Posted by: the warrioress | June 10, 2014

Holy Soothsayers

imageBiblical prophecy is an area whereby the ultra-religious have become holy soothsayers and divine interpreters of The Word. Their latest look into our future seems to be an inner certainty that Pope Francis is the “false prophet” spoken about in the book of Revelation. These same godly fortune tellers assume President Obama is the antichrist, or that the beast is waiting just around the corner, biding his time before popping out to wreak havoc.

I’ve amused myself thinking about Hillary Clinton winning the presidency in 2016 and how wonderful it will be to finally not have a president be accused of being the beast, as antichrist is supposed to be male. This means that Hillary is a safe vote for those of you who stress about these kinds of concerns.

Anyway, evidently the Pope has erred by allowing prayers of Islam to be prayed for the first time ever at the Vatican;never mind that it’s all about brokering peace where none has been before. The rumors are running rampant that the Church and the Muslims are in a conspiracy to create the new “one world religion” wherein all will worship the beast and eventually bow down and take the mark of satan himself.


I remember when I thought seriously about these kind of absurdities; sometimes I couldn’t sleep because of anxiety and fear over whether or not I would recognize the mark of the beast and how to make sure I didn’t accidentally agree to take it. Eventually I realized that making myself and everyone else fearful and worried wasn’t God’s will for my life as a Christian — nor is it God’s will for anyone else’s life either.

God told us not to worry, fear, or stress. He recommended we keep our eyes open, stay informed, and trust Him. Writing daily posts to terrify and warn others about what they are powerless to do anything about wasn’t on His itinerary. We are instead led to think on good, lovely, inspiring things. We are to encourage and love everyone…always love, and let our lights shine. Stirring up angst and anxiety seems like something satan’s team would be more into.image

Slurring the Pope and the sitting President isn’t loving to me, is it to you? Both these men claim Christianity and the accuser of Christian brethren is and has always been satan, not God..not the godly. Hmm.

I continue to watch world events playing out cautiously. There are some things that seem so crystal clear to me now, though. The truly godly among us make me feel loved, safe, blessed, and not stressed. People who make me feel nervous, afraid, fearful and worried about the future are not Christ-like; their words or writings are not uplifting, nor do they make me think deeply; they make me sigh and want to retreat back to prayer and the safety of the proverbial arms of my Father in Heaven.



  1. Sad commentary, the false prophets making their big profits by accusing Pope Francis of being a false prophet… irony…

  2. The Revelation of Jesus Christ to John was written to encourage believers, not make them tremble in fear. While today’s reader can certainly find that message of hope and anticipation in its less arcane passages, I believe much of the secret code required to interpret the visions in this book has been lost to antiquity. Much modern interpretation is based on taking current events and trying to shoehorn them into these sensational stories. But they were written centuries ago, specifically to people who knew how to decipher their hidden meaning.

  3. The rumors are running rampant that the Church and the Muslims are in a conspiracy to create the new “one world religion” wherein all will worship the beast and eventually bow down and take the mark of satan himself.

    We already have this one world religion. It’s called hate, and Christians as well as Muslims (and others) do already take part in it for ages. It has discrimination and phobia as its sacraments and many followers among those who claim to be true believers of the one God. They’re not. And they will face the consequences.

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