Posted by: the warrioress | March 7, 2014

Here’s Some Truth For Ya!

“I wonder how off base I am with this? I hope I am dead wrong!

You say Obama care has literally saved your bacon. Surely you would never offend God by broadcasting an out right lie? Surely you believe it is always right to tell the truth and always wrong to lie.

Is all your health care free as I suspect? If that is so it has nothing to do with Obama care. That is called welfare.

Why would I suspect such a thing out of you?

1. Every news outlet has failed to find people such as you.

2. An agency was hired by the Government to find such people and to create ads to be put on TV and thus sell Obama care to the rest of the country and so far have come up blank.

3. The State of Oregon has failed to sign up one single person.

4. Those in other States have only signed up because it is the law.

5. It is well reported by all news outlets, even CNN, that the cost of policies have gone up, not down. That does not even count the thousands upon thousands of policies that have been out right canceled.

Spreading things that are false, helps no one. As a professed Christian, surely you would never side with giving false accounts.

Please correct me by giving some actual truthful facts.”


The above comment was a reply to my own in which I clarified that one of the reasons I like President Obama and voted for him in this most recent presidential election was because of the healthcare he has organized and put forth for our country.

I told the commenter above that I could not be more grateful because Obamacare has blessed my little family and for the first time in my life I can afford a decent healthcare plan for my teenage daughter and I.  I’m a single mother and have recently had to take on this expense because my former husband died before Christmas, thus my child’s father was unable to continue keeping her on his excellent Blue Cross Blue Shield policy. He was paying about $1200 dollars a month for the two of them for that policy too.

My child is diagnosed with Bipolar II and requires thousands of dollars of psychiatric medications every month to keep her stable. Thanks to the new Obamacare healthcare plan with Humana that I purchased from, these medicines are ten dollars a piece, and some are even less. My own medications are covered as well and sell for similar prices.

Our copays are nominal with the new plan. And there was no deductible! We selected an HMO plan by Humana that has been a lifesaver. We chose a primary care doctor a mile down the road from our home and he’s just excellent. We can also go to any urgent care of our choice for fifty dollars if we need to, and a referral to a specialist is just $35. I feel very blessed by this plan and I’m thankful that the plan is affordable at only $183 a month and it covers both my daughter and I for everything including allowing us to go to the Methodist Hospitals, which are some of the best in San Antonio, Texas.

Why wouldn’t I be grateful? Why wouldn’t I vote for a president who actually cares about people like myself who could never afford our own health insurance before? Why is this so difficult for many in this country to grasp?

There is a plan afoot by conservatives to pull out all the stops to make it look like the Affordable Care Act is a failure and that there are few to none good stories to report about it, like mine; well this is just a pure lie. It’s something I expect to hear from the kind of dishonest reporting occurring every single day on Fox News Network. Elections are around the corner at the end of the year and so of course Republicans want to make our left-leaning government leaders look bad; they want your vote! They also want to be able to close the government down a few more times so that they can cost American taxpayers many more millions than they did the last time they closed it a few months ago.

In response to the above comment, I just wanted to go on record again, one more time, telling the truth about the Affordable Care Act and what it’s done for me and my family.

And to answer the commenter above again, no, my family doesn’t get food stamps. We aren’t on welfare! I’m self-employed as a landlord with my own “housing services” business. I care for the elderly and disabled in a little bed and breakfast I run here on my property and God has blessed this business of mine abundantly and continues to. God has blessed our family by putting President Obama in charge of this nation, for the time being. He is someone who cares about the working poor & middle class. He wants us to have healthcare and be able to survive in a country that provides help for those who struggle.

I’ve seen none of this from the other alleged “Christian” side of the aisle; in fact, I’ve seen the opposite. President Obama has showed real Christianity in action through Christ-like concern and care for the struggling, for single moms and fatherless children, widows, and minorities who have had a hard time. President Obama should be praised not disrespected, lied about, or persecuted by people who claim to love God. Slandering and lying about our wonderful president makes me angry and yes, I feel it is righteous anger. I stand up for those who care about me, who actually try and make my life better; I don’t allow people to tell lies and continuously bear false witness without confrontation.

I do hope God will bless President Obama and his family and make his remaining years as our president successful and happy. May he continue to help those who need it — because some of us are very grateful and are honestly attempting to speak out and share our truth with other Americans who have been deluded by those who want the president to fail.


