Posted by: the warrioress | July 22, 2014

On Vacation in New Braunfels, TX


I’m so grateful that God has seen fit to allow my daughter and I to go on a mini-vacation where we are staying in a lovely riverfront condominium. We’ve been dining out, swimming, hot-tubbing, sleeping late, and exploring the grounds here.


image image

I’ve been in the river and it was breath-taking cold, but in this heat, refreshing! My daughter is having so much fun going out for late evening swims and soaks. We plan to explore the town a bit tomorrow afternoon after some hot coffee. We are very blessed to have this well-needed break.

The only thing that continues to weigh very heavily on my mind is the unceasing and needless loss of valuable human life due to the fighting between Israel and Gaza. This upsets me greatly. I have spent time begging God to intervene before more children and innocent civilians are murdered; this war causes me anguish and I hate it. May this awful travesty stop soon. It grieves my heart and the heart of our Lord to watch what human beings are constantly doing to one another.


  1. I’m happy for you, enjoy your vacation.

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