Posted by: the warrioress | July 26, 2014

Are We Doing This Right?


I ask myself this question pretty much daily, in regard to Christianity.

“Am I doing this right?”

I believe it boils down to personal instinct/opinion. We read and interpret the Holy Bible, the instruction book of our faith. We try our best to grasp the overall bigger picture –instead of getting bogged down in the nuances and particulars, and missing the forest for the trees. In the end, all we have to go on are our own internal guts, but if we are truly born again, we have the mind of Christ.




My mind and soul tells me loud and clear when something’s wrong. I trust the promise that when I became a new creature in Christ, God gave me a new mind, a spiritual mind, a mind led by the Holy Spirit. I can ask myself anything, using the measuring stick of “what would Jesus do?”





In reference to anything I wonder about, I can be assured that Jesus already addressed how we are to love and behave as people who follow Him, who are born again. Jesus already expressed this in the Holy Bible.

Jesus is our example in that Bible.

We are not living under the weight of the law any longer, we are living under the law of LOVE, of “love thy neighbor as I love myself.” If my actions don’t exhibit that kind of love, I am doing whatever it is wrong. Period.

Sure enough! Yes, it really is just that simple. There is no need to make it complicated.
Take any political issue out there — yes, anything. Is the behavior expressed loving toward all concerned? If it isn’t, it’s wrong, so fix it.



God made following Jesus very simple, because the old ways of “an eye for an eye,” and heavy handed rules that no one could manage didn’t work. When we master loving ourselves and others like Jesus does, we’ll have it right. Until then, how does what your doing, saying, or acting like look when comparing it to what Jesus would do? If you can’t perceive of Jesus murdering innocents in cold blood, or greedily demanding money for Himself while the child in front of Him is starving, then get a clue!  If Jesus wouldn’t do something a certain way, why are you doing it that way? Jesus already showed and told you and I how to behave in this life.

If Christians really try to be like Jesus, people won’t go around noting that alleged Christians act the least like Him.

Some of us, many of us, have completely wandered off that very narrow road of love and are walking on the worldly highway of hate. Wake up. Now, please. Please.

If this is your state of being…wake up now. You have fallen and you can’t get up. Get back to the narrow road that Jesus walked.


  1. On my daily walk, I ask God to walk with me. He know my every thought, guides my every move keeping on my chosen path. I often ask myself what would Jesus do in this circumstance or that incident, but then am told “You are not Jesus, you are you and I will judge you and bless by what you do!”

    That, after a while, makes perfect sense. Jesus was the only perfect man to walk on earth. He died to save us from all that sin and give us eternal life through Him. We can never be like Jesus, but we can follow His commands. Love God with all your heart and love others as I have loved you. It is a very simple command, yet so many have problems with it. Love unconditionally, forgive and forget, then add what you do for the least of these you do also to me.

    Love is the key word! God is love and we as His children are love. Share this love with all and help lift others when they fall. That is the job of Christians.

    Great post Adrienne!



  2. This was very well said. I saw this near the beginning, “but if we are truly born again, we have the mind of Christ.” I’m not sure what to make of that. I keep coming across Atheists who have de-converted and they keep being accused of not having been serious about it. That’s what this statement reminded me of. I think once you say your born again, you are. You have the mind of Christ but that does not mean you have to use it. You CAN continue to be self centered and that is where we have the issues. There is just no easy way to tell if someone is trying to think with the mind of Christ or not.

    Anyway, those were a few of my thoughts as I read this. I thought I’d share. Loved your thoughts in the post. Thank you for sharing them.

  3. @ W,
    You said,

    My mind and soul tells me loud and clear when something’s wrong. I trust the promise that when I became a new creature in Christ, God gave me a new mind, a spiritual mind, a mind led by the Holy Spirit. I can ask myself anything, using the measuring stick of “what would Jesus do?”

    Since I am a former Christian, did my mind change once and then back to its stupid self when I stopped praying to God and Jesus?

    This “I KNOW GOD’S MIND” mentality (very Protestant, btw) is a pernicious idea in your religion. You see, you and every sect leader in America claims what you have. You can ask ANYTHING and bang ! you get super Spirit insight and knowledge that us poor pagans don’t.

    The problem is, all you guys claiming such super insight and knowledge contradict each other so we know this is not true.