  1. Seems a little strange that apparently no one else can get such a good deal. You pay less than $200 per month and get a return each month of thousands. Who is it that makes up the difference? The rich?

  2. Thank you for articulating that which is , dare I use this hackneyed term (fair and balanced). What I am seeing as I have stated before in many venues is a real lack of what I call “honest to God” Christianity. Most want to have “fifty cents worth of God, please” Thank you again for standing up for our brothers and sisters.

  3. I will add my 2 cents to this as well. For the past 33 years, my family and I have been covered by high-quality, employer-provided health insurance. I got laid off from my job on February 28, and my employer’s business was so small that he was not allowed to have a COBRA program for his employees. This left my family without any affordable option for health insurance, and if this were 2009 rather than 2014, my family would have had no health insurance at all right now—meaning we would be one serious illness away from bankruptcy.

    One problem we have already, like Adrienne, is that the full retail price on our medications that we already take runs to a total of about $10,000 per year, which is a steep bill for a family with little post-layoff income. Fortunately, Obamacare came along at precisely the time in life when my family most needed it. We were able to get a Humana policy for the family as a whole through Obamacare, although it was more expensive than Adrienne’s plan—probably because there are more than just two people in my family.

    I am out looking for a good job now, and we will go back on employer-provided health insurance when I get a new job, which I hope and pray will be soon. In the meantime, I am thankful to Jesus that he made Obamacare available at the exact moment when my family most needed it. Based on my prior 34 years of employer provided health insurance, it seemed most likely that our family would never need Obamacare. Nonetheless, I wanted it to be available to other people in difficult circumstances (like Adrienne) who did need it.

    Beginning in 2008 and going all the way up until the Affordable Care Act was passed and signed into law in 2010, I supported President Obama and the Democratic Congress of 2006 in their quest to reform our broken healthcare system. In addition, I personally campaigned for it on Christian Internet venues and blogs. When the big U.S. Supreme Court challenge came, I prayed hard that the law would not be gutted and that the Lord would bring his will to bear on the outcome of the case. The deciding vote was Chief Justice John Roberts, a committed conservative who is also a committed Christian in the Roman Catholic Church. Mr. Roberts knew what was at stake, and he knew the will of Jesus in matters like this. He voted for Jesus. The night when the U.S. Supreme Court decision was handed down, I went into the dark sanctuary of a large United Methodist Church, where there was only one other person sitting in the shadows, and I prayed sincere, earnest, and heartfelt prayers of thanksgiving that the “least of these” had not been allowed to slip through the cracks of an otherwise cruel and heartless world—a world where many of the most cruel and heartless of all dare to call themselves Christians.

    Just this evening, I was watching a rebroadcast of the television miniseries called The Bible. They were showing the Jesus episodes. During the episode where Jesus was brought before the high priest for judgment and slammed cruelly onto the stone floor, his bloodied face was shrouded in his own long hair. Caiaphas bent down over Jesus and made a spiteful remark. Jesus lifted up his head to face Caiaphas, the long hair peeled away, and the glare on Jesus’s face was priceless. It lasted only 2 or 3 seconds—but you knew—you knew—that the high priest came within only a split second of getting every atom in his body and soul blasted to the outer rim of the known universe—or just like that “Twilight Zone” episode where the little boy turns his uncle into a jack-in-the-box and wishes him into a corn field.

    In the Book of Genesis, God asks Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?” Cain responds, “I don’t know. Am I my brother’s keeper?” The rest of the Bible from that page forward to Omega thunders the answer to that question, “You bet your sweet rear end YOU ARE!!!” And He means it too. The Holy Trinity has formally appointed us all, Christian and non-Christian alike, the keepers of our many brothers and sisters on this Earth. You can deny that if you like, but you need to recall that Jesus does not just support the poor, sick, imprisoned (lonely, homeless, etc.). He identifies his very being and existence with them to the point where He says that whatever you do or fail to do for them you do or fail to do for me. I AM one with you, and I AM you That is powerful. That is powerful. That is powerful. So, you can kick Adrienne’s sick daughter around all you want, strip away her Obamacare insurance policy, and deliver her up to Rick Perry for crucifixion if you like. But remember who Jesus is, remember what He demands of you, and never forget that 2 to 3 second glare I saw this evening.

