Posted by: the warrioress | February 13, 2014

The Greatest Love Story

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, so I thought it only logical to share the greatest love story of all time with everyone, here on my blog.

In my last posting, I shared with you the opinions of the studied and scholarly about Old Testament Law. Because God loves you and I so much, God created a plan and a way that gave us a reprieve from Old Testament Law that the Israelites/Jews were under. God created a NEW COVENANT with man and His doing so was proof of the greatest, most unconditional love any Being could ever feel or know.

God offered His own Son, Jesus Christ, as a sacrifice for the sins of humanity so that we would no longer be under the Old Testament Law. God knew we could not keep the Law — no one could, which is why all the animal sacrifices went on, but now God was washing away our sin and making us as holy as He is through the blood of His son, Jesus Christ. Jesus was the last sacrifice; there will be no more because no more are necessary. All that is needed now is for humanity to realize this gift of love that God has offered each one of us and to reach out and take it, and BELIEVE.

None of us will ever be worthy or “good enough” to merit this gift from Holy God. We cannot ever earn the gift, no matter what good works we attempt or how saintly we act. We now please God because we love Him, because we’ve been born again of the spirit and water, because of the love and sacrifice of Jesus Christ our Lord. Jesus makes us “good enough.”

You will never find a greater, more romantic, deeper love than God’s love for us, His church (the bride of Jesus Christ). We are the church of God, the followers of Jesus Christ, and we have been adopted as God’s own beloved children. We are royalty, thanks to Jesus.

Step into and wrap yourself into the loving, heavenly arms of our Father in Heaven and accept His love; it’s the ultimate; you will never find any better or greater as long as you draw breath and exist in this life or the next one. You’ve been given something that can’t even be fathomed, no matter how hard we try to comprehend it. Please accept this great love and don’t turn God’s Valentine away. Discover this great love for yourself as I have.


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