    But you are all very confident that you do have a special telephone line to Yahweh. And not surprisingly fundamentalists Muslims do the same.

    Oh how special and proud are those to claim to special knowledge.

  4. @ haydendlinder,
    Well, then I had the mind of Christ, and then I didn’t.
    Funny, didn’t notice a change, and neither did anyone else.
    The only change they notices was that Christian friends now kept their distance.
    Nothing changed dude, believe me.
    One interpretation, like you said, is that I was never really a Christian.
    Well, if you’d known me then, you’d never have said that.
    But I witness to you today — my mind did not change when I left.
    Why — because there is no magic in becoming a Christian.

  5. I don’t know Sabio I think it depends on the person as to what effect it has. Also, when I said that about never really being a Christian, you’re right. “I” would never say that to anyone. Especially once they’ve de-converted. It just so insulting. I probably didn’t phrase it correctly when I posted it before.

    Anyway, I like her post. The spirit of the thing is about responsibility and decent conduct. Things I can get behind. Unless of course your argument is that Christians “should” act like jerks because it makes your job easier?:)

    Is that Sabio? You trying to seed the battlefield in your favor?

  6. @haydenlinder,
    I understand that you’d never tell a person who just deconverted that they were never a real Christian, probably like you’d never tell a non-Christian that they will burn in hell — well, not to their face. But you’d perhaps be just fine whispering it to all your Christian and your children. That is what happens in our neck of the woods and all over the USA.

    Sure it wouldn’t be polite to their face, but …

    But then, I don’t know if your Christianity is the same as Warrior’s — there are so many different ones.

    Oh, and sorry, I didn’t understand the last line. Yes, this is the same Sabio — I am surprised to see you here. I have been on this site before. Warrior had pictures and stories of people burning in Hell, so I addressed that horrible idea. She also had posts on the meaninglessness of the lives on non-Christians. I am sure you have heard Christians say that too — well, at least “politely” behind closed doors.

  7. “Oh, and sorry, I didn’t understand the last line.”
    That was just sarcasm to make it sound like you had some secret conspiracy to discredit Christianity. I guess you had to be me to find it funny. Sorry.

    Sooooo is this starting to get weird? I don’t mean what you said or I said. I mean that you and I are having a conversation, just the two of us, on someone elses blog?

    Anyway, I think you hit upon something with what people say behind closed doors. My biggest issue with Bible worshipers is that they keep interpreting it to be the most destructive message they can. In the 1800’s they used to not only say slavery was legal but that is was actually a Blessing for the slave!
    Now, they use it to explain a bigoted agenda against the gay community. And the whole time the book is telling them to just be cool. But they just – can’t – do – it.

  8. @ haydenlinder,
    Ah, sarcasm is often very hard to read in situations where the two speakers are not sharing language and understanding. Apology excepted. I may be poor at picking up on it in the future. I’d be careful with it.

    So, would you consider the Warrioress to be a “Bible Worshipper”? I do. She would claim otherwise, I am sure. But you and I mean something technically accurate by this. All Bible Worshippers would deny they are bible worshippers.

    Warrioress, by her own confession, moved away from her Conservative Politics or her earlier bible friends to a liberal politics. But she did not do this by changing her Bible Worshipping, she just developed a new hermeneutic. So though she now is not anti-gay or pro-Republican, she still holds classic Bible-Worshipping exclusivism — the belief that all non-Christians are damned. It is a horrible, dangerous, hateful believe. All justified, she feels, by her Bible. For I wager that no God, no Spirit told her that.

    So it seems you agree with me on a lot and are a bit of a misfit Christian here. Though you still have not shared what sort of Christian you are.

  9. Oh sorry! yeah we were on Nate’s blog so I didn’t want to fill up an already full post.
    I get my wisdom from meditating on the lord in the morning and through out the day when I can. I take my coffee and cigarettes and let my mind wander and many times I feel him leading me in a certain direction. It’s more spiritual than legalistic so there’s not something I can point to as proof. But he’s taught me a lot. He’s the one that showed me there is no Hell. The messiah who I believed died for all men supposedly came here to spare everyone from Hell but the only time he ever mentioned it was in a parable about Lazarus and the Rich man. Kind of odd. You’d think that would have been top of his list to drive home to people. Especially since the Jews have no concept of Hell and never have. Oh you’ll find some people on the internet who claim to be Jews and say they do but you’ll never find a Jew or Rabbi in real life who ever says anything about it ever existing before Christianity.
    How’s that? Nutty enough for ya?
    Oh and if I don;t respond soon it;s because I’m at work and get off in 4 min so I’m gong to bed. BUT, I will reply tomorrow when I get up.
    I hope you are doing well.

