Posted by: the warrioress | May 21, 2014

Why I Don’t Give Straight Answers About Homosexuality (Because Everyone Starts Yelling)

If you don’t read JS Park, ya better start!

J.S. Park: Hospital Chaplain, Skeptical Christian

Whenever someone asks me “Is homosexuality a sin?” — I back off the question like a nuclear reactor core in my living room.

Because no one is actually asking the question with a sincere heart to know the answer. Not really. It’s almost always a trap to box you inside a preprogrammed prison. Our dichotomous categories can only allow for “bigotry and homophobia” or “liberal immorality,” and no one is even pretending to have a rational conversation about it.

I’m a Christian, which means I follow Jesus. Nothing more, nothing less. If I’m pressed hard enough, I’ll say, “I believe what the Bible says about marriage, but I also believe I’m called to love like Jesus does — and he would be loving you, me, and gay people, who are also people.”

But there is more to this answer.

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  1. Hi the Warrioress,

    The fact is that the Bible almost don’t speak about homosexuality. It was just not that important. Lesbianism is merely don’t forbidden and polygamy was also condoned during centuries. Don’t forget that Abraham had a child with his servant…
    And Jesus defended an adulteress woman whilst she could be stoned according to the Old Testament. Does it mean that Jesus championed adultery ?
    Some must read a few things about David and Jonathan ambiguous relationship…

  2. Sorry for my bad english , I’m a foreigner.

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