Posted by: the warrioress | February 8, 2014

Do No Harm

Using the bible in an evil way image


  1. Excellent!! I wish I could reblog it.

  2. Please feel free to reblog if you like! Thanks, Pastor Johnson!

  3. Doing anything for only the purpose of hurting is of course always wrong. However there are times when surgery is painful. “Nevertheless the foundation of God standeth sure, having this seal, The Lord knoweth them that are his. And, Let every one that nameth the name of Christ depart from iniquity.” 11 Tim 2:19

    This is the very reason that naming sin is so very important. God is Love, however God hates sin. We are commanded to depart from sin whether it be painful or not.

  4. God sure spends a lot of his time being angry. To hear some tell it, He has been on a binge ever since Eden. Because God is angry all of the time, the “true” preachers [the only ones on Earth personally approved by God (to hear them tell it)], must be angry too. Angry God. Angry preacher. Angry preacher. Angry God. You get it.

    Why is God so angry? Well, there was that Eden thing for sure. Various other negative and frustrating events ensued across assorted millennia. However, the most disturbing one has occurred only in recent times. After let the Romans tear down the temple in 72 A.D., resulting in the Jewish diaspora, there was no longer a “God’s favorite country.” This made God feel very lonely. Then one day, God said, “I know the answer!!! I will create a new Israel and call her the United States of America.” Shortly thereafter, He decided that all of the other Christina faiths in the world since 33 A.D. had failed him just miserably, which angered God even more. Then God said, “I know. Here in my new beloved nation, I will send out circuit riders across the Appalachian chain, and they will minster to the great masses of uneducated and “in need of deodorant” people with no teeth. Then these nit wit people will come together on their log house stoops and home spin a completely new and different backwoods, country-hick Christian faith to replace all of those false Christian faiths that have failed and angered me for the past 2,000 years. Then I will raise up preachers who are just as angry as I am, and they will emphasize rules and regulations rather than all of this love garbage my failed churches have touted.”

    Well, the new, uniquely American religion was created. No one knew it at the time except for the Lord, but it would be called conservative evangelicalism later in time. Then the angry preachers were swelled up with spiritual pride because God had appointed a new nation as his sole beloved, and being God’s angry servants, they concluded that “surely our angry God has appointed us to rule this new nation on his behalf and do it with an iron hand.” They then took this mantle upon themselves spread forth their spiritual pride and anger like a green bay tree (KJV Psalms 37). In the late 1800s and early 1900s, they saw an opportunity to consolidate their power and certain learned men from places such as Princeton University became interested in them, tried to help them theologically, and aided them in consolidating their power and reach across the entire nation. Finally, someone had given a bath to this homespun backwoods religion, dressed it up in a tuxedo so it looked more pleasing to the eye, and dabbled a little lipstick beneath its flat nose. She and her angry preachers were then placed on a high nationwide pedestal and all of America marveled at her glory and power. Quite literally, she owned the land and most everything in her. Her word was law. When she spoke, powerful men listened and complied. Whoever she exalted was exalted. Whoever she damned was damned.

    Then, an unusual thing happened to her in a small courthouse in Dayton, Tennessee, in the summer of 1925. There is where it all began to fall apart. Today the preachers are watching their towers of spiritual pride fall. With each passing day, modern science chips away at their “right doctrines” and shows them many of them are far from being right. Laws and regulations are giving way to love of ones neighbor as one’s self. Worst of all, the angry preachers are losing more and more of their once great power over the people. Where everyone in the hall once danced when they piped a tune, fewer and fewer people pay any attention to them. Their power has eroded, and they feel besieged and marginalized in a land they once felt that they ruled with an iron hand. So much loss—so much loss—so much loss has made the angry preachers even more angry than they were at the outset. They feel set upon by wolves from all sides. Therefore, the Bible has become less the loving word of God and more a weapon to bash those perceived to be the enemies of righteousness (the term “righteousness” being defined by them and them alone as whatever they have decided to believe and “unrighteousness” as anyone or any thing that dares to disagree with their narrow-minded theology/politics or any force that is hindering them from regaining the pharisaic power they believe that they held over an entire nation).

