Posted by: the warrioress | November 23, 2014

Did I Stutter Again?



  1. Pretty straight forward to me. If you can’t love one another, you can’t love yourself.

  2. “Love one another as I have loved you.” We are to love, not judge…”love your enemies; do good to …”. I hear you and stand by you, Warrioress!

  3. Love them anyway! That’s exactly what Jesus would have done if He were here in the flesh. He said, I did not come to call the righteous but sinners to repentance. If everybody were righteous there would be no need for the Cross.

  4. My wife tells me that I am too harsh but I have little use for phony baloney Christians! Go get them little sister!!!!

  5. Oh no. Y’all have it all wrong. Allow me to put on my fundie clothes and set you all straight on this

    1) When Jesus says we are to love one another, he means Christians are required to love other Christians ONLY—and you have to make sure your definition of “Christian” is right too. Only the members of the IFB churches and other similar churches are “true” Christians. Roman Catholics, Episcopalians, United Methodists, Lutherans, and all other similarly churched apostates “izza goin’ to Hayul.”

    2) We don’t have to love gay people as “one anothers” because they are an abomination before (and likely behind) the Lord. In the holy law of the Old Testament, God has ordered us to kill them all. If the Lord himself has already so condemned them, then they cannot be our “one anothers.” They are outlanders from whom we are to separate ourselves in order to maintain our cleanness before the Lord. How clean are you today?

    3) Immigrants are not our “one anothers” either. Many of them are apostate Catholics headed straight to Burrito Hell—the peppers are really hot there. We are supposed to be like Jesus. All you have to do is take a look at Jesus. Jesus is a white man with blonde highlights. Y’all have all seen pictures of him. Immigrants coming across our southern border are copper skinned with black hair. They look nothing like Jesus or us, so how can they be “our anothers”? They don’t even speak Aramaic. There is no Aramaic word for “taco.” I can GD teeya that.

    4) Now the poor. They too are not “our anothers,” even if they claim to be and go to church. The poverty of the poor is a punishment from the Lord. We may not know what it is they are being punished for in all cases—but the Lord does. But we do know this. The Lord gives great riches to those who please him. Those who do not please him have little in this world, and the Lord himself has already threatened to take away the “only little bit” they still do have. The poor man is not even a man. He is the symbol of what we might become if we fail to please the Lord. The poor are dirty, lazy, clothed in rags, and always dishonest—making them enemies of the Lord and his cleanness. On the other hand (right hand), we are clean, industrious, well-clothed, and honest in all things—including our perfect understanding of scripture—which we get always from a light, casual, and surficial reading of our KJV Bibles under our own fig trees. The poor cannot be our “one anothers.”

    Do not be deceived by the little “she devil” that runs this here blog. God is not mauked—and neither is Maty Mauk. Whatsoever thou…

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