  10. @ haydenlinder,
    Nah, not nutty. I know lots of universalist Christians. That you think it is “nutty” says something though. I even once considered myself one. How nutty is that?

    Do you think I have any “wisdom”.
    If so, where do you think I get my wisdom?

    And your “wisdom” is not just from mind wandering and cigarettes and talking to a spirit in your head, but from all the Bible stuff in your head too. If you’d have been raised on different religious literature, the “god” in your head might have made you a Universalist Hindu instead of a Universalist Christian. Don’t you think?

    Do you visit Warrior blog often — they need more universalist voices. Universalist Christians are my favorite sort and I don’t consider them nutty at all. Well, no nuttier than me! 🙂
    Good night. Are you in Asia somewhere now?

  11. Hey Sabio, I’m actually in Austin Texas but I work the third shift. So I get here at 9pm and leave at 7am CST.
    “…the “god” in your head might have made you a Universalist Hindu instead.”
    Well that wouldn’t be too odd since the Hindus worship the same God the Christians do. They just have thousands of different facets of the one God depending on what the person is more comfortable with.
    Having said that I think I may have answered your question.

    Do you think I have any “wisdom”. – You know I could flatter and say yes, but the truth is that you and i haven’t interacted enough for me to know yet. I like how you conduct yourself with maturity on all blogs but I’m not sure that is the same thing.

    If so, where do you think I get my wisdom? – I’m not sure how deep of an answer you want here. the next thing you said was that not all of my wisdom comes from… Which makes me think you expected me to answer “from God” which is not what Io would have said. I would have said from life and having made bad choices which his how many of us become wise. By learning from bad choices.

    Do you visit Warrior blog often — First time here actually but I selected the Follow button because I like her sincerity. Also, her post is not about all the evil sinners in the world. It’s constructive criticism of Christians which I think we can always use more of.

  12. So, my wisdom comes from mistakes, but you and warrioress get yours from a god in your head. Cool. It must be nice to be so special.
    Heck, warrioress tells us, “I can ask myself anything, using the measuring stick of “what would Jesus do?”

    To think, I only have my mistakes to go off of. What a sad life I lead.
    Might as well be meaningless, eh!

    You holy folks carry on with your direct line to Jesus, Truth and meaning. The rest of us fools with just fumble along.

  13. There it is! The Atheist waiting to be insulted by the Jesus man. I thought that might be what you were expecting.

    No. When I spoke about wisdom coming from bad decisions, I meant that for all mankind. That is how we are designed to learn. We learn best from our failures. So we get wisdom after making many bad decisions. It’s no different for me than it is you.:)

  14. Thank you all for visiting! And for chatting and making yourselves right at home, Sabio. It’s like you never left!

    Welcome haydendlinder and thank you for keeping Sabio busy while I’ve been away. 😉

  15. Ah don’t mention it.:)

  16. @ W: Thanx

    @ haydenlinder:
    Yes, all of us get wisdom from mistakes, but you and W get that super Wisdom from your god-connection, while the rest of us fumble around.

    Of course your theology is insulting — in fact it is dangerous. It says you can just talk to a god and instantly know the right thing to do. It is nonsense — dangerous nonsense. Christian cult leaders, Radical Muslims and Radical Hindus thinking the same — THEY know the will of God. Yeah, right.

    Can you folks really hear yourselves?

    I have had this objection to W before, her response is “Look, sorry, the truth hurts — that is what the Bible tells us.”

    Close your eyes, hear a thought it your head, look for that warm peace feeling to know it is god and you are off running with deep wisdom. Yeah, right.

    I am not personally offended — I think this is dangerous, nasty thinking. Just as I imagine you aren’t personally offended when you hear racist comments, but recognize the horrible thinking.

