Posted by: the warrioress | March 8, 2014

Rebuke & Correction

This is an excellent little discussion that clarifies the authority necessary to rebuke and correct other Christian believers. I wish we could share this video with every Christian who claims Jesus Christ and make them watch it.

The lady in the video is obviously informed as she discusses “the critical spirit” of some believers, and the way that they accuse, accost, and harass others.

As believers, we are not to rebuke or correct other believers whom we have no authority over. The Word does not command anyone to rebuke or correct those who are not under their authority. Our church leaders who are led by the spirit of the Lord, who display the fruits of the spirit, may be people we desire to submit to and we may want to learn from such an authority. We may want to accept rebuke and correction from those in authority over us.

Unfortunately, there are those who think they can dictate to and boss others, demand, rebuke, correct, and issue forth fruits of manipulation, intimidation, accusation, negativity, etc.; these are fruits of a critical spirit not a godly spirit. These are not the fruits of the Holy Spirit of God.

Pay these people no mind.

For the Mobile Viewer, click HERE.

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