Posted by: the warrioress | June 22, 2014

Just Sad

A close personal friend of mine had a massive stroke about twelve days ago now. The stroke left him unable to communicate at all and doctors think he’s also blind. He’s unresponsive, or so I’m told.

Don played so many different roles in my life.

Friend, beau, best friend, father figure, and finally as he’s been aging: someone for me to look after, protect, and care for.

I’m not a blood relative so I guess I don’t “rate” but Don’s wishes do.. or did.

My best friend has been removed from my life and the life of my teen daughter. Nevertheless, he’s in all of our family portraits and photos from the time she was just a baby. He was as close as family can be and in my case, closer.

We haven’t been allowed to see Donald in seven days or more and may never be able to see him again. We no longer have any control over what happens to Don. We thought the paperwork was in order; unfortunately, my endless warnings to Donald went unheard while he was in moderately good health.

All we can do now is mourn and look on at various events in shock, bewilderment, and sadness. All I’ve been able to do is wake up and try and get through the day, striving impossibly to fill the empty places that Donald has left in our house, our daily living experience, our lives.

My daughter and I are terribly sad and this is why I haven’t been writing.


  1. I am so sorry my friend. Dear Lord, move mountains and bring Don’s wishes to pass, despite this current confusion. We bind confusion and release your love Lord into this situation. And I come into agreement with Adrienne – let your love prevail, and her and her daughter’s too – open doors and open hearts Lord, in Jesus Name. Diana

  2. Dear Lord, there is such a small line between family and close friends. If it be Thy will, Lord, bring these together once more so that Adrienne and J can visit and comfort Donald. Bring peace to their hearts and comfort to their souls. I ask this in Jesus name, Amen.

    Adrienne, Don has been your family for so long, there must be some common ground somewhere. Does he have family in the area? If so work with them to get in to see him.

    Peace be with you!


  3. Our thoughts and prayers are with you.

  4. I feel so sorry for you Adrienne. I know Don has been a fairly important figure in the life of both your daughter + yourself. I’m sure this is a pretty tough time.

  5. Hey guys, I can’t tell you how much Jessa and I appreciate the prayers and support. I did speak with Donald’s family again today and was given permission to visit. Unfortunately, Don is close to passing within the next few days and as this is a hospice matter, I think it’s probably best that we stay away and remember Don as he was in life and reasonably good health. My child would be traumatized seeing Don that near to death, as will I.

    We are still very sad and missing Don, but are trusting his blood children to spend last moments with their father and relay our love and prayers. They say he is not aware, or responsive, but we are still praying for him. Thank you again for being here for all of us. Adrienne

  6. My dear friend, may the Lord’s blessings be with you, his perfect peace surrounds you and his grace and mercy sustains and comfort you. My prayers will be with you, for I know the Lord is lifting you higher and higher right now. “BELIEVE”

  7. My dear friend passed away yesterday. Despite the sadness and pain of losing Don, I have a new sense of acceptance. I do feel God’s presence in the midst of this mourning. Thank you all for your prayers.

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