    Labelling me an “offended Atheist” and thinking you understand my generic response is classic. You are trying to cash in on societies use of the word “Atheist” as a pejorative. The dangerous thinking just continues.

  17. “Labelling me an “offended Atheist” and thinking you understand my generic response is classic.”
    No that’s untrue. I said that because you sounded upset like I had meant to insult you. As for God speaking to you, I don’t see a problem with it but keep in mind I think we are talking about two different things here. When I here his voice on something, for example; “Yes. Ruby is the woman you are to marry.”
    Me: “Got it. Thanks big guy!”
    Your comment about God’s voice alludes to something more like Hitler. If God’s voice is telling you to persecute the homosexuals, for instance, then something is terribly wrong with you.

  18. Dude, when you hear your god-voice say, “Yes, Ruby is the woman you are to marry.” do you hear the words? Or is it just like the voice in your head with your own voice that talks to you when you aren’t praying? I am sure it is the same voice — but in the one case, since you are praying, you interpret it as your god’s voice. And when I pondered if I was to marry my wife, and I heard the voice in my head say, “Yes, it is good to marry that woman.” Was that the devil, or just my earthly sin-stained mind, while yours voice was the holy creator of the universe talking to you?

    So when you and W ask your various gods about choosing between two job offers or where to go on vacation, does he guide you? Or does he just guide you on what you assume are the big, important questions.

    You see — this “God Talks to Me!” mentality is really strong in Protestant Christianity — just like “My Personal Relationship with Jesus” is palpably Protestant. Not that being Protestant is wrong, I’m just showing you that it is sort of fadish.

    But the “God Talks to Me!” mentality can be dangerous — I’m sure you hate it like I do when you see it in fanatics of other faiths who use that mentality to do things you disagree with. But maybe you dismiss it saying, “Yeah, they aren’t listening to my god — that is the problem.” But I tell you, “No, the problem is you both claim to be talking to and listening to gods.”

    I actually have no problem with praying to a god and actually think it can be productive and useful: for religious folks it is a chance to stop and think, to open up and relax and explore various angles that the reflexive mind can not. But to claim you hear god and know what to do and that all you have to do is ask and bang! Jesus tells you the correct thing, is dangerous, proud thinking.

    But I don’t think I will convince you. But you have helped me come up with another theology category to put on my post “My Favorite Kind of Christians” — so thanks.

  19. BTW: see this graph to illustrate the faddishness of the idea of “having a personal relationship with Jesus”.

  20. Hey Sabio, glad I could help?

    I did want to reply to a couple of things.
    “and I heard the voice in my head say, “Yes, it is good to marry that woman.” Was that the devil, or just my earthly sin-stained mind, while yours voice was the holy creator of the universe talking to you?”
    I do not think Warrior would agree with me, but I believe that voice, which sounds like your own, IS God talking to you. Just because you don’t think he exists does not change that he will help you every chance he gets.

    As for what to decide on little choices or big ones it;s always the same. He has either told me or I go by the open door policy. You know the direction of least resistance.

    As for talking to God being a bad policy overall I think this falls under a blog post I’m leading up to. Many of the complaints I am seeing about God are really what people have done and claimed it was of him. For example “Hearing from God” when these people start talking about, “God told me to convert all of the Muslims in the world!” Well, no. He didn’t. You’re just pretending your right and don’t care who gets hurt.

    Does that example help any?

  21. Thanx, Haydenlinder.
    Yeah, probably W and other readers here would disagree with you both for your Universalism and that you think God still talks to an ex-Christian who committed the only unforgivable sin and blaspheme (speak against) the Holy Spirit (Mark 3:28-29).

    As for who REALLY hears god, yep, I know all the ways to test it — remember, I was real Christian. But then what are all those other voices that aren’t god? Is there your own voice, demon voices, angle voices, God the Father voice, Jesus voice and Holy spirit voice?

    So much to keep straight.
    Good luck with your post.
    Keep challenging the Christians here with your Universalism !!
    Did you look at my post on “My Favorite Christians”?

  22. I haven’t yet. And I’m not seeing it in my mail but I’ll check it out now.
    As for the other voices, I’d be a liar if I said I knew. I do know that the more you listen to the positive constructive voice in your head, the less you hear the psycho voices.

