Posted by: the warrioress | June 14, 2014

Blundering Along

I am having one of the more difficult times of my entire life. It’s certainly been one challenge after another for quite sometime now. Thankfully, I know from whence my bread is buttered and who holds the key to my happiness and well-being.

God, through Jesus Christ, will give us a different kind of peace through horrible times and troubles. It’s an acceptance, an eventual calmness, a promise of seeing us through — a certain kind of never-relenting strength.

I only wish I could control when this peacefulness gets away from me and I react carnally; it’s so frustrating when I’m trying to be like Jesus in every facet of my life that I find myself being anything but a lot of the time.  It’s disappointing because I want to please God. I know He understands my troubles though and accepts my falling down again and again.

Forgive me for my utter failings, Lord Jesus. Please help me to do better under the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Teach me, and keep me humble and pliable so that I can learn well. Never allow me to become too arrogant to apologize and ask forgiveness from those whom I offend and harm through my daily “bull in a china shop” blunderings.

Thank you, my Lord.


  1. Adrienne,
    As we journey down our daily walk, we go in peace knowing our every step is guided by our Lord. It is this inner peace that shelters us from the wrongs of the world. We do have our frustrating moments, when we decide we can do it alone without Him, but He does have a way of bringing us back on path.

    The hardest thing to remember is that it is His will, not ours that be done. Peace be with you and calm be your mind my sister for God has a plan and we will walk with Him in His plan.


  2. Paul wrestled with the same frustrations as we do…Romans 7:14-20

  3. “Come follow me and I will give you rest.” They don’t get much of that down at the IFB Church. Every day is a mad race between God’s anger and your bar of soap.

  4. God will guide your way.

  5. I keep waiting and praying.

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