    Reverend or not, I have an answer for Mr. Finn. Who is paying for the medicine Adrienne’s daughter is taking? I will tell you who—I am. I have two healthy kids on my Humana health insurance policy. I am paying insurance premium money for them that they may never have to use because they are so young and healthy. When I get my insurance with my new employer and if that is Humana insurance too, I will continue to do so for many years. Other Americans under Obamcare have healthy children too, and they are helping out in the same way. Personally, I am pleased as punch to be paying for the care Adrienne’s daughter is getting. If some of that payment is extra coming out of my hard–earned tax dollars, I am equally happy that those dollars are helping her as well. Over my lifetime, I have probably paid in enough taxes to supply Obamacare policies to Adrienne’s whole neighborhood, and I do not begrudge the good use of those dollars to help the “least of these.”

    I would like to make this clear as crystal. We hear a lot of two-bit crap from people who claim to be Christians these days. Most of them are Republicans, and they say that the U.S. Government has usurped the role of the private charitable giver and the church in helping the poor. They say that the Bible allows only personal charitable contributions to help the sick and poor, and that the government is becoming people’s God. That is the stupidest nonsense I have ever heard. Whoever helps you or is kind to you is suddenly your God? I hold the door for a woman entering a department store, and that act of mannerly charity makes me her God? Wow!!! Where did I ever get such power!!!??? Listen up!!! In ancient Israel, the government and the Jewish religion were one and the same. Religious law required that the least of these be taken care of and rightly so. Therefore, not just charitable individual people, but also the combined Jewish government-religion was taking care of the “least of these.” The notion that government has no role in doing this is absurd and at odds with what we know about ancient Judaism and how the culture operated in Old Testament days. In fact, Gary Frieson (a professor at a conservative Bible college in Oregon) has calculated that the temple taxes, tithes, and other fees on the Jewish people worked out to an American tax rate of about 30 percent.

    I will close with this thought. Most of the churches I know anything about have trouble paying the bills they already have. My church has to take up extra money to meet financial shortfalls some months. Let’s say that the government has no right to be using tax dollars to help the sick, and it should all be done by private charity and most of all by the churches. Let’s take that $1,000 of extra money leftover each month down at your church and use it to pay for all of the care 10 cancer patients get in that church’s neighborhood. That runs to a cost of about $ 5,000,000/year. I see a huge shortfall there. Where is your church going to get the rest of the money to pay those medical bills? Remember, you have a Biblical obligation to help “the least of these.” Where are you going to get the rest of that money? The fact of the matter is that you are not going to get it anywhere. What you are going to do is maybe—just maybe—drop $12,000 into their plate and walk away saying, “Your cancer? Not my problem beyond this gift.” A good Christian acquaintance of mine drove home a good point to me that dovetails with this. Before the Holy seat of the Lord, if you are going to vote to take away that $5,000,000 of government help that those 10 cancer patients are already getting right now under Obamacare, you have a holy obligation to God to come up with every last penny of that $5,000,000 from other sources so the patient needs will still be met. Nowhere does the Bible excuse you from paying the last penny for their care. If not from the government—and considering how many poor and sick people there are all over the nation—where on Earth are you going to get those vast amounts of money—vast amounts of money—necessary to meet your holy obligation to take care of all these people in the name of Jesus? Nowhere—except from the only source capable of doing that—pooled tax dollars collected from us by the government. This is how we contribute our fair share and do the most sustainable good for the most people.

    I will tell you what the real problem is here. It is a lot of people claiming to be Christians who are really not Christians at all. They are church people and nonchurch people who see the sacrifice of Jesus as little more than a cheap—and I do mean cheap—fire insurance policy. They care nothing about “the least of these” except in the conceptual and abstract sense within their own minds. Their true belief system is that this present world is all there really is or ever will be to human existence; therefore, the wise action is to have as much fun as possible while here—and that takes lots of money. At the breakfast table they say, “If I could get Uncle Sam to quit taking so many tax dollars out of my paycheck, I could use those dollars to move up from a Lexus to a Mercedes or maybe buy that new bass boat I have had my eye on for a while.” Screw that kid with leukemia—I am going fishing in my new boat. That is exactly what is going on here. Frankly, I am amazed that these people can read the Holy Bible and at the same time be so blind concerning what it says about their obligations to “the least of these.”

    This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. (Matthew 5:18). That about sums it up.

  4. So unless we believe it is the duty of the Government to take care of us, we are not then Bible believers?

  5. Jim Finn said:

    Seems a little strange that apparently no one else can get such a good deal. You pay less than $200 per month and get a return each month of thousands. Who is it that makes up the difference? The rich?

