Posted by: the warrioress | August 25, 2014

Unfairly Accused

imageTimes have been really tough for me since my best friend, Donald, passed away on June 25, 2014. I always knew I would miss Don when his time to go came, but I hadn’t counted on the ugly drama appearing out of nowhere from people who were never part of Don’s life when he was living.

It’s amazing what happens to folks when they think they may benefit from a relative’s death. No matter how distant they were when their relative was living, when he dies, the vultures want to pick those bones bare. People will do quite literally anything for money — even Christians!  Dons last wishes weren’t even considered. His “family” has been completely about taking everything of his that has monetary value.

It’s hard to honor the bible and behave like Jesus instructed us when we are mistreated by strangers and falsely accused. Having to search myself nightly to be sure I have behaved appropriately is emotionally exhausting. We have to remember what to do in these situations as Christians.

“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life” (Proverbs 4:23). We desperately need that reminder when we are under attack. Let’s face it. Unless we guard our own heart, we will soon be down in the gutter with our opponents. We’ll be tempted to answer in kind, to attack them as they have attacked us, to vilify them, to smear their reputation, and in general to do whatever we have to do to get even with them.” (Source)


  1. My mother was in some circles considered
    well off” but when she died my aunt swooped in didn’t even tell me that she had passed. Sold everything of value even her house BTW she claimed to be a “Christian” Not that it makes any difference. Just so you know people are like you described all over. Sorry, but we are so much better than that!

  2. I understand. I am so sorry. This happened to me too when my mom passed away. My sister still won’t talk to me. Accusations and accusations against me and my brother who actually handled her estate. He honored my mom’s wishes and I respect him for it. You are a true friend…don’t let their greed stand in the way. Blessings,, Diana

  3. The one thing they can’t take is your memories and they are priceless! When my parents passed the family came in and removed everything of value, but they forgot to take my memories.

    Jesus said to turn the other cheek. I did and forgave them and walked away, never to look back.

    Love is a choice!


  4. I’ve seen that side of people. I’m sorry for your loss and sorry that you have to deal with that nonsense.

  5. Very sorry about your friend. A little angry at the voltures. This is in the news that is heart warming.

    RICHVILLE, N.Y. – The Amish are famous for their barn raisings, when an entire community turns out to help a neighbor.

    In northern New York, members of an extended Amish family plan to hold a “garage raising” for the couple who returned two kidnapped Amish girls to their home.

    Jeffrey and Pamela Stinson tell the Watertown Daily Times ( ) that the garage at their home in St. Lawrence County recently burned down while they were on vacation in Maine. The fire was believed to have been started by a stray cat knocking over a battery jumpstart box inside.

    Earlier this month, the Stinsons were shocked when two Amish girls knocked on the front door of their home in Richville, about 15 miles from where police say the girls, ages 7 and 12, were abducted while tending to their family’s roadside farm stand in Oswegatchie, on the Canadian border.

    The Stinsons said the girls were cold, wet and so hungry that they quickly consumed a watermelon Jeffrey had just picked from the family’s garden. The girls then asked to be driven to their home. After a brief discussion with his wife on how to proceed, Stinson decided it was best to take them home rather than call police.

    “We never gave it any thought about implications or dangers,” he said. “We knew they had to get home.”

    Two days after the girls were abducted on Aug. 13, police arrested a local couple and charged them with kidnapping. Police said Nicole Vaisey, 25, and Stephen Howells Jr., 39, of nearby Hermon, used a dog to lure the girls into the couple’s car.

    The girls, who authorities say were sexually abused, were released a day after being abducted when Vaisey and Howells were apparently spooked by an intense police investigation and media coverage, authorities said. The Associated Press isn’t naming the Amish family members because it generally doesn’t identify victims of sexual abuse.

    The family plans to build the Stinsons a new garage later this week. The victims, their 11 siblings, parents, grandparents and other relatives are expected to be on hand, Stinson said.

    The girls’ father told Stinson that he would be offended if he could not help rebuild the garage.

    “They won’t take no for an answer,” he said.

  6. It is hard to experience. I admire your self-analysis and pray the Lord guides you, His Light shining upon and through you. Lord Bless.

  7. Hi Warrior, I too would like to say how sorry I am for your loss.
    But I wanted to comment about his family’s conduct; you only have to tolerate these people for a short time. They have to live with themselves every day. That in itself is enough to make me pity them.
    You be blessed.:)

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