Posted by: the warrioress | February 23, 2014

You’re Not Really Saved!

Beautiful, dead on posting from someone who is obviously very “plugged in.”

Chris Linzey


So it started like this: an Anonymous friend of mine in an online group I’m part of made a comment that he was going to go watch a Dexter marathon.

I jokingly said, “You say you’re a Christian but you watch those terrible shows. You must not really be saved.”

Then it hit me. Let’s play a game! Let’s come up with all the ways Christians downplay the salvation of those who don’t fit the mold. Let’s face it ~ we’re masters at belittling the salvation and faith of those who don’t fit our own mold of what it looks like to be a Christian.

I called it: Not Really Saved

Then the game took off like wildfire. Dozens of people jumped in and came up with hundreds of ways we belittle others’ salvation. Here’s but a small sample of some of the things we came up with.

You say…

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  1. Yes, of course I doubt your Salvation. Not because you are a leftist liberal. Why then? Simply because you told me to look at your article, “My Side of the Story,” as your personal Salvation testimony. You allude to the name of Jesus, you mention not word as to what you were turning to Christ for. According to you, no one cared for you so you asked Him to Save you from that. I asked for you to explain but you simply had no explanation to offer. I guess you believe if no one cares for you, you can then cry out and thereby learn that He does care for you. It is the weakest Testimony that I have ever heard. When a person actually gets Saved they must know why they need Saved. It is because they are a sinner whom has offended a Holy God. Then and only then can you or will you turn to Jesus Christ to Save you. I’m sure you won’t publish this as it might expose you and you simply don’t have an answer or even want to discuss it.

  2. You may find pleasure in saying that I have said you were not Saved because you are a leftist liberal or anysuch think but of course it is untrue which evidently does not bother you. Do those things raise a red flag and make me wonder? Yes, of course but they have nothing to do with being Saved.

  3. I find no pleasure in the way you think. The way you think saddens me immensely.

  4. The posting under “My Side of the Story” is representative of my salvation experience in that it is done in a creative free style, thus it isn’t going to reflect the step by step rote process of the typical salvation prayer/testimony. Am I aware of what it means to be saved and what one needs to believe and do to get salvation? Yes, I am. Do I believe that God would save me anyway if I missed one of those carefully laid out steps/rules? Yes, I do. I believe you’re too caught up in the rules and legalism and you miss the forest for the trees.

    As for your continuous accusations about my salvation, they are growing a little tiresome. I think these consistent accusations say a lot more about your salvation than mine. Again, I’m sorry for you and I am praying that God’s Holy Spirit will enlighten you. I do hope you read this posting and thought about what was being said. It was a very important posting, but it seems you didn’t grasp the nuances and intent of what was written. Again, you keep missing the bigger picture.

  5. I never mind when someone asked me about my Salvation. I am glad to tell them that I was a complete failure, I was not what God expected of me, I was way short. Consequently I turned to Jesus to Save me. When someone reads your testimony, the only thing there is no one cared for you so you cried out to be Saved. When I ask you if that’s what you got Saved from, someone caring for you, you get upset. I got Saved from the penalty of my sin. You got Saved from, I guess, someone caring for you. For an unsaved person to read that, they would not have a clue how to be Saved. I thought the idea was to lift up the Saviour in giving a testimony. Seems you are lefting up yourself in as much as it is about poor you, no one cared for you. I wonder if you can say with me, that if either of us got what we deserved, we would spend eternity in Hell? Perhaps you might say you have never deserved Hell? I don’t know, you never say. I deserve nothing. Your theme seems to be you deserve much and never get enough of what you deserve because rich people steal from you or do not give you enough. I don’t deserve anything. Nothing. I deserve Hell! How about you?

  6. Jim, the things you’ve written to me sting. They sincerely hurt. It’s all right, though, because I forgive you for your erroneous, unkind judgment of me. God knows my testimony as do those who actually read this blog, post by post.

    Anyway, no, Jim. I don’t deserve hell. I’ve been redeemed from hell by Jesus Christ and I am a child of the living god, adopted and blessed greatly. I’ve been made holy by the blood of Jesus because I believe. God doesn’t think I deserve hell. I’m sorry you feel that you think He believes you do.

    God picked me up out of the darkness and rescued me. He set me on the right path through some wonderful Christian people. I’m not going to continue to argue this with you, hon. Let’s just let it go, okay?

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