    The price you pay for insurance is based upon YOUR INCOME. For those who make less per month, government subsidies contribute to the cost of the insurance, so the insurance company still makes a reasonable price, but the insurance is more affordable for people who don’t make as much as the well-off or rich do.

    It’s also set up as the kind of program where everyone pays according to what they can afford to pay, based upon their income. This way everyone gets a nice regular piece of the pie, instead of some people getting everything and some getting nothing or very little at all just because of differences in income.

    I’m not sure how this is a problem for you, Jim, especially when you read your bible and you’re told to share everything you own with others, especially those who have less than you. How is this unreasonable? Why can’t you grasp this simple concept that Jesus Christ stated is the way that people will recognize you are a Christian? They recognize you’re a Christian by your love for others, not your selfishness. They recognize you by the fruits of the spirit that you demonstrate as a follower of Christ. Remember?

  6. Jim Finn said:

    So unless we believe it is the duty of the Government to take care of us, we are not then Bible believers?

    I didn’t say you didn’t believe the bible, Jim. I think you believe it; I just don’t think you want to do what it says. You don’t want to do what JESUS CHRIST said. You don’t like what He said and you don’t want to live out what He said. Unfortunately, you Republican die-hard religious right Christians cannot grasp the sharing thing. Remember when Jesus said it would be harder for those who love money to get into heaven than for a camel to go through the eye of a needle..??? Well, Jim, you’re living proof of what Jesus was talking about. You don’t grasp a good majority of the preaching Jesus preached, evidently. I know you’re not unintelligent; you’re simply stubborn, hardheaded, and determined to rebel against the will of God.

  7. Well, Tracy/Dover1952… you obviously get it. And you did sum it all up quite nicely with that last biblical quote.

    This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. (Matthew 5:18). That about sums it up.

    It’s sad, isn’t it? Just terribly sad.
    This is why there are going to be one heck of a lot of folks in for a big surprise when Jesus returns. Thank you so much for attempting to explain to Jim. I know we’ve both been trying over and over, but it doesn’t appear to be doing much good, does it?

  8. Dr. Denis,

    Thank you for articulating that which is , dare I use this hackneyed term (fair and balanced). What I am seeing as I have stated before in many venues is a real lack of what I call “honest to God” Christianity. Most want to have “fifty cents worth of God, please” Thank you again for standing up for our brothers and sisters.

    It’s all about money for them, isn’t it, Dr.? I’ve never seen anything so completely sad in all of my life. It’s like a blind spot. Like some people have blinders on.

  9. Adrienne. It is not hard for me to understand Jim Finn. He comes from a homespun, rural American religious tradition that has a different emphasis from yours and mine. It goes something like this in sequential order:

    1) A preacher delivered a fire and brimstone sermon about how people are sinful and unclean and God plans to destroy them because of it. Jim and several other people in the pews got real scared and answered the altar call at the end of the sermon.

    2) From that point forward Jim was saved by grace through Jesus Christ, but he saw his repentance a s a promise to God that he would try his hardest to never sin again (to the extent possible0. Grace covers the rest.

    (This is where his tradition and our tradition diverge.)

    3) From that moment forward, Jim saw the “daily practice” of the Christian faith as a daily mission in learning Biblical law and using it as the principal basis for a program of personal “life scrubbing” to free himself from as much sin dirt as possible. You might think of it in terms of people who have the psychological disorder of compulsive hand washing and keep doing it their whole lives because of failing to get treatment. In his tradition, this process of daily personal cleansing or “sanctification” (as they call it) is viewed as the primary practice and expression of the Christian life. If you are not doing this and making it your primary priority, your Christianity is suspect because Christianity is all about defining the limits of morality, staying within them, and “freeing one’s self from sin” so as to please God and in so doing achieve great rewards in Heaven. You might think of these rewards as Gold Stars or Brownie Points that you can cash in for high-level goods and services in Heaven. Christianity is also all about witnessing for Jesus because this is how you get other people started on their daily programs of cleaning up themselves.

    4) When Jim reads 2 Timothy 4:7, “I have fought a good fight, I have finished my course, I have kept the faith,” he sees this differently from you and me. He means that he succeeded in elevating an emphasis on Biblical law (so he and others would know what “clean” looks like, kept himself as clean as possible from sin across his entire life, and presented Jesus to other people so they could clean themselves up as much as possible.