    And why have the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit not come rushing to their side to shore them up and put them back on the great pedestal from which they have fallen. Why have they been so marginalized? Why are fewer politicians showing up to kiss the gold linings of their robes? Why are their churches dying? They say to themselves, “Surely these must be the end times because everything is going so badly for us and evil is taking over (the term “evil” being defined as anything that disagrees with them or keeps them from regaining the civil power and authority they have lost). Put another way, “Because I am s-o-o-o-o-o g-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-d, anything in conflict with me, my designs, and my schemes is automatically evil.”

    But what if? What if this whole thing was a man-made fantasy from the outset. Maybe God never designated the United States of America as his replacement for the Israel that failed him. Maybe God never was angry all of the time. Maybe it was just the old, gnarled-fingered preachers that decided to make themselves so angry and then take out that anger on other people—usually by bludgeoning them with their Bible to take vengeance for the many losses accumulated under their fantasy dome—especially the loss of respect and power in front of the American public they once owned.

  5. Should a Christian hate sin and be angry with sin? Angry how it rips families apart and ruins lives?

  6. I have lived long enough to realize that it is humanly impossible to hate sin and not hate the sinner simultaneously—or at last not treat them hatefully in some way. The problem you have is the same problem most Christian fundamentalists have. You are trying simultaneously to be both a Christian and an Old Testament Jew. Because your dedication is more to the whole Bible than it is to Jesus Christ himself, you have trouble separating the two covenants from each other and dealing with the differences in the two.

    The Christian faith is not primarily a system of morals. I have had so many Christians either directly say or indicate that to me in some way. They say: “The Christian faith is primarily a system of moral codes.” It makes me sad that so many church people seem to think it is. Convert every verse in the Bible into a law. Do your best to follow each law every day. Take out your Bible ruler and measure yourself at the end of each day to see how well you did. Pat yourself on the back and feel safe from God’s fury if you did well. Get real depressed and hopeless if you did badly. This is the “way of death” that the Apostle Paul spoke of in the scriptures. Doing this kills a person’s spirit in this life as well as in the one to come because the law was given specifically to show people that they could not keep it no matter how hard they try. Therefore, every day ends in failure or lying to one’s self about whether failure actually occurred. It did. If you conclude otherwise, you are lying to yourself, God, and the world.

    Finally, I am not into playing the slick scriptural games that Christian fundamentalists like you love to play. Ask a question. When an answer comes, show the person that it is either unscriptural (in your opinion) or show another Bible verse that you feel counters it. Then, “Boo!!! Aha!! Gotcha!! You do not know scripture so you must not be one of Christ’s children.”

    I suspect Jesus has better things to do with his time—and I know that I do. I am not a game player.

  7. My Friend and Sister in Christ Jesus, thank you for this awesome lesson on doing no harm. You have spoke well the truth, and the bible says, “Know the truth and the truth shall set you FREE!” (John 8:32). Welcome back! May the Lord our God bless you in ways that you never image before. Just continue to allow Him to use you as His instrument to write and speak truth to power. Be Strong and Be Courageous and come boldly before the throne of grace and always speak truth to power. I love you and appreciate all that you are doing to help set the captives free.

  8. Pastor Davis, (huge hugs) thank you so much! I will do it. I love you too, my brother and appreciate all you are doing as well.

  9. Rev. Jim Finn,

    I recommend focusing upon love instead of sin and anger all of the time. When we love as Jesus loved, everything else seems to take care of itself. When we love, we want to please God, so we try not to sin, and we repent because of that love.

    “Love the Lord your God with all of your heart and all of your mind and love your neighbor as yourself.” Perhaps that is the key…love YOURSELF, Reverend Finn! Perhaps if you first love yourself, you’ll be able to really love your neighbor and even God as He desires you to. And then you’ll be happy!

  10. I think it’s pretty clear that God hates sin; God hates a lot of things because this world is made up of mortal human beings who can’t do much without sinning. Our only hope is salvation and the becoming a new creature in Christ Jesus that happens along the journey of knowing Jesus, of the Holy Spirit living within us. Naming sin and incessant focus upon sin seems like a very odd way to bring people to know Jesus. People don’t want to stop sinning until they know Jesus, Reverend Finn.

  11. Thank you. I’ll do it on Wednesday. Again, thank you so very much. 🙂

  12. Reblogged this on Yves Johnson Ministries and commented:
    Great word picture. We are to show love. In showing our love, we MUST not change God’s standard. We remain Christian in all situations. We can only share the Word. We can’t save them or condemn unbelievers or backsliders to heaven or hell.

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