  23. @Haydendliner:

    (1) This “My Favorite Kind of Christians” was the post I asked if you read.

    (2) You see, it ain’t as simple as good-vs-evil. There are many voices in our heads — usually all positive for me. Lots of positive options. Lots of positive voices suggesting equal options. That is what I am talking about. Not one all-powerful all-knowing god in your head saying, “here is the right one, do it”.

  24. Yup. Started checking it not long after my reply to you last night. got a couple of comments in but I’m only up to “Goyology” so far. Great post and very informative.

    As for the voices, all you can do is make sure it’s a healthy choice. If one is saying change jobs and the other is saying forgive your sister for stealing your icecream when you were 7, then I’d do both.

  25. Glad you are liking my blog.
    Now — to the voices in your head:
    Imagine you have two healthy choice voices:
    take the job in New Mexico, take the job in Ohio
    spend time with you son today, spend time with you Dad today
    give to charity X or give to charity Y

    You get the point. Or imagine 3 or 4 simultaneous healthy voices.
    Which one is God?

    W. tells us she just has to ask “WWJD” and bang, she chooses the right job or the right tooth paste or the right medical treatment for a chronically sick daughter. Really? Jesus talks to you?
    Again, very protestant — and, in my opinion, very arrogant.

    The point is — none of those voices are a god or a demon.
    It doesn’t take long to see that calling the voices in your head a god or a demon is a weird view. IMHO

    Now, to say, “After studying the life and teachings of Jesus and thinking about them a lot, when I have choices that are moral in nature, I think my mind helps me to see a bit better through the moral fuzziness at times.”

    But that is a far cry from “God tells me what to do”.

  26. I’d like to ignore the last half of your previous post in my reply. There is nothing wrong with feeling that way it’s just that it reads like this is your opinion about Warrior and the voices and the only thing I could reply with would be some juvenile remark about how your wrong or something. Generally speaking I only try to sound juvenile when it is funny.

    In regards to the multiple voices, do you watch cop shows? You know how they veteran cop in those shows is always telling the rookie to trust his gut. Have you ever had that feeling? Where you have a gut instinct on what to do? Because for me that’s the one. Does that make sense?

    I did want to add, the reason I personally believe it is God talking to me is due to it’s advice seeming to be off topic much of the time. For example, my boss at work is a friend of mine. He had been in a horrible mood one day. Complaining about work and things not getting done and logistics being screwed up. The usual management headaches.
    We stepped outside to smoke and the voice suggested I ask him how he was doing away from work. Fine, was his answer but we kept talking and found out he was very frustrated with his roommates. He hadn’t even realized. Once we talked about that he felt much better. He just needed to vent. Now I don’t expect this to suddenly change your life. I just want to explain well enough so you can understand at least why I DO believe it is God talking to me.

  27. Yeah, there is lots written on “gut” instincts. The cool thing about them is that they are fast and seem to come from elsewhere (of course they don’t) and they are often right.

    The problem is, the can often be wrong, depending on your brain. We all know the woman who keeps choosing the wrong sort of man — her instincts are just off. You see, instincts come from your background — tons of experiences and thinking (remember what I said about reading and thinking about Jesus), those then become reflexes. If the background stuff is solid, the reflexes are fantastic. If not, well, we all know folks like that. So point is: practice what is good, think on what is good, so they become reflexes — and when you get more than one reflex speaking to you — stop and think again.

    Those feeling may feel like they are coming from outside you, so you label them a “spirit” or a “god”, and that is fine. But don’t tell other folks that “God is my Navigator” — it is a pretentious, dangerous and wrong way to label exactly what happens in everyone’s heads.

    Everyone gets thoughts way off topic all the time — you’d have to read my posts on “Many Selves” (type it in the search bar) to understand how that happens. We are not who we think we are.

    Now, I don’t expect what I wrote to change your life, but I just wanted you to understand that I don’t have to believe in demons, gods or spirits to have a very similar inner life. “God” really adds nothing. Thus I left Christianity and the world became bigger!

  28. “Now, I don’t expect what I wrote to change your life, but I just wanted you to understand that I don’t have to believe in demons, gods or spirits to have a very similar inner life. “God” really adds nothing. Thus I left Christianity and the world became bigger!”

    Very cool.:)

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