    5) MOST IMPORTANT POINT: Outside of witnessing to make others clean, Jim’s tradition believes that the “true” Christian is defined by the things ONE DOES NOT DO in their life. As the old saying goes, “I don’t smoke and I don’t chew, and I don’t go out with girls who do.” Many in this sort of tradition do not believe in girls and boys swimming in the same water together and other such nonsense. When a big focus of your faith life is based on defining morality limits and trying really hard NOT TO DO certain things, you get such tunnel vision that it never occurs to you that the primary focus of the Christian faith might be on THE THINGS YOU NEED TO BE DOING FOR JESUS. The other major point here is that Jim’s tradition focuses inward on the self. It is all about ME, ME, ME, ME and what I can do for ME so God will regard ME as clean—and not take away MY rewards in Heaven. This is why the practice of Jim’s tradition looks so selfish and is so selfish. It is by its very nature highly focused on the self. When your mind makes you and your own moral cleanliness the center of the known universe, there is very little time leftover to love God or love your neighbor as yourself.

    6) When Jim dies and goes to the great courtroom in the sky, he will go there with great confidence. He will say that he was saved by grace through Jesus Christ and that he spent his whole life after that working really hard each day to keep himself clean and witnessing so other people could get busy making themselves clean. Notice that “selves” in there. The risk he runs is (Thundering from the Throne): “If you read the words of Jesus in the New Testament, I AM mostly interested not so much in what you did not do as I AM interested in what things you did do for your neighbors and how you loved them. Tell us about that in detail. This is where I wanted your life to be focused. All that energy you spent on morality and cleanliness is what my grace was given to cover so you would be freed up to love Me and your neighbor as yourself. All that time of yours was wasted. To the limited extent possible in mortal life, the sanctification would have come along on its own simply through the process of loving Me and others.

    7) My sincere hope is that Jim could awaken to the fact that people are hurting and that he could be doing something to help those people—or at least get out of the way so other people with loving hearts can. I wish Jim could explain to us why it is perfectly fine with him and Jesus for a critically ill child to die because the parents have only $1,000 in their savings account and the life-saving operation costs $100,000. I have a real need to understand that kind of thinking.

  10. Hum, I don’t have a savings account. My only income is social security. My one means of transportation is a 14 year old truck. I give a minium of over $300 dollars from my $1500 check each month to help others and you tell folk I don’t care for others. As you dissect me, perhaps you can suggest how I should do more. I’m 70 years old yet for 2 straight years, recently, I helped by organizing and standing often in the cold, helping Fatherless young people by selling candy to help pay for their Christian education. I often gave the Mother money, boxes of food etc. Perhaps you do much more than myself with the little you have. I would love to hear about it to give me guidance. Surely you all are big givers and take very little.

  11. Jim, if you are as generous as you claim, why on earth would you oppose other people, like myself and my child, receiving affordable healthcare? Please answer me. Pontificating and avoiding the topic of your opposition to healthcare for all is a little irritating. Just be straight up & show us how it is biblical to deny healthcare to millions upon millions of people who cannot afford it, please.

  12. Where did you ever get the idea that I was against you and your daughter or anyone else getting affordable health care? Why would you even say such a thing? Why heap unfounded charges against me? Please explain.

  13. You and your followers have made charge after charge against me that is not only groundless but you folk never pick out anything specific that I write and show how it is false. All you can do is make general charges. You complain on my blog that I don’t let you make comments yet none of your comments are moderated and get published directly. Yet on your blog you moderate all my comments and only permit either part of them or the ones you choose. Consequently you speak out of both sides of your mouth. I’m not making a general charge, I am being specific and you won’t publish any of this because you hate the truth when you are confronted with it.

    Just like your opinion of Fox news. You generalize by saying thet constantly tell lies but you are completely unable to cite the lies.

  14. Where did I get the idea that you’re against people in this nation getting affordable health care, including the poor, etc., through the Affordable Care Act? Why because you constantly slander and tear down President Obama who created Obamacare/the ACA and you are the commenter at the top of this posting who states that you believe I must be on food stamps/welfare. Are you not?

    Anytime I have said that I supported President Obama, you came down upon me hard and said I wasn’t a real Christian. Anyone can read these comments of yours on your own blog! You call me a “leftist liberal” and regularly say that Democrats are false Christians. You regularly say that I am not really saved.

