Posted by: the warrioress | March 23, 2014

Turning Her Over to Him

When I’m lost and alone, worrying myself silly, doing everything I can, it’s hard to reach out to anyone; I tend to go inside of myself and hibernate like a recluse.

I peek out of the cave occasionally until I remember that I’ve done all I can do about this situation. I can’t control what happens next. It’s time to let go and let God.

My baby, my teen daughter, is in her own version of hell on earth, I guess. This bipolar nightmare she is living through has descended upon us once again and she’s in the hospital. They are changing her meds again and I hope the change helps and brings her out of this. I know God is with my child, but I hurt.

God loves our children deeply and if they’ve ever turned to Him in their lives, I have to believe that He is seriously paying attention when they get into trouble.

As her mother, I’m turning my beautiful teen daughter over to God, to His holy care and love, to bring her through this tough time she’s been enduring:  we’ve all been enduring it…those who love her, I mean. We’re all in prayer for her.  I trust God as I always have to have her back. I know He’s got this. Now I must just trust in that fact and stand strong in faith.

Father, thank you for loving Jessa and holding her in your arms. I don’t see through to the end of this road, but I know you’re in charge of our family. We in this household choose to serve you, Heavenly Father. Please bless Jessa and keep her exactly where you want her to be. I trust that you’ve got her well being in your hands through the doctors and staff at the hospital. Help me to rest in you and not to stress. Love you, God. In Jesus’ name. Adrienne.



  1. Prayers for you and your daughter.

  2. Lord hold Jessa and Adrienne tightly in your arms. Wipe their tears, give them strength and clothe them with your courage and grace. Lord in your mercy bring healing and peace to Jessa. Bless them with your healing touch. Bless the doctors, nurses, social workers and everyone else caring for her and her family. Give them wisdom and direction.Thank you Lord for the beautiful, talented, creative servant – Adrienne. In Jesus’ name. Amen!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear that J is not doing well and is hospitalized. My prayers go out for both of you as I know just how close you are and how much you need each other
    Father, I lift up Jess and Adrienne for you glory and blessing. I ask that you place your healing hands around them both and make them whole again for Your Glory can make all things happen. We thank you for the many blessings You have poured on us throughout our life’s. And thank You in advance for the blessing You are about to give us now. In the name of your Glorious Son we pray, Amen.

    Love you Adrienne!


  4. My heart goes out to you and your daughter during this difficult time. Our niece has bipolar disorder, and I know it’s so frustrating when the medicines lose their effectiveness and have to be changed over and over. Today, through circumstances none of us could have imagined, she’s off all medications and is doing well. So there is hope, even when it seems hopeless.

    I’m praying your daughter will soon awaken from this “bipolar nightmare”. In the meantime, may you both know the peace, comfort and confidence only God can give during these times.

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