Posted by: the warrioress | August 14, 2014

Judging Robin Williams



This is a rant. Just thought I better forewarn you …

Apparently there are those among us, within “Christianity,” who decided it might be a good idea to judge Robin Williams and declare him in hell for the world to read about on their various Facebook accounts, blogs, Twitter’s, etc.

Basing their thoughts and personal opinions from the Holy Bible, (but of course!), we’ve all been informed that Robin Williams was a lousy person because he laughed at God and Jesus in his comic routines, and that he may have been …(oh not this!) an atheist.



I read one “Christian”  blogger who shared a post the very next day after Robin Williams died, who opined that Robin was a despicable person, despite the hundreds upon thousands of people in the world who say and think otherwise. Friends of his wrote about his goodness, kindness, sense of humor, compassion, and love for his fellow human beings and family, yet this Christian blogger insists that Robin was “an enemy of God and a despicable human being.”

As usual, I got a little sick inside, like I do when I read other self-righteous, alleged- Christian posts and blogs, wherein the all seeing eyes of these Christians have already figured out who is going to hell, who is burning in hell that very minute, and who is in league with Satan himself, and Obama too, of course! (eyes rolling).



The absolute disrespect and hatred spewing out of this man’s posts make me so angry, but at the same time I anguish over the writings as well. What if people read his inane babblings and really believe what he’s insisting about God, our beloved Father in Heaven?

How in the world does anyone know for certain where Robin Williams is right now? It’s not like anyone else is God. It’s not like they have concrete-solid proof of what God plans to do with Robin Williams even if he was atheist. How do we know what he did about God minutes before he died? Maybe he actually prayed…. ? Who can know?

For those of you who were not aware, Robin Williams had early-stage Parkinson’s Disease, but he was sober when he died. He had managed to keep his long-term sobriety in tact, according to his loving wife and mother of his kids, who are still deeply grieving his loss. It takes a lot of guts to stay sober despite fighting serious depression and addiction! And we find out that he had Parkinsons Disease looming on the horizon?



Nevertheless, this “good Christian” along with many, many others, has unfortunately played God, judge and jury, and put Robin Williams in hell for his sins, his alleged atheism, his suicide, and whatever else they can dredge up to judge and condemn him for. Well, I have to look at this kind of behavior and try to fight the bile that rises up in my throat that I am actually linked via the title/word “CHRISTIAN” to people such as these.

Yes, I know that they are supposed to be my brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus, but I have to honestly tell you, readers, I really don’t think they are! How is this actually possible? How could people that behave like this be anywhere close to eventually being with God, Jesus, Heaven, and the Angels? How is it possible? Is this sincerely what we have to look forward to? (a life in Heaven with people like that?)

If that is what Heaven is going to be holding within it, I may have to rethink this whole thing. If God is seriously like these crazy Christian zealots insist He is, I think there is going to be a real problem when He and I talk in person.



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  1. The only thing that I feel like I want to say about those who are ‘holier than thou; is I don’t suffer fools

  2. I choose to love!

  3. Agree. I heard some bloggers say that because he was in hollywood that is why he killed himself. And that everyone in hollywood is possessed by the devil. That is judging based on his occupation, which is also not right. Or very Christ-like.

    Nice post.

    God Bless. 🙂

  4. I applaud your forthrightness, Bible warrior. To those who set themselves up as judge and jury, the Bible says, all have sinned.

  5. “this “good Christian” along with many, many others, has unfortunately played God, judge and jury, and put Robin Williams in hell for his sins” … the trouble is that their words and actions create hell on earth for many who don’t fit their model. Thanks for the rant 🙂

  6. Good post. Didn’t you just do a post on Jonah? I didn’t comment on it at the time because when I read Jonah what came to mind were these people:)
    Sorry about that, but keep up the good work..

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