    You and your co-blogger, Sage, condemn our nations president almost daily on your various blog postings. You slander the president and write lies about him, and all of the lies are baloney that you gleaned from FOX NEWS. They are lies that have absolutely no merit. You regularly infer and claim blatant lies, that Obama is a Muslim, and countless other debunked accusations. You claim Obama is on a nonstop spending spree, when he has actually reduced the deficit. Anyone can go to any of your blog postings and immediately note the hatred you have for the liberal left and for anyone who leans left, like ME.

    You are a Republican Party cheerleader. You are one of the religious right who despises liberals and Democrats, who does not believe that any Christian can vote for or support President Obama. Do you now deny this?

    You have been persecuting me on my blog and your blog for approximately the last several months. I don’t allow all of your comments because the majority of them are completely OFF TOPIC and make no sense whatsoever. Many of them are simply notifying me about another posting you have done on your blog that you believe I need to come over there and read. Some of your comments are completely inappropriate and too personal to print.

    I’m not interested in sharing your life story about the intimate problems you’ve had with your grown son, etc., on this blog. I always print on topic comments from you, but yes, you will remain moderated until you can post consistently on topic, appropriately.

  15. I’ve addressed this entire comment in my last comment on this posting. Anyone directing anything to you has been very, very clear, Jim. And you and sage have moderated and deleted many of my comments on your blog up until very recently.

    Jim, to be quite blunt and honest with you, I’m sick and tired of you accusing me of not being a real Christian. I’m sick and tired of you insulting our wonderful president. I’m fed up with your negative, un-Christian behavior on that blog of yours wherein you constantly try to bait liberal-leaning people by insulting our president nearly daily.

    I have attempted to ignore you, avoid you, and simply just pray for you but you continue to come to my blog and leave several comments a day. Why are you harassing me?

    —Because that is exactly what this is, Jim. Harassment. Baiting, Intimidation, Accusing, Belittling, etc. and I am tired of it. I’m out of patience with it.

  16. Again you make only general attacks. I never one time have said Obama is a Muslim. You have lied. Obama had reduced the debt? Even CNN would not agree with that. In the past 5 years the debt has gone from 10 trillion to now over 17 trillion? That is a reduction? Never one time did I say you were not a Christian. Yes, many times I can not see in your heart and have my doubts. Yes I believe the Government has no business in health care but that certainly does not mean I am against the poor. Do I believe the Government will raise the cost of health care, lower the quality and help drive the country bankrupt? Yes I do. Do I believe President is a terrible President? The worse we have ever had. Do I believe it is wrong for the President to promote abortion, same sex marriage to declare the entire month of June “Gay, Lesbian, transexual month?” Yes I do! Do I wonder how a Christian can say they believe Gods Word and yet support these policies? Yes I do!

    Tell me just one lie that I ever told about the President. You can’t. I mostly repeat what comes out of his mouth.

    It saddens me that the President is not on the side of Israel. It saddends me that the President says the sweetest sound he knows is when the Muslims are called to pray. That is from his own mouth. Not something I made up.

    It ticks me off that Obama criticized the sermon on the mount and said the Old Testament is wrong.

    Now if you wish to show me specifically how any of my statements here are false, I welcome you show me specific points. If all you wish to do is generalize, I have no interest.

    It still seems strange to me that you and Dover say your health care has been lowered through Obama care but the rest of the Nation says theirs has been raised.

  17. Jim,

    Unfortunately, I read my email late…sometimes it is a week or so after someone has sent me email before I get to it.

    This is one of the most recent mails you sent me:

    “I am ashamed of our Military, ashamed of Obama, ashamed of our Country and very ashamed of you to claim to be a Christian and a Bible believer. You are a disgrace to the cross. I spent 8 years in the United States Marine Corps and was proud to do so. My guess is you have never worked in your life, do not attend a church and are on welfare because you are too lazy to work and believe the World owes you a living. Shameful for a Christian.”

    Jim, you email me daily at my private email. Please cease and desist.

    You and I will not benefit from continuing to discuss anything. Let’s agree to simply let one another be. I will not return to your postings and I ask politely that you not return to mine. I believe it is best if we simply let this alone and cease communication. I wish you the best in your walk with the Lord, Jim, and I will continue to pray for you. I do enjoy Sage’s postings on homeschooling, so I may continue to read those, but I am going to do my best to end this unproductive nonsense going on between you and I.

    God bless you.


