about what we escaped from:

    “See me. I am poor. You were like this once. My presence on this Earth is a reminder that it would take only small changes in your life to make you like this again.”

    We recoil in horror!!! I do not wish to see either thee or thy kind anymore. I hide my face from thee!!! Disappear from the landscape and remind me no more of what was and what might be again!!!”

    Some say that you can hate the sin but love the sinner. The conservative Christian community has demonstrated to me in spades over many decades that this is one of the greatest lies ever told. Just as we hate the sinner because of his sin. We also hate the poor man because of his poverty. A man born in a stable with the animals would have understood this and kept his eye on it as He grew up.

  2. Take your time. Everybody needs to retool every now and then.

  3. Good morning my dear friend, it is Sunday morning and it is now time to rise and shine. Stand up, look up, and see the glory of the Lord all around you. yes there are difficult moments in our lives, trials and tribulations do come, they are their to test us. What we learned from them is never to succumb to them. We seek God’s blessings over our lives, to give us strength, and patients to endure the race that is set before us. Rebuke the devil and tell him to get behind you, for you are a child of the King of the most high, and no weapon that you aim at me will penetrate the armor that my God has placed all a round me. For this is truly a brand-new day, and all the negative things that entered into my space yesterday will remain in yesterday’s space. For my God has given me a brand-new day, a brand-new moment to be about his business and he is now lifting me up, standing me up, dress me up, and given me a new walk, and a new way of talking. He has put a new song in my heart, and a brand-new way of praising him on my lips. I will now move forward in a brand-new in a brand-new way because my God has provided it to me, for me, to share with the world. I will not let him down, nor will I let myself down. I was created to be the best that I can be, and nothing or no one can stop me from doing the will of my God. My friend may the Lord’s peace rest in your soul, and his grace will always be sufficient in helping you to move forward in this season that he has given to you. For now it is your time to rise and shine. BE BLESSED MY FRIEND AND BE A BLESSING TO SOMEONE THIS DAY.

  4. Pastor Davis,

    Thank you, Pastor Davis, for your concern and for taking the time to see beneath the funny pictures to the pain and confusion between the lines. Things are a little better. Still struggling a bit, but have had faith in our Father all of these days. I’ve seen Him work in my life in the past and I know that this too shall pass. I praise Him in this storm, Pastor Davis, and thank Him for you and your prayers and blessings. Love you, my friend.


  5. Noel Williams,

    Thanks, Noel. (hugs). I’m hangin in here. I needed a break for sure.

  6. Tracy/Dover,

    God blesses the poor and says that we will hold positions of leadership in Heaven. Being poor is impacting so many people these days. There are the new impoverished, who were once considered “middle class.”

    I can’t speak for others, but psychologically-speaking, I think your theory is probably correct. I don’t understand the conservative Christian community’s take on the poor and the struggling. I don’t understand their determination to stop the government from helping in whatever way it can. I don’t think I ever will understand.

    I’ve had a real problem with resentment of those who can’t seem to understand, no matter how many times it’s explained or the bible is quoted to back up what Jesus said and thought. At this point, I prefer to simply be positive and try not to judge too harshly; instead I turn it all over to Him in whom my refuge lies….the god of Abraham, Isaac, and Moses, who will lift me up no matter what circumstances I may find myself in.

    It’s been tough …the new health insurance is wonderful and I am ever so grateful for it, but it’s been tricky trying to dig up money to pay the premiums and copays after losing my child support when J.’s father died before Christmas. We’re managing, but talk about juggling. Whew.
    Thank you again for your concern. I could read it through your opinionated posting on the poor. 😉 Love you too, Tracy,


  7. I love you also my friend. Continue to hang in there. This too shall pass. Now I will leave you with the words that God gave to Joshua. “BE STRONG AND BE COURAGEOUS!” For the Lord our God will never give up on you, neither will He put on you more than you can bare. Prayer has a way of changing all things. Remain in prayer, no matter how long it takes. God will answer your call. Jeremiah 33:3. Ask, seek and knock. Matt. 7:7. Be Encouraged and stay focus.

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