  18. Wonderful conclusion to the whole matter. Continuing to lie like you do is of no interest to me. I certainly do not e-mail you daily as you very well know. How can you even say such a thing and then want me to believe things you say. When you lie about little things you obviously lie about big things. Yes, you are a disgrace to the cross and everything that is Holy!

  19. I think the divorce court people call these irreconcilable differences, which means that continued argument will go nowhere good.

    Jim. Things are not the way they were in the 1940s when broadcast and print journalism were engaged in by people who for the most part were interested in, as TV policeman Joe Friday said, “Just the facts M’am. Just the facts.” Lowell Thomas would not recognize today’s journalism. Since the invention and diffusion of the Internet and 24-hour cable news, the reliable journalism of the mid-20th century has ceased to exist and has been replaced by massive propaganda campaigns on both the right and the left. A lot of this propaganda is produced and spread by private citizens issuing it out of their own homes by using fancy looking websites that they have created (or had created for them) to “look like” they are large, well funded organizations that issue nothing but truth. Basically, unless you have a way to check facts independently, it is hard to tell what is truth and what is a lie anymore. Worst of all, many of them tell half truths and half lies. They issue just enough truth to make it sound good so you will swallow the 50 percent that is a lie. The other slick trick is to tell only the half of a story they want you to hear while conveniently (for them) leaving out the other half of the story that looks bad for them.

    Adrienne and I are not lying about Obamacare. At the job from which I was recently laid off, my employer and I both contributed to paying the monthly premium for my family of four. The monthly total premium was $1,418, and the part of that came out of my paycheck was about $660, meaning my boss paid the rest. After getting laid off, I looked into buying a private policy through the private insurance broker that had served my employer. A bare bones private policy that was of far worse quality and had far worse benefits than the policy i had at work cost $752/month. The other and better private policies he had were $1200/month and up. The Obamacare policy we got for our family was very comparable in benefits to the $1,418/month policy we had where I worked, but the premium is only $420/month. If I had taken a slightly less quality Obamacare plan (a silver plan), I could have signed the family up for it at only about $270/month. I am giving you specifics here.

    The information you are getting is false propaganda against Obamacare that is issued by special interests who fear they have a lot to lose if Obamacare works—and are desperate to kill it just like the Pharisees were desperate to kill Jesus. The propaganda machine is going full tilt with lies about Obamacare, and you seem to be absorbing all of those lies and believing they are truth. Adrienne and I have told you the truth about our particular Obamacare experiences. Rather than reading the propaganda on the Internet, go ask individual people that you know on the street or down at your local lunch counter. Ask them if they got an Obamacare policy, and ask them how much it costs them per month. You will get the truth that way.

  20. Adrienne. Some recent research indicates that it may be in our genes. Many parents teach their kids to share and that sharing is good. If you ever go to a playground and observe the sandbox, you will see kids sharing toys. However, there are usually a couple of kids who refuse to share their toys with other kids, and their parents back them up in it. Something similar seems to happen with respect to racism and other people that are not of ones group. Scientists who study this sort of stuff are beginning to come to the conclusion that selfishness in human behavior for some people may have a genetic basis and that people who are caught up in “us vs. them” are also doing it because of their genes.

    In other words, unlike in the old days when psychologists thought all human behavior was a result of good or bad nurturing, they are beginning to find that personality and attitudes have a genetic substrate—just like in other mammals. In other words, some people who are persistent A-holes may be that way because their genes make them that way.

    From an evolutionary and adaptive perspective, those genes are still in the human gene pool because they can be useful in the right circumstances. For example, if Neville Chamberlain had been the worst A-hole that ever lived at Munich, Hitler might have backed down in Europe. Jack-the-Ripper behavior and other psychopathic behaviors may have a genetic basis. If you are going into battle against an enemy in a do or die situation with a lot at stake, the psychopathic mentality may be what wins the day. Once again, these genes and the chemical switches that turn them on and off have not been deleted from the human gene pool because they can be adaptive.

    The trouble comes in when the people who have these genes get the genes “switched-on” by chemicals in their bodies when there is no crisis that needs those extreme genes. Then a polite society has Hannibal Lechter and Jeff Dahmer, and Ted Bundy to contend with.

    Recently, some scientists have suggested that being “liberal” and being “conservative” are genetically based. The genes for liberalism still exist because the world still needs kindness and love. The genes for conservatism exist because being selfish, resistant to change, insensitive to the needs of other people, and focused on riches can be useful in certain sociocultural circumstances.

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